Yo. Well last summer, the inevitable happened-I joined the Dark side. And yes, the cookies were bloody delicious. Anyway, this fic was supposed to be a oneshot, but it started getting too long, so I divided it up into multiple-small, chapters and decided to begin posting it up. Oh, and there will be mentions of abuse. So yeah, here you go.

Minor Character Bashing: Dumbledore, Ron and Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger.

Name note: Voldemort=snake face/Marvolo=human face/Dark Lord=either (depends on context)

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Voldemort was bored. He was seated on his throne in the ball room of Riddle Manor in the town of Little Hangleton. Long, sharp nails scraped over a bald head as he listened to his Outer Circle Death Eaters drone on and on about their latest accomplishments. Right, if they could even be called that. He wasn't being told anything he didn't already know or hadn't guessed yet.

Suppressing a yawn, Voldemort absently stroked Nagini's head (the snake was napping on his lap), wishing for some sort of distraction. ...Perhaps he should throw out a Crucio or two, just to stave off his boredom. But before the snake hybrid could raise his wand, there was a sharp knock on the closed doors to the room.

"Enter," he called out, silently thanking Salazar for the more than welcome distraction. He'd even take Wormtail over this, and that was really saying something.

The large wooden doors swung open by themselves, revealing one of his Inner Circle Death Eaters, his precious spy, Severus Snape, who approached immediately before bowing cautiously. Voldemort wondered what he was doing here. Because of his position, Severus didn't normally come to him unless called for. It would be too suspicious otherwise.

"I apologize for disturbing you, my Lord," said the expressionless man, "but I have managed to...accomplish the task you last set for me."

If that wasn't such good news, Voldemort would have at least chuckled at Severus' use of the word 'accomplish', especially as he had been inwardly mocking the other Death Eaters for it. But it was obvious that his interest had been caught, judging by how he straightened up in his throne.

"Ssseverus, remian, the ressst of you are disssmisssed." He waited impatiently for the Outer Circle to leave.

The moment the doors closed behind the last Death Eater, two things happened; Severus removed his mask, becoming more relaxed as he did so, and Voldemort dropped his glamour. In the place of the pale snake-faced male, sat a much younger man of twenty five with a head of silky black hair. He was still pale, but not as much as before, with nicely chiselled features; high cheek bones, and an aquiline nose. Though his eyes were still crimson, they were no longer slits. He looked the personification of a young aristocrat. Oh, how he had missed his old appearance of Tom, as much as he disliked the name.

"You have managed it, Severus?" he asked, forked tongue gone now that he had dropped the glamour.

"Yes, my Lord," replied Severus Snape. "The old man has finally given me Potter's address. Four Privet Drive of Little Whinging, Surrey."

Marvolo's eyes flashed in satisfaction. "And the wards?"

"As you used Potter's blood in the resurrection ceremony, you can easily get passed the Blood Wards. However you must go in without the intention of harming him. If not, the other wards, the ones placed by Dumbledore will detect you, and you will be expelled from the property, notifying the old man as well."

"Will I be able to use magic?"

"As long as you do not use dark magic, no one will be the wiser."

Marvolo smirked, more than a little pleased. "Good work, Severus. Now, who will be on guard tonight?"

The younger, but older looking man inclined his head at the praise, but frowned at the question. "No one, my Lord. Dumbledore has forbidden the Order from resuming the guard. We are not sure why."

Crimson iris' widened. "The boy is always unguarded?"

"No. There are some who did not listen to him. They watch over Potter when they can- which is not often enough, and the old man is unaware of this as far as I know at the moment."

Now a frown appeared on Marvolo's face too. "Which members are these that are defying the Light's leader?"

"The oldest two Weasley boys, along with those twins, and the Wolf. However, the oldest two Weasley children both work out of the country and can never stay for long, the twins are spending quite a bit of time in Diagon Alley with the shop they are planning on opening soon, and the Wolf is constantly being sent on pointless missions for recruiting the werewolves."

Marvolo was definitely surprised by this. He did not picture any of those people to go against Albus Dumbledore's orders. "Why them?" he questioned, beginning to stroke Nagini once more when she stirred in his lap.

"Because it seems that at the moment, they are the only ones who seem to care for the boy, and vice versa. No one is in contact with him though. He had the twins watch his owl for the summer for some reason or another."


"Yes, my Lord." Severus fell into thought for a moment, before continuing. "It seems that the rest of the Order has forgotten about Black. He only just passed, but they behave as if he never existed in the first place. The only time he is spoken of, is when Dumbledore brings it up. No one else seems to care that Potter will be mourning him, not to mention the fact he ended up possessed by you, which, no offence my Lord, likely was not a very pleasant experience.

The Dark Lord nodded once and waved his hand absently, signalling that Severus was not about to be punished for his bold words. "I see." He sighed softly. "What of the boy's friends? The youngest Weasley boy and the Granger girl?"

The dark eyed man frowned once more, looking almost disconcerted. "I am not sure. They are not in contact with Potter at all. In fact, they seem to be upset with him. Both them and the Weasley chit. Perhaps they had an argument when they last saw one another."

Marvolo ran long fingers through his hair, suddenly feeling a twinge of fear that did not belong to him at all, along with anger, sadness, and a touch of resignation. But he barely had the chance to identify these foreign emotions before they vanished abruptly, leaving him with his own satisfaction. "Very well. I will be going to the boy tonight. Make sure no guard is placed, just in case."

"Of course, my Lord." Seeing the dismissal, Severus bowed, replaced his mask, and departed, leaving Tom Marvolo Riddle alone with his still sleeping snake.

Falling into thought, Marvolo tried to figure out what to do. He knew the boy's address now, which was all fine and well, but he could not enter with the objective of killing Potter off. It was the fault of Dumbledore's blasted wards, he knew. He would have to get the boy out of his home and bring him to the manor before he dealt with him. Perhaps his intention could be recon then.

Yes, if he were going with reconnaissance in mind, it meant he wasn't intent on harming anyone. Surely the wards would allow him in without notifying anyone then?

Pleased with that plan, Marvolo smirked and got to work...

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