So, I had this idea for a while, and I decided to post it. This first chapter takes place at the tail end of Part 1, but chapter 2 opens with the beginning arc of Shippuden. What if Batman was a ninja in the world of Naruto? Well, that's what I'm gonna explore.

This story should follow cannon fairly well, but I'll definitely mix things up here and there, and you know what that means? No one is safe. Death or injury or ailment can affect ANY character, because this isn't Kishimoto's world; it's mine.

I don't own Naruto or Batman or anything from DC Comics.

"I'm only gonna ask you one more time," Naruto threatened, fists ready to fight as the sun reflected through his pure blue irises, "who the hell are you?"

Batman remained silent and grim and prepared himself for the attack he knew was coming. He hadn't seen much, but from what he did see, he definitely wasn't in Earth anymore, not the Earth he knew. That, or this kid was something else entirely. The things he could do... run up trees, leap faster than any human, create copies of himself...somehow...he was either superhuman, or Batman was in unknown territory.

Almost before he knew it, several copies of the blonde boy ran forward in a chaotic frenzy and a loud battle cry pierced the air.

The first opponent jumped up and brought his fist down in an overhead strike, but Batman easily stepped aside and kicked the enemy. He burst into smoke and disappeared. There was no time to waste, as two more dashed at him from the left and right, and a third once again came from above.

Batman jumped up and grabbed the airborne attacker, throwing him into the two copies on the ground and breaking all three. Again, almost before he could react several projectiles were thrown his way and the Dark Knight was forced to retreat. Shuriken and knives of some sort. Straightforward and deadly. Many were thrown, but none connected with their target.

Batman expected another attack, but the few enemies that remained on the ground several yards away from him were standing still. Smiling and watching carefully, but not taking action.

Then the familiar smell of smoke and the odd explosives sound came from behind and another version of the boy was behind him, as if he had taken the place of one of the projectiles. Reacting on instinct, Batman grabbed one of the ninja stars from the air and threw it back at the boy, who blocked it with the knife in his hand. He hadn't hurt the boy, but he did force him down to the ground.

Batman wasted no precious second rushing the enemy behind him. He disarmed the unprepared boy in a single second and sprained his wrist the next. The boy cried out in shock at Batman's skill, then in pain at his actions.

The copies were already running at the stranger when Batman made sure the one he had was not a copy as well. He removed a needle from his belt and stuck it into the captive opponent's neck, drawing blood and pushing the boy's body past what the copy's bodies could take, confirming his suspicion.

Before Batman could put the syringe back in it's place, another shuriken came from the side and broke it into many pieces. A girl with pink hair had entered the field and was seemingly coming to aid the boy.

She leaped forward with the copies and attacked in sync with them, forcing Batman to release the real one and once more retreat. He threw down two smoke bombs and vanished while the copies searched and the girl went to aid the real boy.

"Naruto, what happened?" Sakura asked and helped her comrade off the ground.

"I don't know! This funny looking guy appeared almost out of nowhere. I tried getting information out of him, but he wouldn't talk; I think he's after me or something."


From his spot in the shadows, Batman observed the girl heal the sprained wrist with relative ease and hands that glowed a teal-like color.

"Stay on guard," the girl commented as she peered out into the distance, "Maybe you should send one of your clones to find Kakashi sensei?"

"No way, I can take this guy!" The boy shot back.

"Naruto, use your head. He's already injured you, but how many jutsu has he used? I'm guessing not many."

"Fine, you win, Sakura."

One of the copies, or as they called them, clones, seemingly flickered out of existence. No doubt another power of many these people possessed. He needed to end this quickly and figure things out.

A swift kick to the head of one of the clones made it burst into smoke and the other two followed via Batman's quick and powerful punches to the gut and cheek. Now it was just the original boy, Naruto, and the girl, Sakura.

"Sakura, I'll use the rasengan!"

"Don't shout out the battle plan!" the girl scolded and ran at Batman. To her credit, if she feared him, she didn't show it. Her composure was fearless and stern.

Batman reached into his belt again and grabbed two batarangs. He threw them before he got within 15 yards of the girl, and she evaded them with ease. Or so she thought. By the time they got within 5 yards the batarangs had already reversed and flew back at their owner. The first caught Sakura on the lower leg, throwing her off balance and setting her up for the other to strike her on the back of the head and knock her down and out.

Batman ran past her now unconscious body and towards the boy.

"Sakura!" Naruto called out. Unlike her, he showed emotion. But it was not fear. It was anger. Determination. He had a drive to win. A deep drive.

A blue orb of pure energy, as far as Batman could tell, had amassed in the boy's hand and the two clones he had beside him a moment ago had jumped out to attack as the real one ran out as well.

Batman waited until the clones were almost in his face before he reached into his belt one last time and pressed a button. The clones cried out in pain as waves of electricity shot through their bodies and they dissipated into smoke like the others. The original boy, Naruto, was experiencing the same thing.

When Batman first grabbed a hold of the boy's wrist, he knew it was a golden opportunity and he placed a shock device there, to be used at the opportune moment. That moment was now, and Batman discovered how true that was when the boy fell to the ground and the orb of energy exploded in a violent showcase of immense power. Naruto himself was thrown at least 15 feet in the air by the force and hit the ground with a hard thud. Batman couldn't help but stare in wonder at his fallen opponents.

"You know," a third voice called from behind him, causing Batman's eyes to go wide underneath his cowl, "those are my students."

A new enemy appeared, and he was no child. His silver hair was spiked up and, like Batman, much of his face was covered. His tone was a contrasting mix of intensity and calm.

Batman threw several fists at the man, but he was Batman's physical superior, and dodged or blocked every attack, while Batman was having a hard time doing the same with the man's counterattacks.

The new enemy could also use clones, Batman discovered, when one kicked him from behind and sent him directly into a firm stab from the original. Batman's armor protected him greatly, but even if the wound didn't draw blood, it still hurt.

A precise attack to the neck made Batman's arm go numb and he staggered back as his overwhelming opponent took firm control of the battle.

"Now then," the man coldly spoke as lightning was generated from his hand, "if you give up now, you'll live."

"Wake up!" a stern voice called as Batman was struck across the face, snapping him awake.

Several men in masks watched over him while another in a black coat stood in front of him. He had scars on his face that told deep tales.

"Who are you? From what village do you come?" The man demanded.

Batman realized his belt was missing, along with his cape and cowl. His arms were bound behind him in firm shackles and the room was barely lit by a few candles. He had absolutely no idea where he was or how he could get away if the opportunity presented best option was to comply.

"...Gotham…" he answered bitterly.

His answer bought him another hard smack across the face. He spit out blood and looked up into his captor's unamused eyes.

"Where are you from?"

"I'm not from this world. Believe me or not, I can't give you an answer other than that."

The man in the trenchcoat turned his back to Batman and spoke stiffly to him.

"I am Ibiki Morino, the Head of The Leaf Interrogation Force. Right now, I am the one person in this world who can make your life somewhat pleasant, or absolute hell. If I don't get the answer I want, I can always show you what hell looks like. more time. Where are you from?"

Batman didn't bother giving a reply, and within a moment, Ibiki laughed as the silent men in masks observed the process.

In an instant Batman was taken from that scene and plunged into utter darkness. A foreign presence was poking about his mind, he could tell that. The sound of a dripping faucet was the only other thing he could comprehend. He wasn't sure how long he'd been this way, nor how long it would go on, but he was stuck. He could not force his body into motion. His mind was trapped, being probed and scoured, probably from that man Ibiki.

He waited for a long time, or at least, what felt like a long time. Then an immense pain struck his mind and he tried desperately to scream out, but could not. Soon enough, he faded back into unconsciousness.

Who are you? What do you want here? Where do you come from? Questions rang through his mind as he awoke once more. He was still in the darkness, but it was even deeper this time. One of the candles must have gone out.

"Here he is," the man called Ibiki told someone by his side as two figures approached him.

Bruce was able to piece together that one of them was a woman. She was tall, blonde, and a powerful atmosphere followed her into the darkness of wherever he was being kept.

"He's a regular mystery, eh?" The woman asked.

"Indeed. I've searched his mind, had it confirmed by Inoichi...he is not from anywhere we know of, or if he is, his powers to conceal information are the best I've ever seen."

She turned directly to Batman and looked down at him with a hint of admiration.

"So, you're the enigmatic enemy who defeated Naruto and Sakura. Impressive, considering we haven't found any indication that you can use jutsu or chakra at all. We're not here to harm you. We only seek answers."

Batman stared her down through a black eye. He pondered how much he should say. How much they would believe. There was no reason to consider what was happening as absolute truth. He hadn't been able to figure out what happened to him before he woke up near the boy Naruto. It could all be an elaborate ruse. But if it gave him a chance to really figure things out...he might as well open up.

"I'm not from this world, I don't believe...I come from a city called Gotham. There, I defend it from criminals and those who would do evil and harm to it and the good people who live there. I don't know what happened to place me here, but before I could figure much of anything out, I was attacked by the boy...Naruto."

"That does sound like our own knuckleheaded ninja…"Tsunade mused.

"You can all do amazing things...jutsu...I believe. I cannot. Where I come from, I am a normal person. I have no powers. I can rely only on my own mind and tools and physical conditioning to stop evil."

Tsunade and Ibiki shared a glance. It seemed they were speaking without using words. Telepathy wouldn't surprise Batman at this point. Few things could.

"We will allow you to stay here, in the Leaf Village, with us if you'd like. You're free to leave and try and find your way back home to...Gotham, but the choice is yours. In fact...if you don't have any plans I might want to test you out. You seem apt at several of the shinobi arts already. If you wish to fight injustice here, too, then I'd be willing to make you a ninja of the Leaf."

"Thank you…" was the only thing Batman could bring himself to say. His shackles were removed, the binding ropes cut. He was given a box with his affects inside and lead out into the sunlit day above the village.

"How long have I been here?" Batman asked.

"Five days," Tsunade answered.

By the time one week had rolled around, Batman, back in full costume, had returned to the office of the Hokage. To her surprise, he was able to sneak in unnoticed by her guards and startled her into nearly dropping her cup of sake.

"I've considered your offer," Batman announced.

"Shinobi indeed…" She remarked.

"I want to find my way home...more than anything right now. That past with it is extremely personal...but I also realize that injustice is injustice...and injustice is everywhere. Even here, in these lands. I cannot let innocents die, and the people here, in the Leaf Village, from what I can tell, are innocent. Pure. They deserve protection and the right to happiness. I'll help protect them any way I can as I search for a way home."

Tsunade smiled and set down her cup. She took out a few papers from her drawer and stood up, leading Batman outside.

" don't have to do this, please! Please, don't!"

A swift swing of the knife slit the merchant's throat and he fell to the ground as the rain soaked him. A bloodcurdling laugh rang out among the trees. The lone figure stepped back inside the single shop along the dirt path and soon another corpse, this time a young woman, not yet a full adult, was thrown out into the chilling world. The figure walked on as the rain cleaned his knife and the shop raged in a burning inferno in the distant background.