Hello there! If you've read the summary, you probably know what this story is about. Time loops! Just so you can have a general idea, let's explain the basics:

Time loops are a phenomenon that happens because the computer running the multiverse, Yggdrasil, crashed. To preserve the universes the adminestrators set everything on a time loop. Meaning a sort of Groundhog Day situation except... much longer. It depends on the loop. There is always one person looping, the Anchor. The Anchor (in this case Ezra) starts looping first and then people start looping depending on their connection to the Anchor.

Obviously, this means Ezra loops alone at first.

I own nothing, not even the idea of time loops, so don't say I do cuz mua could get in trouble.

The Adventures of a Time Traveling Padawan Chapter 1


Ezra blinked.

"Dangit, not again!" He groaned. "That's it, this is the fourth time I've restarted my life! I'm gonna go crazy if I don't do something different."

He ended up walking to town with a few (possibly illegal) objects and selling them (on the black market) for an obscene amount of money. That done, he got started on equipping his tower with computers.

A few months of online courses and he'd be ready for whatever would come his way.

"I'm very honored to have you come by," Ezra forced a fake smile as he showed the Empire's representatives his 'public' base.

Somehow he ended up starting an online business, which got the attention of a lot of people… Most notably the Empire. It had taken a year or two for the business to really get on the intergalactic market but once it did his advanced security systems and firewalls were all the rage.

The classes he'd taken covered a lot of things, but he'd taken pretty well to computer programming.

As in, scary well.

In no time he was designing complex computer programs and giving people advice on how to keep their personal systems safe and protected. A few big time business owners had offered to buy his 'products' but they'd never understood that he did everything for fun. It was only when one of them tried to steal his ideas that he realized it wasn't a good thing to be well known.

So he'd found someone willing to market his stuff but still keep his personal life private, making it so that he didn't have to sell everything he made like the others had wanted. At the same time he took all the profits because it was a private business.

Blue Time Corporations was a very profitable company.

Meaning that he had everything he wanted and a lot of things he didn't.

Such as the Empire trying to buy out his company.

Now with how ginormous and influential BT Corps was there was no way they could succeed in forcing him into anything. But at the same time he was very well known as having a neutral stance when it came to the Empire.

Being so important in up and coming technology because of his programs, Ezra's manager had suggested very convincingly that he needed to stay on the good side of the Empire. At the same time they both agreed on not supporting the Empire either (Ezra had made sure his manager was pro-rebellion) because, well, it was the Empire.

So Ezra had to play nice and NOT follow his every ingrained instinct to toss the Empire representatives out of his house and set his security systems to 'vaporize'.

"The honor is ours, Mr. Bridger." The man in the lead practically purred. "We are glad you've allowed us to view your systems working at their finest."

Ezra resisted a roll of the eyes. After the first lifetime he'd gotten really good at acting and every ounce of skill was going into this 'visit'. He proceeded to show them around and demonstrate some of his security systems, not directly noticing when one of the woman left the group to wander around herself but instead feeling it with the Force.

He decided to just let her do whatever. Things were getting boring anyways, Ezra never thought he'd miss being shot at while on the run from stormtroopers.

A few hours later he dodged a laser and bolted away from the group at a dead sprint.

It figures the Empire was trying to blow him up and make it look like an accident. Seriously though, he was the expert on security systems. And not just firewalls either. Did they really think he wouldn't notice the woman trying to plant a bomb?

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tablet, using it to section off parts of the building so they couldn't escape. Again, programming genius, his bases had some really fun surprises hidden everywhere.

He was about to walk into his main security room but stopped in the doorway. He raised an eyebrow as the people in the room froze.

"So, I'm guessing you're here because of the bomb too?" He said dryly as they stared at him in shock.

"Um, look, I think there's some sort of misunderstanding here-"

"Oh no worries," Ezra walked into the room and waved them off as he went straight to a computer. "I know who you guys are and I know you didn't put the bomb there."

'Is there some sort of cosmic plan that I meet up with these guys?' He thought to himself as the rebels stared some more.

"You do?" Zeb asked and scowled when Sabine hit his arm.

"Mmhmm," He hummed as he clicked rapidly on the keyboard. "Rebels, against the Empire, probably heard 'bout the Empire's plan to blow me up, really wish I'd heard something about that earlier by the way. You know you guys are actually kind of famous. Though the symbol is a dead giveaway."

"Step away from the computer." He stiffened when he felt a blaster at his back.

"Well at least you guys aren't idiots like they were." He shrugged and pointed to the screen where the representatives were milling around angrily in a small room. He turned around to see Zeb's rifle pointed at him. "Look, I'm not going to turn you guys in or anything okay? My company might be neutral but I hate the Empire."

"Wait, you're Ezra Bridger?" Hera asked with wide eyes. "You're just a kid!"

He shrugged again, ignoring the blaster poking his chest. "A kid who really really likes programming. I don't really care about the company or anything that comes with it, I just ended up really well known and had to protect my stuff after a few people tried to take it from me." Hera gave Zeb a look and smacked the rifle down.

"Can we get back on topic please?" Kanan said slightly irritated. "Look, you're in danger from the Empire. Since you don't support them they're going to target you. Things like this? Bombs? Bombs are going to be the least of your worries if you stay neutral. The Empire doesn't like the people it wants on different sides."

"I can take care of myself. Plus, I know you just want me away from the Empire so that they don't force me to make things for them." He gave a defiant glare at them all, trying really hard to not succumb to instinct and poke at Kanan through the Force bond. He'd learned that no matter how many times he went through the resets he always kept the bond with his master, even if the other didn't know it.

"That's not the point." Hera interjected with a sideways look at Kanan. "The point is, you're not safe, here or anywhere else the Empire knows about. We can help you to a place that is safe, we do things like this all the time."

Ezra nearly smiled at the motherly twilek, he'd missed that in the past couple of years since his last restart.

"I'll go with you…" He trailed off, looking thoughtful and more than a little mischievous. "…If you let me be part of your team."

"No way!" Zeb growled automatically. "We can't have some spoiled brat running around getting in the way-"

"What he means is, it's very dangerous and not the place for someone who's inexperienced." Hera cut the lasat off.

"I'm not inexperienced, trust me on that." He snickered slightly. 'Oh if only they knew…' "Plus, you guys could use someone as good with computers and security as I am. Not to mention the Empire has bought a few of my products and nobody knows them as much as I do."

"Uh huh, and what exactly can you do? I bet you don't even know how to use a blaster," Sabine snorted from underneath her helmet.

"So you think." He crossed his arms. "Either way, if you leave me here I can hide myself perfectly well and you guys would still be paranoid the Empire could get me. If you take me with you I get to stick it to the Empire, you guys get an expert hacker, and you don't have to worry about the Empire getting their slimy hands on me."

Ezra waited confidently as they looked at each other, their eyes eventually settling on Kanan to make the decision. He had them right where he wanted them.

Kanan frowned in thought, thinking carefully. Ezra knew that even if he personally didn't want him along, he didn't have much of a choice. And wouldn't regret it later, much less after he revealed his talent in the Force. Which he would be doing. He did NOT like having to pretend the bond didn't exist after having it for several lifetimes.

"I don't like it, but you don't exactly leave us much choice." Kanan shook his head as Zeb gaped.

"Kanan, you can't be serious! He's a freaking kid!"

"He's a kid who was smart enough to maneuver us into a corner." Sabine noted with a bit of respect in her voice.

"Thanks." Ezra grinned as he turned back around to the computer. "Just give me a bit to grab my bag and we can leave. Those guys aren't leaving that room anytime soon." He pointed to the screen where they were still stuck in a room as he tapped wildly at the controls. With a final, decisive click a small panel opened and flipped out a small stick. Ezra grabbed the USB and unplugged it, erasing most of the systems functions as he went.

"Did you just sabotage your company's entire mainframe from the inside out in a manner of seconds?" Sabine asked, slightly awed.

"Yep." He popped the p and flipped a hidden switch on the wall. A compartment opened and he pulled a backpack out, slipping it on along with his heavily upgraded energy slingshot. No way would he ever stop using it, though the dang thing was near useless until he'd put some actual electrical power behind it. "I'm ready." He turned to them and raised an eyebrow at their surprise. "I've been waiting for something like this to happen for years." He nodded.

Seems like he was off to be a rebel. Again.

'It'll be fun seeing if anything changes this go around.'


Ezra yawned as he walked into the kitchen, still tired. This loop was driving him up the wall but he was not going to miss a meal, dangit!

It seemed every one of the crew members were picture perfect representatives of a sitcom, being over dramatic at best and just plain idiotic at worst. Ezra swore if anything even near a musical or dance number started happening he was jumping ship and using his company's funds to live luxuriously on planet Tatooine. It was supposedly nice when you were looking to get away.

He rubbed his eyes and blinked when he saw Kanan and Hera arguing very loudly over what they would be eating for breakfast.

He turned around to leave the room at the same he rolled his eyes. A very bad sitcom.

A few seconds later he turned back around and yanked a box of frozen waffles out of the freezer before stalking back out, the two arguing people not even noticing him.

Another weird thing was that they had some really out of place foods onboard for a ship, but Ezra wasn't complaining on that.

Now where did he leave that torch? He'd have to heat the dang things up to eat them and shooting at them with his slingshot was very likely not going to work very well… Plus the last thing he wanted was to let them melt and get soggy, soggy waffles tasted horrible…


"I can see clearly now the rain is gone!" Ezra sang loudly as he stepped over a puddle in the street, ignoring the stares he was getting. "I can see all obstacles, in my way!"

The others just facepalmed and remembered how weird their youngest crew member was.

1.1: Ezra was bored. Bored loopers do one of three things: learn something new for once, blow something up, or prank someone.

1.2: I figure growing up on the streets would make him unhappy to miss a meal once he started getting them regularly... Plus, variant loops. They're usually kind of strange.

1.3: AKA: The pranking someone stage. Really, he's just gotten bored again. I'd imagine he's spent the entire loop song-quoting.

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