"So there's a platoon of Marines holed up in the Clocktower near St. Dominic's cemetery. Recon reports that Kano, Goro and Kintaro have them pinned down," Kurtis Stryker explained.

The Earthrealm fighters were in a Stryker's NYPD precinct office examining the latest intel. Things didn't look good. In a matter of hours, the forces of Outworld had overwhelmed police and military forces.

Sonya continued: "For some reason their forces are keeping people alive and herding them towards the cemetery-" She cleared her throat. "Ahem. Something you wish to add, Sub-Zero?"

Everyone turned their attention to the cybernetic cryomancer who they had just freedom to. The augmentation process had made the Lin Kuei ninja stronger, faster. Yet there was something he kept doing that was starting to get on everyone's nerves.

"Nothing," Sub-Zero said. "Please continue."

"We've sighted Quan Chi, Noob-Saibot and Ermac moving towards… Sub-Zero, please!"

Johnny Cage got up from his seat. "I think I's about time we finally addressed the icy elephant in the room," he turned to Sub-Zero.

"Why are you always fiddling with your balls?"

"I… I can't help it." Sub-Zero straightened, then slumped. "I have to do it every morning, every night," Sub-Zero explained.

"Look, we're all friends here," Liu Kang said. "No one's judging. As a monk I can understand your pain."

"That's just it!" Sub-Zero yelled. "There is neither pain nor pleasure anymore! I've got nothing left! All I have is this."

"Okay, I'm sorry," Sonya apologized. "As I was saying, Quan Chi is up to something in the grave yard…"

Sub-Zero did his best to pay attention. It didn't help that Sonya's blonde hair was longer than regulation, and that she was wearing a tactical vest one size smaller than what she should be wearing – and obviously wore nothing underneath. He felt that familiar tightness in his organic components that quickly started to affect his augmentations.

No, not now!

Why was it that only the LK52O model had to have this problem? Cyrax and Sektor never had to deal with it.

The pressure kept building up in his body. His breathing was now rushed. He tried to sit still, but instead his servos started the creak and grind.

"Excuse me," he got up and walked to a cubicle in the corner. For the next minute, all the Earthrealm fighters could hear were a series of moans enhanced by the cyborg's voice synthesizer.

He opened his chest compartment and took out his power core that had become covered in ice. He brushed off the frost and twisted it before popping it back into his chest.

"Oh, yeah…"

That felt much better.