I wrote this up a while back as a little aside for myself. It's the conversation/text messages between Mary Margaret and David after Chapter 10... I thought you guys might enjoy it. I love cute Snowing…

David's phone buzzed and he pulled it from his pocket to read the text.

MM: You need to find something to do tonight away from the apartment.

D: Why?

MM: Emma and Killian need some time alone.

D: Why?

MM: Because I interrupted them by accident this morning.

D: Doing what? *eyebrow wiggle*

MM: Not THAT. They were talking.

D: Wow, we're batting a thousand. I interrupted them last night.

Rather than another text, David's phone rang.

"I can't talk long… Emma is in the next room. What were they talking about last night?"

"I don't know. They stopped talking when I walked in but they were sitting very close together on the couch."


"And she jumped up when I walked in and made a run for it."

"She did? What did Killian say?"

"He said - "

"Oops. Gotta go."

David pulled the phone from his ear as the call disconnected.

D: Did you just hang up on me?

It was a few minutes before his phone buzzed again.

MM: I had to. Emma was coming back in.

D: Okay, where do you suggest I go tonight?

MM: Anywhere. Just don't go home. What did Killian say last night?

D: He said he wasn't going to let her go again.

MM: Awww.

D: What were they talking about this morning?

His phone rang again and he quickly answered.

"She told him why she came back."

"Really? Why?"

"Because she needed him."

"Are you serious? Then what?"

"Then I interrupted… Damn, here she comes… Gotta go."


MM: Then they hugged.

D: Good. It's about time. Now, I return to my previous question: Where am I supposed to go tonight?

MM: Ask Graham if he wants to get a drink.

D: He's not much of a drinker.

MM: Then ask him if he wants a free dinner and bring him to the restaurant.

D: That would work.

MM: Text Killian and tell him you won't be home for dinner.

D: Ok

David sent the text to Killian and switched back to Mary Margaret.

D: Done.

MM: What did you tell him?

D: I told him I had to interview a witness.

MM: Perfect.

D: I love you.

MM: I love you, too.



"You've been getting a lot of texts today," Emma commented.

"Oh, it's just David. He says he's going to be working late tonight... an interview or something…" Mary Margaret replied, turning away to hide her smile.