Let it be known, but not again forgotten, that the eighth house is not dead. For as long as I live with me lives the House of SiigeneDasRegentenDerBerges. The Decapitare royal family from switzerland, We possessed a power akin to the coins named after my grandfather, Zakynthos SiigeneDasRegentenDerBerges. We also have immortallity but unfortunately not invincibility, and another ability which will be revealed in time. My name is Arthus Zakynthos SiigeneDasRegentenDerBerges and after all these years I have finally awaken. Physically I am a 19 year old male with messy long blonde hair and Saphire Blue Eyes with a Gold ring where the iris meets the scleria I am 1.8 meters tall and normally wear a suit. People are so dense they have forgotten about our castle no matter Hirzbrunnen Schloss is once again under the families control. I have currently only regained my influence in Basel.

(A couple weeks later)

As my power has grown so has my influence and I now have subjects Alaska is under my control and with it is my old friends one of few who never forgot the kindness shown by my house; the Glühenvolk, who rejoiced at my appearance and the safety they all knee it meant. For now to kill one of them is an attack on the family, which will not be tolerated. Some even decided to work for the family which granted them immortality. Several Dämonfeuer have also decided to serve my family and my influence has spread so far a mysterious woman named Elizabeth Lascelles has also come into the service of the family.