Viva Las Vegas ch. 1

Korra is a 21 year old underground marital artist from Alaska, living in California. She's currently in a the middle of a rather tough fight with a overly muscular girl from Florida. She has taken a few hits to the head and her vision is super blurry from the last hit that she's taken but she really needs the money from this fight.

The Alaskan girl moved from Alaska to California in an attempt at making a name for herself in the fight world. Korra loves to fight strong opponents and fighting in general. It's always been her and her fists against the world and doesn't really know how to do anything else but fight. The dark girl manages to get herself onto her feet and block another hit to the head before grabbing onto the girl's wrist, sending her flying into the wall of the ring.

She slid down the wall before slipping into unconsciousness. Korra was panting heavily as the crowd cheered loudly at her victory. Tarrlok walked over to her and patted her on the shoulder at another win.

"You're on fire, kid. Here the money that I owe" Tarrlok said with a smirk on his face.

Korra took the money and counted it all. The last time that her 'manager' paid her, he cheated her out of a hundred yuans. It was all there plus the hundred that he owed her.

"Thanks Boss" Korra said grabbing her backpack.

She stretched a little and her body was sore as hell. Fight after fight can really wear on a person's body but Korra enjoyed it because it means that she earned the money that she earned. She walks to her small apartment. It wasn't the best but least it's a roof over her head… sorta. The Alaskan opened her door to find her best friend Bolin sitting on her couch, watching TV. What the hell?!

"Bo, what are you doing here? How did you get into my apartment?!" Korra asked frowning.

"Your door was unlock when I got here so I let myself in. That's a bad habit you have" Bolin said looking at her.

I don't got anything worth stealing so why lock the door. Korra closed the door behind her and lock the door this time. She drops her backpack on the coffee table before plopping herself onto the couch and stared blankly at the television. Bolin has been her best friend since she arrived into town. They have the same taste in music, playing video games and watching matches in the Arena.

When Korra arrived in California, the green eyed boy walked up to her and introduced him and his pet Fire Ferret Pabu. She wasn't used to people walking up to her and starting a conversation but Bolin was easy to talk to and easily helped her into getting an apartment. That's when she met Bolin's older Mako. He was cautious of Korra when they first met but he slowly warmed up to her.

Korra liked Mako and told him so. It wasn't long before they pursued a relationship together. Korra was head over heel for the older boy but when the honeymoon stage wore off, they started arguing a lot over little things. The Alaskan tried to keep them together but it just wasn't working out. The break-up was pretty bad and it seem that Mako moved on quickly onto to another girl named Asami Sato.

Korra met her once and couldn't stand her at all. She had her mind made up about the raven haired girl that she was a pretty rich girl that was used to getting what she wanted because of her money.

Bolin liked her but the shorter girl didn't want anything to do with the taller girl. Korra and Bolin were still pretty good friends after her and Mako broke up. She wasn't going to hold the green eyed boy for what his stupid brother and it brought the two friends closer together.

"Hey Korra, can I ask you something?" Bolin asked snapping Korra out of her thoughts.

"You just did but go ahead" Korra said looking at him.

"What do you think about Las Vegas?"

"What do you mean?" Korra asked raising an eyebrow.

"I have been thinking we should go there. I mean we're both 21 and can legally drink and gamble. It could be a nice change in scenery and you could use a break" Bolin said smiling.

"I don't know, Bolin. I'm not much of a drinker and gambling isn't my thing" Korra said shaking her head.

"Oh come on Korra, live a little. It could be fun and it'll be just the two of us. Two buddies on the strip and partying like there's no tomorrow"

Korra was about to shoot the boy down when he gives her the biggest polar bear-dog eyes that he come mustered. The fighter tried to look away but Bolin wasn't givingup. This went on for about 5 minutes before Korra finally gave in and the green eyed boy cheered loudly. Why do I get the feeling that I'm gonna regret this decision.

Elsewhere a raven haired girl was lying in bed in her apartment waiting for her boyfriend to come home. This girl is Asami Sato, heiress to Future Industries and is madly love in with her boyfriend Mako. She's been living with the amber eyed detective and Bolin for a few months and loves it. The two boys let her be herself unlike her father.

Mako was been working late nights and sometime doesn't return until the morning. The raven haired girl miss her boyfriend to snuggle during the night and spending time together like they used to. The door opens revealing a very stressed out Mako and he sits on the bed, untying his shoes and flopping on the bed.

He was drop dead tired and just wanted to sleep it off. Asami hates seeing him like this and wishes that there was something that she could do. She places the detective's head in her lap before massaging his shoulder. He moaned in appreciation.

"How was your day, baby?" Asami asked curious.

"Stressful but it's definitely worth it. I got to put some Triads in jail today" Mako said smirking.

Asami doesn't like that Mako is putting himself in danger like this but knows that it's his dream to clean up the streets. Mako and Bolin lost their parents when they were younger to some Triads thug didn't like their father. They brunt down their house with the brothers' parent still inside. The brother were lucky enough to escape alive but it left orphaned and to fend for themselves.

The detective had grow up too soon for his own good to take care of his younger brother. He's had do some things that he wasn't proud of but not any more. He wouldn't wish that kind of pain on anyone and that's why he wants to make a difference in the world by putting away all the major gangs. Asami thought of prefect way for Mako to relax and de-stress.

"Mako, what do you think of Vegas?" Asami asked curious.

"It's an alright city if you don't mind all of the gambling and drinking that people do" Mako said shrugging.

"We should go there. You could use a vacation" Asami said smiling.

"I don't know, Asami. Vegas isn't really my scene" Mako said looking up at Asami.

"It could be fun and you need to relax. You're gonna be much use to anyone if you take a break every once in awhile" Asami said frowning.

"I don't to go to relax and I don't need to go to Vegas to do it" Mako said shaking his head.

They continued to argue until Mako relented into going. Asami smiled at him before kissing him on the cheek. Why does it feel like I'm gonna regret this decision.

End of ch. 1