The Girl Who Loved Tom Riddle 13

Break Me, Shake Me

I do not own HP or Savage Garden (too bad…the singers are hot!)  I chose this song because I think it best describes Tom turning into You-Know-Who and now…You'll—Know—Why! Haha…made a funny! This chapter will be long so I hope you have the time.  I don't really want to split it up so it will go well with the lyrics of this song.

I never thought I'd change my opinion again

But you moved me in a way that I've never known

You moved me in a way that I've never known

When Tom got off the train, he wasn't only greeted by Mr. Paten, but Sarah as well. It was nice for Tom to have someone to talk to. It was a really pleasant surprise. Their relationship became stronger each day. Tom gave Sarah her first real kiss the day after he got back. She had no idea that he killed a student at Hogwarts.

Tom read something in the paper about a rich polo champion by the name of Tom Riddle—his father.  Tom gasped at his portrait.  They looked so much alike.  Too much alike.  He remembered the dream he had about his mother's prediction.  She had predicted that was going to kill his father.

"You should do it," said Voldemort in his head. "He's caused you so much pain.  Kill him tonight."

Tome gave in to the prompting.  Voldemort was taking over Tom's body more and more each day.  He had become too weak to fight back and too eager about this power Voldemort kept talking about. Tom had already received a taste of it while he was prefect, opening the Chamber of Secrets, setting the king of serpents into the school, attacking all those muggleborns and killing one.

While everyone was asleep, Tom crept out of the backdoor and walked out of the orphanage down the road.  He walked up the road, to the giant house on the hill, intent to carry out the murder of his father.  He stopped when he got to the house. It was so big, so fine.  Tom could have lived here if his father wasn't so thoughtless. He'll make his father pay for abandon him. He'll make him pay dearly for this.  He went to the back of the house and pointed his wand to the doorknob.


The door clicked and Tom invited himself in and looked around.  He saw the portrait of his muggle father on a horse in a polo outfit and threw it to the floor. He walked up to the drawing room where all three Riddles were sitting.  Elderly Mrs. Riddle screamed and backed away.  Tom Sr. stared while Mr. Riddle approached him.

"How did you get in here?" he demanded.

"Out of the way, muggle," Tom Marvolo Riddle muttered, raising his wand.  "Avada Kedvara!"

"Dad!" Tom Sr. gasped.

"Kurt!" cried Mrs. Riddle.

Tom looked at Mrs. Riddle. "Avada Kedvara!"

Mrs. Riddle went down, her eyes open.  Tom looked up at the young boy.

"Look, if it's money you want, take it and go," he said.

"I'm not here for money," the Heir of Slytherin hissed.

"What then?"

"Don't act like you don't know," he muttered.  "Think back…think back sixteen years ago…you didn't really think she was lying, did you?  Carrie Star, the greatest seer in the world?"

"Wait, wait a minute," Tom Sr. mumbled, backing into the wall, pointing "you're—you are—"

"That's right," Tom Marvolo Riddle smirked, "I'm the boy.  I'm your son…the one you abandoned before I was born.  I'm Tom Marvolo Riddle."

Tom Sr. gasped. "She didn't…I told her not to give my name to…"

"To what, a freak?" Tom demanded. "Too bad for you…for both of us…you didn't want your freak of a son to have your name and I didn't want to be named after you any more than you did.  You pompous, self-righteous fool! Did you really think she was lying?  You thought you could just walk away, did you?  Thought you could hide from the Heir of Slytherin, didn't you?"

Tom Sr. opened his mouth but nothing came out.

But straight away you just moved into position again

You abused me in a way that I've never known

You abused me in a way that I've never known

"What do you have to say for yourself now?" Tom Marvolo Riddle questioned angrily, "Speak!"

"I'm—I'm sorry," he whispered. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Tom Marvolo Riddle laughed. "You're sorry? Is that the best you can come up with?  You think that makes up for sixteen years?  Can you imagine the nightmares I had? The nightmare I'm living? You can't comprehend what I've been through!  You have no idea!  Sixteen long years when I had to live in pain and turmoil—turmoil you caused—you could've prevented this. If you had just stayed with my mother…"

"You think I'm insane?" Tom Sr. inquired.  "How was I supposed to live with the likes of someone like—a witch? She was a witch!"

"You killed her!" Tom snarled. "My mother died giving birth to me.  She died because of you! Do you know what I had to live with?  I hate you! I hate you!"

"Please—have mercy," Tom Sr. fell to his knees, "I am very sorry. I was young.  I didn't know what to do.  I'll tell you what. I'll make it up to you, son.  We can make up for all those years."  He crawled to him and attempted to wrap his arms around his legs. You look just like me…just like me…"

"Get your filthy hands off me, muggle!" Tom exclaimed.  "You should've thought of this years ago!  What, you think I came here to run into your arms? You think I want to be your son now after the pain you caused me?"

"You have my name—you look just like me."

Tom began to hear Voldemort speaking. "Kill him. What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Kill him! Kill him I say!"

"I despise the fact that I carry your name," Tom sneered.  "And I despise it even more that I look like you!  Well, not to worry.  I've made a new name for myself, father, so you won't have to worry about a freak carrying it.  You should know what it is before you die." Tom raised his wand to his father's head.  "I am Lord Voldemort.  Good bye, father, you filthy muggle."

"Kill him! Now! Now!"

"No, please!"

"Avada Kedvara!"
A flash of green light escaped Tom's wand, hit his father and killed him.  He fell on the ground, eyes and mouth open in a silent scream. Tom stared at him. Voldemort started to speak in his mind.

"Very good.  Well done."

But the other part of Tom couldn't take his eyes of his father.  "What—what have I done?" he asked, sounding like a child. "I didn't—did I?  I just…no…I just killed my own father…my own flesh and blood."
"Stop it, half blood!  He was asking for it!  Your mother predicted this would happen! It is your destiny."

"But I…still had the choice," Tom mumbled.  "How could I do such a thing? I've become what I hated most…a bully…a killer…I'm a monster.  I've become an animal!"

"You did what you were meant to do," Voldemort hissed at the back of his head. 

Tom reached his hands to his black hair. He was on the verge of a mental break done.  "Oh no…oh no…they Ministry of Magic will find out.  I'll get expelled. I'll go to Azkaban. How could I be such a monster? He was begging for his life and I slaughtered him…I killed him like an animal!"  Tears started to leak out of his brown eyes.  "What's…what's happening to me?"

"Get a hold of yourself! Have you forgotten who you are?  You are the Heir of Slytherin.  You are not Tom the Orphan anymore.  You are Lord Voldemort. Don't forget that.  You came here to kill him and you've done that.  It is your destiny, Heir of Slytherin."

Tom got down to his knees and looked at his father's face.  "I'm so sorry…Father…I didn't mean to. He made me."

"Do not shed tears for the likes of him!  He is not worth it!  He is the reason why you became an orphan."

Tom swallowed. Voldemort's words began to sink in. 

"You are right," he said slowly, "I had to do it."

"Ah good, better hurry."


The word about the Riddles' deaths traveled quickly in the papers, on the radio and on the television.  Tom had second thoughts about what he did and at the same time, he enjoyed how it scared everyone.  No one could figure out the causes of their deaths, who killed them and why.  Voldemort enjoyed it more than Tom did.  He thought it was funny how Frank Bryce, the gardener, was arrested for their death.

"They arrested the gardener," Tom chuckled.  "Do they think he fed them fertilizer?"

When Frank Bryce told the police he saw a boy with Tom's description was walking about the grounds, Tom grew slightly worried.  Miss Smith didn't suspect him or anyone else in the orphanage.  No one in the village knew about Tom.  However, Sarah had a feeling that Tom killed those people. While he was shaving his face in the bathroom, Sarah approached him.

"You killed them, didn't you?" she asked.

Tom cut himself in surprise. "What?"

"Frank Bryce said he saw a boy with dark hair, tall, pale around the grounds the night they died," Sarah replied.  "And that's exactly what you look like, Tom."

"What makes you think it was me, Sarah?" Tom asked nervously.

"Their last name was Riddle," she said firmly.  "That's the same as yours.  You told me many times how you hate your muggle father for leaving your mother when she was carrying you.  You said you wished he was dead."

Tom shaved the last part on his face and wiped the cream off.

"Well?" she asked impatiently, "did you?"

Tom patted his face and looked at Sarah. She was giving him that stare with her pale green eyes. He could never lie to her when she was looking at him like that.  He sighed heavily.


"Why, Tom?" she asked. "I don't understand. Why would you kill your own father?"

Tom pulled her closer to the bathroom and locked it so no one could see or hear them conversing.  "Sarah, sit down." He put the cover seat down on the toilet and sat her down.  "Listen, I had to do it."

"You had to?" she inquired, unconvinced. "Why, did you just go up there to speak with him and you killed him out of self defense?  Or did you murder him, Tom? Did you murder your father and grandparents?"

"Something like that," Tom answered.  He knew she wouldn't understand the truth so he made it up.  "I came there to see him. I had to see them and they…thought I was burglar.  One of them picked up a shotgun. They were going to kill me so I killed them."

"You didn't have to kill them," she said.

"Yes, I had to, Sarah."

"You could've used something else," Sarah insisted. "You could've used a spell on the gun so it wouldn't fire.  You're lying to me, Tom Riddle.  Please, just tell me the truth. Why did you kill your father and grand parents?"

"Kill her," he heard Voldemort say in the back of his mind.  "Kill her. She'll give you away."

'No she won't,' Tom said mentally, 'I can convince her not to give me away. I'm not going to kill Sarah.  I love her.'

"Tom?  Are you all right?" Sarah asked. "You look like you're fighting with yourself."

She got it head on—because Tom was fighting with himself.  He's been fighting with himself for years.

Tom cleared his throat. "All right, I went over there to kill them.  I was just very hurt.  They were just not as understanding about magic as you are, Sarah."  He touched her face.  "I was just so angry."

"Tom, I think you should see someone about this anger," Sarah suggested, "It's going to ruin your life. Maybe I should tell the police this."

"No, Sarah, don't," Tom insisted. "Please, they'll lock me away in Azkaban Prison. You don't want me to go there, do you? It's an awful place. They have these, these things there called dementors. They live off your emotions. Dementors can make someone go mad. I don't want you to visit me in that place, Sarah. I know you don't want to see me there either. Promise me you won't tell anyone, please, Sarah?  The Ministry will take me away from Hogwarts and won't let me learn magic.  They'll take me away from you—you don't want that, do you, Sarah?"

Sarah twisted her hands nervously in her lap, "Tom, maybe if you told someone about these nightmares you are having, of the dark wizard following you around and telling you to become him.  Perhaps someone will understand and get him out of your head. This dark wizard…he represents all your fear and anger and sorrow.  He's the darker side of you. If you don't find a way to get him out of your head, he'll take over your body.  He'll turn you to a monster.  You're no monster.  Monsters aren't born. They're created. He might be the reason you did this.   I know you wouldn't hurt anyone, Tom.  Never. I know you better than anyone."

"Of course, Sarah," he got down on his knees and put his hands over hers. "Yes…the monster from my dreams…he's taking me over but I can take care of it on my own.  I'll be all right.  Just don't tell anyone, please? Promise me you won't."

"All right, Tom," Sarah answered. "I'll keep it a secret—for you."

"Oh, thank you, Sarah. Thank you." Tom pulled his head down to her lap. "I knew I could count on you.  I knew I could."
Sarah hummed and stroked Tom's thick black hair, rubbing his neck and face. Tom sighed and closed his eyes. It made him feel so contented, so secure.  He never had moments like this with anyone else before.  He started to forget about the darker side of him. That he decided to become this Voldemort person.

"I'm worried about you Tom," said Sarah. 

"I'm all right," he said.  "I'll be okay."

"Oh Tom," she sighed.  "I love you. I've always loved you."

"I love you too, Sarah."


The next two years at Hogwarts for Tom went quickly.  Myrtle's ghost still followed Olive around so Tom and Olive had to end their relationship so Myrtle didn't pick up on anything.  Tom had to keep quiet about his being Lord Voldemort too. If Tom went to Professor Dippet about Myrtle's ghost now, they'll probably know about the truth of her death. Tom heard a group of Hufflepuffs in the library talking about their family.  One of them, someone in his year, Robert Bones was speaking. 

"Yeah, my dad had a sister," Robert explained, "She was two years younger than him.  We didn't see her much."

"I don't remember a lot about her," added Robert's little sister Kelly who was a fifth year.  "We had a cousin too, but I can't remember her name."

Tom walked around the bookcase and eavesdropped closer.

"It was Sarah," Robert replied.

"Oh yeah, Sarah.  She was my age, wasn't she?"

"That's right."

Tom had a strong feeling the Sarah they were talking about was the Sarah he grew up with in the orphanage. Sarah the Squib, the girl he thought as his sister and just recently, something more.

"Our Aunt Elizabeth got really sick and died," said Robert.  "I think it was a broken heart because she married a muggle.  He left her.  Kind of sad, really.  I wish muggles were more understanding about magic."

"Robert," said Tom, walking to the table and making the Hufflepuffs flinch in surprise. 


"I couldn't help overhearing," Tom said, folding his arms. "You said you have a cousin? Sarah, right?"

"Y-yeah," he answered. 

"Sarah Grimes?"

"I think that was it."

"Do you know what happened to her when her mother died?" Tom questioned.


"Oh, you don't? Let me tell you then," Tom said firmly.  "I know Sarah Grimes, your cousin.  She's a squib, but you already knew that, didn't you?"


"You didn't take her in when she was all alone," Tom continued.  "She showed up at an orphanage, the very same orphanage I go to for the holidays.  You wouldn't mind telling me why you didn't take her in, would you?"

"I guess…we didn't know how to reach her," Robert said nervously.

"Wrong.  Your mother and father, her aunt and uncle wouldn't raise her because she was a squib!" Tom hissed, slamming his hand on the table.  "Because she had no magic of her own. Your parents used memory charms on her so she wouldn't remember any magic.  You know what it was like for Sarah to learn she wasn't a real witch?  You have any idea how it hurt her that she couldn't come to Hogwarts? All she ever wanted was to come to Hogwarts and learn magic.  Your family didn't want to help her."

"We—we didn't know she was a squib," Robert mumbled.

"You lie," Tom said through his teeth.  "Why didn't your family take her in?  Did your father not have enough money, not enough space for a squib?  Sarah is a very sweet girl and she lived up as an orphan.  Your parents could've changed that.  Why is that you were able to come to Hogwarts and not her? Why?"

"Tom…" Robert began.  "We didn't know Sarah was as squib. We didn't notice that she was using any magic when she was scared or angry."

"You could've waited," Tom said. "Sarah hardly ever shows any fear or anger.  She's the sweetest person you'd ever want to meet.  She's your cousin…you could've gotten to know her…but now, I don't think you deserve after what she had to go through, living like an orphan."

Tom turned on his heel and left.

So break me shake me hate me

Take me over

When the madness stops then you

Will be alone

 Graduation was typically hard for Tom Riddle.  Everyone's parents were there to congratulate him or her but no one was there for Tom.  He looked around.  Potter's muggle father gave him a hug. His brother Harold, now a fifth year was laughing with their second year sister Karen.  Robert Bone's parents—Sarah's uncle and aunt—were there too. 

Maybe Tom should've asked Sarah to come to the graduation.  Why didn't he think of it until now? He wondered what Sarah was up to.


"What?" a fifteen year old and blossoming Sarah asked. She was sitting in Miss Smith's office.  "You've located my father?"

"Yes, Sarah," Miss Smith answered.


"Well, he's called here," Miss Smith replied. "He read about you in the paper, your singing and piano talent."

"So, he wants to take come and get me?" Sarah inquired.  "That's what he wanted?"

"Yes, dear. He was quite anxious to come.  He'll be here shortly."

Sarah knew she should be happy but she really wasn't. Why hasn't her father come to get her earlier?  Was it because he just now thought of her when he was reading the paper this morning about the time she played piano for some school function?  Something wasn't right.  She forced herself to smile.

"That's great.  I'll go upstairs and pack then."

"Better hurry, dear. He'll be here any minute."

Sarah hurried upstairs not to pack or tell the girls he father was coming back for her, but to write a letter to Tom.  She knew this was the day he was graduating but she had to take the chance and hope her letter would find him. 


I just got done talking with Miss Smith.  She said my father wants to raise me now.  I don't think it makes sense. Why would my father suddenly want to take care of me now?  I'm worried.  Please come to the orphanage soon.



She tied the note to Snowflake, a snowy white owl Tom gave her the last time they went to Diagon Alley so they can write to each other.  Snowflake took off out her window.  Sarah opened her old yellow suitcase she had when she first came to the orphanage and packed her clothes and belongings. But she had more stuff now than the time she came here.  She didn't have just clothes, but she had books and a wand and a Puffskein named Fuzzy. She didn't want her father to take her away.  Something just didn't feel right. Maybe when he'll learn that's she's a squib trying to be a witch, he won't want to take care of her. Sarah sat on her suitcase to try and get it latched when a car pulled up next to the orphanage and a man in a hat and coat stepped out and knocked on the door.

"That must be him," she said.

Someone opened the door and invited him in. She heard him talking to Miss Smith about legal stuff. 

"I'll go and get Sarah," she heard Miss Smith say.

Sarah tried to get all her stuff together as Miss Smith walked up the stairs entered.

"Sarah, your father is here."

"Yes, ma'am, but," Sarah mumbled, "my suitcase—all my stuff—"

"Oh," said Miss Smith smiling, "yes, that does make a problem, doesn't it. Not to worry, your father has brought you a suitcase." She held up the large black suitcase in her hand.

"Thanks," Sarah said, "tell my father I'll be down in just a minute."

"All right," Miss Smith left the room and Sarah pushed all of her clothes and shoes into the larger suitcase while she kept her wand and books in the smaller one.

"Okay, Fuzzy," said Sarah, picking up the yellow-brown fur ball and setting it on her shoulder as she walked out of the room, carrying two suitcases. "Time for us to go home."

Fuzzy hummed just like it always did when contended. Sarah took a deep breath and started walking down the steps. Hearing footsteps, the man talking to Miss Smith turned and looked up. Sarah froze and nearly fell down the stairs. He was smiling, but there was something in his eyes Sarah did not like.

"Hello, Sarah," he said.  "Why don't you come down here so I can get a good look at you?"

Sarah continued to step down the stairs, but slower this time.  The more time she took going down the stairs, the more time Snowy could spend finding Tom. She reached the bottom of the stairs and set down the larger suitcase. It was quite heavy. Her father held out his hand and Sarah shook it.

"My, aren't you pretty," said Mr. Grimes. He had the same strawberry blond hair as hers but his eyes--his eyes were this creepy, creepy shade of gray.  It was like he didn't even have a soul.

Sarah smiled, "why, why thank you."

"And—what is that?" Mr. Grimes inquired, pointing at the thing on her shoulder.

"This is, Fuzzy," she answered.

"Oh, a stuffed animal?"

Sarah was about to tell what he really was but he saw the look in Miss Smith eyes.

"Yes," she answered.  "It makes a humming noise.  It's called a Puffskein."

"Well, why don't we go home?" he asked.  "I'm sure you're waiting to see your new home."

She nodded and he picked up her large suitcase as she put both hands around the handle of her smaller yellow suitcase. Sarah smiled at Miss Smith.

"Thank you, Miss Smith, my time at the orphanage was very," Sarah said politely, "very nice.  I will miss this place.  Please, will you say goodbye to Tom for me?"

Mr. Grimes raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

"He's a friend of mine," Sarah answered.

"Oh, of course, Sarah, I will." Miss Smith said.  "I'll let him know as soon as he gets back from school."

"Thank you, Miss Smith."

Mr. Grimes held the door for her and he pressed his hand on her lower back as she walked out of the door.  Sarah felt as if a wave hit her.  Perhaps her father was just showing good manners by holding the door for her and but Sarah felt like that was not the case. Mr. Paten was hitching up the team, getting ready to pick up Tom at the train station.

"Hello, Mr. Paten," she said, walking up to him. "I just wanted to say goodbye."

Mr. Paten smiled and took off his hat.  "Ah, yes, Sarah, I'm happy for you."

"You're going to pick Tom up?" she asked.

"Yes. Sorry you can't come with me to say goodbye to him."

"I know," said Sarah, nodding. "I miss riding in the carriage to come see Tom after his school. Well, Mr. Paten, goodbye, sir." She held out her hand and shook Mr. Paten's. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too, Sarah."

"Come, Sarah," her father said, holding passenger door for her.

"Goodbye," said Sarah, waving at Mr. Paten. Sarah stepped into the car and Mr. Grimes drove her to her new home.

So you're the kind that deals with the

Games in the mind

Well you confuse me in a way that

I've never known

You confuse me in a way that I've

Never known


Tom was sitting in his usual compartment talking with his friends and listening to what the other graduated students planned to do with their lives. Tom looked out the window just in time to see Snowflake flying along with it, tapping it with his beak.


Tom opened the window and pulled the owl inside.  Alaric looked at it. Olive groaned. "From Sarah?"

"Who else?" Tom inquired, taking the note from his leg and opening it up. When he read the note, a wave of panic swept over him.  "Oh no."

"What is it?" Olive asked.

"Sarah's father has come back."


"He left her when she was little," Tom explained. "It doesn't make any sense to me why he's coming to pick her up now."

"Think about it, Riddle," Alaric said, "you introduced me to Sarah before. She's a real peach."

"What did you say?" Tom demanded, his dark eyes narrowing.

"Well…she's…pretty," Alaric replied, "for a squib, anyway.  I guess her father saw her somewhere and thought…"

"You're sick," Tom hissed, getting to his feet and leaving the compartment to speak to the driver.

"Oh sure," Alaric muttered, "I'm sick and he's the one who opens the Chamber of Secrets."

"Shh!" Olive hushed, her finger pressed to her lips. "Alaric!"

Tom made his way down the front of the train.  The witch with the food cart smiled.

"Oh, can I get you something, love?"

"No thank you," he said. "I just need to speak with the driver. It's urgent."
"But no one can--," she began.

"You have to let me speak to the driver," Tom insisted. "One of my friends back home is in trouble. Just let me speak to him."

"Oh, very well," she let him through and Tom walked to the driver, taping him on the shoulder.

"Can I help you with something, son?" he asked.

"Yes, I need you to speed up," Tom answered.

"Speed up?"

"That's right," Tom said firmly.  "Make this train move.  If you don't hurry then a girl will probably die.  Please, she means the world to me." Tom reached into his back pocket and pulled out Sarah's photo.  "Get this train moving. If you don't…I'll use a speeding charm on it. Either way…this train is going to go faster."

The driver pushed the speed lever forward.  "Very well."

"Thank you," said Tom and he went back to his compartment and sat down.

"Where'd you go?" Alaric inquired.

"To speak to the driver," he replied.  "I told him to speed up the train."

"What for?" Olive asked.

"Sarah's in trouble," Tom explained.  "I can feel it."

Olive groaned.  "For Sarah the Squib?"

"Listen, Olive," Tom said firmly, "she might be just a squib but she happens to be very important to me.  She needs me.  I was the first person that girl saw when she came to the orphanage…I was the one opened the door. She didn't speak for three years, to anyone and I was the first person she spoke to in those three years.  Try to show some more respect, okay?"

"Touchy," Olive muttered.

Tom looked out the window. If anything happened to that girl he'd never forgive himself.

So break me shake me hate me

Take me over

When the madness stops then you

Will be alone

Just break me shake me hate me

Take me over

When the madness stops then you

Will be alone


An hour later, the Hogwarts Express arrived at the station.  Forgetting about the trunk and needing just the wand he had in his robes, Tom jumped off the train and through the wall.  He could see Mr. Paten coming to pick him up in the carriage. Instead of waiting, Tom ran up to the carriage.  It made Tom feel bad not to see Sarah on the carriage, waving at him like she did the other times when Mr. Paten took him to the train station and back.

Mr. Paten made the team stop and Tom climbed up the carriage.

"Hello there Tom," he began kindly.  "How was your last year? Say, where's your stuff?"

"Hi, Mr. Paten, how are you? Great, thanks. I didn't need it anymore." Tom said impatiently, "let's just hurry to the orphanage, all right?"


Tom took the reigns away from him. "Why don't I drive?" he said, giving the reigns a quick hard swish and making Mr. Paten nervous.

"Careful, Tom," said Mr. Paten, watching him closely.  "Where's the fire?"

"Didn't you know that Sarah's father came back?" Tom demanded.

"Oh, yes, that fellow," he said, "He left with Sarah about the same time I went to pick you up."

"What was he like?" Tom inquired patiently.

"Well, I met with him shortly while I was hitching up the team," Mr. Paten replied. "He seemed like a nice fellow.  Pity Sarah had to leave before you came home. She really wanted to speak to you before she left."

"Yeah…I would've liked that too."

Tom reached the orphanage and he jumped off as Mr. Paten went to unhook the team from the carriage.  Tom ran up the stairs, slammed the door behind him.

"Where's Miss Smith?" he demanded as he came into the front room.

"In her office I think," replied Elle, surprised.

Tom stormed into Miss Smith's office while she was making an important call.  "Miss Smith, I need to speak with you."

"Not now, Tom," she said, covering the phone with her hand, "wait just a minute—ah—yes—sir, I'm still here? Yes. Yes…"

Tom paced the room, breathing hard as if he had run all the way here.  He pushed his hand on the hang up button and took the phone away.

"Whatever your damn call as about," Tom said, "It can't be so important as you sending Sarah's father come pick her up."

"Tom Riddle—" Miss Smith began, "do control yourself.  Sarah asked me to say goodbye before she left."

"Why did you let her father take her? What is wrong with you?" Tom slammed his hand on her desk.  "Sarah's father left her when she was a little girl. Why would he come get her now? Now when she's becoming a young woman?  You'll let just anybody come adopt these kids, wouldn't you, just to be rid of them?"

"That's not true," she said.

"Where is Sarah?" he demanded.  "Where did they go?"

"Just a moment," she said.  "I have his address right here." She handed him the address.  Their new home was in Derby and Tom hadn't taken his appiration test yet and he didn't have a broomstick, not that he was that good on a broom anyway.

"In Derby?" he inquired. "That's pretty far, Miss Smith."

"Yes, I know," said Miss Smith, "but you can still keep in touch."

"You don't get it, do you, Miss Smith?" Tom questioned, "Her father could be a criminal!"

"We checked his record," she said. "We didn't' see anything criminal about him."

Tom laughed, shaking his head.  He drew in a deep breath and pointed at Miss Smith.  "Miss Smith, nothing had better happen to Sarah, you understand me?  Because if anything, I mean, anything happens to that girl, it will be on your head!"  He walked out of the office, slammed the door behind him and hurried to the stables as Mr. Paten was just leading the horses in.

"Mr. Paten, can you saddle up Buttercup for me?" he asked.

"Ah—well—" Mr. Paten mumbled.

"Oh, forget it," Tom groaned, "I can do it myself.  I know how to saddle a horse."  He picked up a blanket and put it over Butterscotch's back, took a saddle and tightened it around Butterscotch, pushed the bit in her mouth and took the reigns. He saddled the horse in a record time of ten seconds, put his foot up in the stirrup and took off down the road.

"Tom--what—where are you going?" Mr. Paten called after him.

"Please, Sarah," Tom said as he made the horse gallop as quickly to Derby as possible, "please be all right.  If anything, anything happens to you, I don't think I can go on."

Voldemort's voice entered his mind. "Why waste your time on the squib, Tom?  What's the point?  You have better things to do."

"I can do that later!" Tom hissed. "I've got plenty of time!  Right now my priority is getting to Sarah before something happens to her!"


Mr. Grimes stopped the car at their home in Derby and let Sarah out. "Welcome to your new home, Sarah."

Sarah walked out and looked at the house. It did look quite cozy. Mr. Grimes pulled her suitcase out of the backseat and walked her up to the door, his hand on her back. Sarah shivered.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"Oh, the wind," she said.  "Cold."

"I see," he said, unlocking the door, "well, I'll let your warm up once we get inside."

 "What room is mine?"

"Up the stairs, second room on your left."

"Thank you," she said, taking the suitcase, "I'll just go upstairs and pack then."

"All right," Mr. Grimes said after her. "I'll get started on some supper. I bet you're hungry."

"I appreciate that," said Sarah, going up the stairs, suitcases in hand.  As she went up the stairs, she felt his eyes on her, looking up her legs, up her skirt.

Sarah opened the door to her room. It looked quite clean with almost everything pink, the bedspread, the walls, the carpet and the dresser.  He must've been planning this. Sarah opened the drawers and took Fuzzy off her shoulder and set him down on her bed.

"Sleepy, huh, Fuzzy?" she inquired.  Sarah picked up her suitcase and unlocked it.  As setting her clothes into the dresser drawers, Mr. Grimes opened the door. Sarah gasped and turned around. 

"So, do you like your new room?" he inquired. "I thought you'd like the color pink."
"Yes, it's very nice," she answered, trying not to let her fear show.  "I like pink." She continued to unpack.

He walked closer to her.  She started to feel very, very uncomfortable. Her instincts told her to make a break for it, but where would she go?  She hoped that Tom would come soon. Mr. Grimes reached his hand to her back and turned her around.

"You are very pretty," said Mr. Grimes, excitedly. "So pretty."

"T-thank you," she answered. 

His hands went to her coat and pulled it off.  "You can take your coat off now."

"Oh, yes…I guess I can…"

He started to unbutton her blouse. She gasped and backed away.

"What—what are you doing?" she demanded. 

"Shh," he put his finger to his lips. 

"You can't—you're supposed to be my father!"  He covered her mouth and pushed her to the wall. "Help!"

She made a muffled scream as he ripped her shirt, the buttons popping off.  Hearing his master in trouble, Fuzzy hopped off the bed, made an imitating growl and bit Mr. Grimes in the leg.

"Fuzzy!" Sarah exclaimed. "Fuzzy!"

Mr. Grimes grabbed the cute, custard colored fur ball and tossed him out the window. Sarah went toward it.

"Fuzzy! Why did you do that?"

"Just be quiet," Grimes hissed, grabbing her and pulling her toward him. Sarah screamed and tried to jerk away.  He started to unzip her skirt. Sarah looked around for something to protect herself, anything.  There was her wand in the yellow suitcase but she was never able to do a spell.  She couldn't get to it. Sarah could not believe it. She comes home and her father, own father is a child molester—a pedophile--a rapist.  Then she heard the door open downstairs.


"Up here!" Sarah screamed, taking a step to the door. "Up here!"

Footsteps came through the room and up the stairs, someone was running fast.  "Sarah? Sarah!"

"In here!"

The door opened and Tom was standing in the doorway.  There was a fire glowing in his eyes that proved he was a force to be reckoned with. 

"Oh, Tom!" Sarah cried. "Tom!"

"So you're Tom," Grimes muttered, his arm around Sarah's front.  "And how would you know Sarah?"

"You are going to get your hands off her right now!" Tom shouted, raising his wand.  "You let go of her now, muggle!  I said let go of her!"

"Go ahead, boy! Do it—do it and you'll hit Sarah."

"Fool!" Tom snarled. "This is not a gun, this is a wand!  I can do whatever I want with it!"

Sarah looked at her smaller yellow suitcase on the floor.  She tried to get it to open.  Do something.

"Accio Sarah!"

Even with Grimes grabbing at her, Sarah was pulled away from Grimes to Tom like he was a magnet.  Tom held one arm open to grab hold of her. Sarah put her arms around him and looked behind her.  Grimes looked surprised.

"Don't look, Sarah," he said. "Don't look!"

Sarah closed her eyes and pressed her face into Tom's face.

"I'm snog her and make you watch!" Grimes hissed, lunging to Tom.

"You stay back!" Tom said, a huge wave of anger seeping through him. He wasn't so angry before, not even when he killed his own father.  Maybe his own father probably didn't deserved to be killed, but this sicko did.


Grimes fell to the floor, screaming and shaking, Sarah took one look and Tom pushed her head away and told her not to look.

"You die now! Avada Kedvara!"

Even with her eyes closed, Sarah saw the pink room become smothered in green light.  Grimes was dead. Sarah started to shake against Tom.  Tom put both arms around her, unable to take his eyes off of Grimes dead on the floor.  The fire was still raging in him. If he had been too late…if he hadn't come in time…

"I knew, I knew you'd come," she mumbled.  "I knew something wasn't right when Miss Smith told me he was coming for me. Then when he came to pick me up, he touched me…I could feel something wasn't right…Oh Tom…I was so scared but I couldn't do anything!"

"It's all right, Sarah," Tom whispered.  "Don't worry. Everything is going to be fine."

"He through Fuzzy out the window!" she wailed, turning around but he turned her back to him.  "That—that sick—diluted—"

"No Sarah, don't look!" he cried. "Don't waste your pretty eyes on him!  He's not worth to be in your presence!"

"He couldn't wait to get me into bed," Sarah muttered, shivering in Tom's arms and sobbing.  "Oh Tom, I've never been so afraid before in my whole life!  H-how did you find me?"
"I got your owl," he replied, "while I was on the train back to Hogwarts.  I knew there was something wrong and told the drier to hurry.  Asked Smith why she let your father take you and where you went.  Took one of the horses toward Derby and—well—you know how things happen to me when I'm mad and scared. I guess I got so scared something was going to happen to you so I've somehow apparated with the horse right outside."

"I feel so helpless," Sarah groaned, "I could've protected myself if only I was a real witch.  I've tried, went over my Kwikspell lessons over and over and I know…if you hadn't come when you did, Tom, it would've been too late!"

"Hey, hey," Tom whispered, "it's over, all right. Your sicko father is dead now. He's never going to bother you again, you hear me? It's not your fault your magical powers haven't developed much yet."

Sarah nodded and rubbed her eyes.  "Well, what do I do now?  Try to find my aunt and uncle?"

"No, you don't want to look for them, Sarah," Tom said. "I know who your cousins are—they're the Bones—and I think it's better if you stay with me anyway. They've forgotten about you."

"Why didn't they take me in?" Sarah inquired.  "They're my family."

"I don't know, Sarah," Tom answered sadly.  "But don't worry—I'll keep you with me, all right?  I'll take care of you.  I'm going to make something of myself, a real powerful wizard and I'm going to bring the powers that are deep inside you to the surface so you'll be a real witch. You won't have to be a squib anymore, Sarah. You'll be a witch…and we'll be together, side by side. How does that sound?"

"All right," she nodded. "Let's go…I'll go with you anywhere, Tom Riddle."

"Good, where's your wand?"

"It's in my yellow suitcase."

"Now don't you look at that muggle father of yours," Tom said. "You close your eyes.  You forget all about him and what he tried to do to you.  What he has done to you.  I want you to forget him. He doesn't deserve to exist in your memory, all right?"


Tom opened her yellow suitcase and gave her wand to her. Sarah, not wanting to remember her father when she looked at her ripped blouse, took it off and put a sweater on.  Tom removed his school robes, put them around her and picked her up in her arms because she was still shaking.  He carried her down the steps and out of the house where Buttercup was waiting. Sarah gasped.


"That's right," he set her down on her feet and got up first. Tom held his arm out for her, picked her up and set her down behind him. Sarah put her arms around Tom's waist and leaned against him, finally starting to settle down.  Tom moved the horse to a gallop and they went on to travel the world until Tom could really become Lord Voldemort.


She says, "I can help you, but what do you say?"

Cause it's not free baby, you'll have

To pay

You just keep me contemplating, that

You soul is slowly fading

It took a very long time, just like his Defense Against Dark Arts teacher told him. Tom traveled to many different, dark places, talked to many different, dark people and did a lot of different, dark things.  Sarah was afraid of these people; Tom kind of was too but having Sarah with him by his side seemed to make him more comfortable with the whole thing than it was for her.  If he had to do this alone, he wasn't sure if he could go through with it.  Part of the reason why he was doing it was for Sarah anyway.

Tom had to drink the blood of snakes and sleep on snakeskins for days and days.  Because he was a Parselmouth, he was immune to venom.  He did a lot of dark rituals, studied the dark arts until there was no tomorrow and while he was doing all this, he was teaching Sarah how to use her wand and basic spells and potion making.  Finally the day came when Tom was strong and experienced for the ritual to transform him into Voldemort.  Sarah was scared but he insisted that it was going to be all right.

"I have to do this so I can turn you into a real sorcerers," he said before he went to the alter, "don't worry, Sarah. Be brave, be brave for me."  He gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Sarah nodded and stood on the outside as Tom sat down on the altar, nodded to her and lie down.

"I'm ready," he whispered. "Do it."

A bunch of hags and creepy looking dark wizards began the wizard and poured snake venom and blood on his body and covered his whole with a large snakeskin as if it were some kind of blanket.  There were snakes all around the altar, hissing and Tom was hissing back. Sarah wished he knew what he was telling them. 

"May your body be strong, your mind keen—" the cloaked witches and wizards started chanting. 

Tom thought of what they were saying in his head, over and over.  In his subconscious mind, he was talking to lord Voldemort.

"Today's the day," said Tom, "I'm finally becoming you."

"You've done well," Voldemort said.  "Thank you. I've waited for this."

"What?" Tom inquired.  "I don't understand."

"Now that you've brought me this far," Voldemort said, "I don't need you anymore.  I can take it from here."

"Wait a second," Tom said, "You're going to take the credit, aren't you?  First you take over my mind and now you think you can take over my body?  You wanted the glory only for yourself! I never should've listened to you!"
Voldemort raised his hand and a glass cage went around Tom.  Tom began banging around the insides.

"This is an outrage!" Tom shouted. "This is mutiny! You can't do this for me! You can't!  I was going to have the power!  Why did you do this to me? I should've told Professor Dippet that you were in my head!"

"They would've sent you to St. Mungos, halfblood."

"Yes, and they would work you out of my head," Tom hissed. "Sarah was right!  You are my darker side!  I was never supposed to become you…I wasn't meant to become Voldemort, a monster.  I could've been Minster of Magic and you—you talked me out of it. You said I could be greater, but you were doing it for yourself!"
"Oh, don't worry, Tom," Voldemort smiled, "I'm not going to kill you. See, you were kind enough to keep me resting and gaining energy in your mind, so now I'll let you stay in mine. You will see what life will be out through my eyes, halfblood.  Besides, think about Sarah—you really don't expect her to be strong if you did the ritual, now do you?"

"Sarah, what are you going to do to Sarah?" Tom demanded. "If you ever harm her!"

"Oh Sarah and I will have a wonderful time," Voldemort answered.  "Sarah will become my lady—every lord does need a lady—"

Tom continued to bang on the cage. "You're not going to get away with this! Somehow I'll be free!"

Voldemort walked to the main circle of Tom's mind to take over Tom's body and motions, like he was some kind of puppet master. 

"When the ritual is finished," Voldemort said, "Tom Riddle will die, and Lord Voldemort will be born!"

"No!" Tom yelled. "You cannot do this!"

"Rise to power, Lord Voldemort!" the circle of witches and wizards called out.

The snakeskin formed to Tom's body and Tom screamed in pain. Sarah moved toward him a witch grabbed him by the arms.

"Not yet, dearie,' she said,  "Your time will come."

"Tom's hurt!" Sarah cried.  "What's happening?  Something's wrong!  Is he supposed to feel this much pain?"

"Oh, pain is good," said the witch.

Tom started shaking and his arms and legs went ridged, his fingers curled up and his fingers grew into claws.  He grimaced in pain as the transformation came to a close and Voldemort took over Tom's once handsome body.

Not Tom the Orphan, the description of tall, dark and handsome anymore, but Voldemort, the man with a snake-like face, sat up from the altar and laughed.

"Ah, yes!" his voice was not like Tom's at all. It was high and cold.  "Finally…I've become my true identity."

"Tom?" said Sarah. "Are you all right?"

"Ssssarah," Voldemort stood up and a wizard put a new robe around him. Sarah gasped and put her hand to her mouth. His face was greenish-white, his eyes red and he was bald.  His fingers were long with two-inch long claws and his eyeteeth were fangs.  Sarah stepped back as Voldemort walked toward her and took her hand, bent down and kissed it, while all the while, now in Voldemort's mind, all Tom could do was watch.

"You get your lips off her!" he screamed. "How dare you take over my body like this?"

Voldemort laughed. "All right, my lady?  I'm more than all right!  I am better than I have ever been before...I can feel the power in my body…I feel so alive!  And I am not Tom Riddle anymore—I am Voldemort!

Voldemort embraced her and his skin felt rough, just like snake scales. Tom pushed against the glass cage with his shoulder.

"Sarah, it's a trick!" he cried. "Run, Sarah!  Why did I ever let him take me over?"

"Well now, my lady," said Voldemort, "I believe it is your turn. Don't be afraid."  He led her to the altar, picked her up and set her down on the altar. She was shivering in fear as she looked up in Voldemort's eyes.

"How—how is this going to work?" Sarah asked.

"You shall see, my lady," said Voldemort, "my queen."

As they had used skins and blood from snakes for Tom, they used things from cats for Sarah.  Sarah was a real cat lover so Voldemort and the other wizards believed that the new form for Sarah should be catlike.  They put a skin of a tiger and a kneazle her body.  They started to chant things Sarah could not understand.

Tom sank down the glass cage, sobbing and wishing he had never allowed it to go this far.  He was going to sit here and watch this horrible thing happen to Sarah, his sweet Sarah.  Tom was going to live in the subconscious mind of Voldemort for now on and he may never get his real body back.  He wasn't even going to be doing the things Voldemort told him about. He was just going to sit here and watch like he was in a movie.

Sarah screamed as the transformation began and Tom sobbed even harder, crying out for her and telling her it was going to be all right.  Sarah's body shifted more catlike and her toes pointed, her fingernails became claws and her ears became pointed at the top of her head. Orange speckled and striped fur grew over her face and body and she grew a lion-like tail, just like a kneazles. Then it all stopped.

"Arise, my lady," said Voldemort, rising over her head.  Sarah sat up and got of the altar and took a few steps. Walking was strange for her.  Her heels didn't touch the ground. She was on her toes. The witches put an elegant robe around her body and a necklace. They got down on their knees and kissed the lord and lady's robes.

"So, do you feel it?" Voldemort asked. "Do you feel the power?"

"Yes," Sarah replied.  Her pale green eyes had slits.  "Yes, my lord."

Tom gasped. "No! No! Sarah! What have you done to Sarah! You've turned her into a monster to!  You've bewitched her! How could you do this to my beautiful Sarah?"

"Now, will you hold out your left arm?" Voldemort asked and Sarah immediately obeyed.  "Good, my dear.  This may hurt just a bit."

"What will hurt?" Tom demanded, pressing against the glass. "What are you going to do?"


Sarah winced in pain as green light went through her fur and on her skin, creating a skull with a snake protruding from the mouth like a tongue. Tom screamed.

"No! It's that thing! That thing from my nightmare! And you put it on Sarah's arm. How dare you!  Take it off!"

"Sarah—" Voldemort hissed.  "It does not suit you anymore.  Sarah was the name you had when you were a squib and a squib you no longer are.  We must give you a new name."
"And what would that be, my lord?" Sarah inquired, looking at her claws.

"Scratch," he replied.  "Lady Scratch."

"Scratch?" Tom gasped. "What kind of name is that? Like a cat scratching?  You turn her back right now!"

"Very well," said Sarah, now the Lady Scratch. "I will be named Scratch."

God don't you know that I live with a ton

Of regret?

'Cause I used to move you in a way

That you've never known

But then I accused you in a way that

You've never known

But you hurt me in a way that I've

never known…


Now that Voldemort was able to run amok in Tom Riddle's body, he took advantage of it.  He killed Sarah's aunt and uncle, the Bones. He killed the McKinnons and the Prewets and he killed many, many muggles. Lady Scratch became a killer too.  Once a squib with just an ounce of magic in her, she was now a very powerful witch.  She could run faster, jump higher and when she didn't use her wand to kill her victims, she used her claws. Voldemort called together more supporters, which he called Death Eaters.  Voldemort put the Dark Mark on the men's arm and they wore with pride.  The Death Eaters treated Lady Scratch like their queen and followed her every command just as they did Voldemort's.

But then, a decade later, Lady Scratch was hearing a girl in the back of her head. It was Sarah.

"I'm not supposed to be like this," she said. "Let me out of here!  It's not supposed to be this way!"

Lady Scratch turned to the glass frame Sarah was kept in.  "What was that you said, squib?"

"I want you to stop using my body to kill innocent people," Sarah hissed. "You killed my aunt and uncle!"

"They deserved it for abandoning you."

"That's not what happened," Sarah said.  "They probably had a very good reason not to adopt me. I don't' think they were ready to take in another child.  Perhaps they wanted me to investigate more about the muggle world for them. Perhaps they thought I'd be happy as a squib."

"You were never happy living as a powerless squib," Scratch said.

"I was too," Sarah said, "maybe I couldn't do real magic yet but I was trying.  You can't say I didn't try.  Maybe all I needed was time.  But I will tell you this, I was happy as a squib because I had Tom Riddle in my life and I know that thing is not Tom!  Tom would never do this.  I knew something happened to him ten years ago when he got on that alter. That wasn't him anymore. That was the dark wizard from his nightmares. And you—"


"You're someone I made up," said Sarah.  "Because I love cats.  I wished I could have nine lives like a cat, walk silently like a cat—everything—"

"And now you do, so what is your problem, girl?"
"But I'm doing those things. You are." Sarah muttered. "And I want my body back."

"You'll have to fight me for it," Scratch said.

"Fine," Sarah muttered.  "Let me out. You put my wand away."

"But it's in my hand."

"It's still mine. Tom bought that for me in Diagon Alley.  You have no right to be holding it."

Scratch sighed. "Oh, very well." She tossed it aside, walked to the glass cage and raised her claws. "Step back."

Sarah did so and shielded herself as Scratch drew her claws over the glass cage.  Sarah picked up a piece of glass, lunged at Scratch and plunged the shard into her heart.

"Back to my mind where you belong," said Sarah.


Back in reality, Lady Scratch suddenly flinched and shook her head. Voldemort was speaking to his followers about killing more muggles.

"Count me out," said Scratch, but it was Sarah's voice. Scratch still had her catlike features and everything.

"What was that my lady?" Voldemort asked.

"I'm not your lady," said Sarah. "My name is Sarah Grimes and I want to be back the way I was."

Tom sat up in his glass prison. "Sarah? How?"

"I know you have Tom trapped in your mind somewhere, Voldemort," Sarah muttered, "and I want you to free him.  You're not Tom.  Tom would never do these things. You're that monster from his nightmares, his darker side.  You haunted his life.  I want Tom back now!"

"Tom Riddle was a worthless halfblood."

"That may be but I still loved him," Sarah said, raising her wand. "Don't make me do this. I know Tom is still there somewhere.  You've turned Tom into a bully, a killer, an animal…a monster! And he's always hated those things! You've turned him into the Adolf Hitler of the wizard world and I will never forgive you.  I want out of this circle. I want my old body back."

The Death Eaters raised their wands at Sarah but Voldemort told them to put them down and have him handle this.

"My lady, you are not well," Voldemort said, "You must rest a while."

"I've been resting in the back of your lady's head long enough," said Sarah. 

"You should thank me, squib," Voldemort hissed. "I took care of you.  I brought you into my world. I gave you a wand.  I sent for the Kwikspell Course for you.  I killed your muggle father for you.

"No you did not," Sarah said, "Tom Marvolo Riddle did those things.  You realize, when this is all over, there will be nothing left.  You made Tom think that he could never have enough power, but it was you the whole time that wanted it!  What will happen to Tom when this is done, huh?  When you have a war between the wizard world and the muggle world. Everyone will die and you…you will be alone!  Tom will be alone! You took his soul away! I am not going to stand for it!  No way!  You let Tom go, you monster!"

Voldemort raised his wand and pointed it between her eyes.  "I should kill you for betraying me, squib."

"Fine," Sarah said. "Go ahead.  Maybe that will be best."

"No!" Tom shouted.  "Don't hurt her!  Don't hurt Sarah!"  He walked to the end of the cage and ran toward the glass and pounded against it with all his might to get free.  He pushed and pushed and finally it gave and he fell out on the floor.

"I'm not going to let you hurt her!" Tom ran to Voldemort and seized his own wand.

"What do you think you are doing, squib?" Voldemort demanded.

Tom punched Voldemort in his ugly face and pointed it at him.  "You say there!" He conjured ropes to tie Voldemort up and he stood on the circle to make Voldemort's body move.

"Sarah, I'm so sorry I brought you into this," Tom said sadly.  He made Voldemort's head turn to the Death Eaters. "Wands down! Get the hell out of here! NOW! I command you to leave!"

Giving each other double takes, the Death Eaters disaparated.

"Tom?" Sarah blinked.  "Tom, is that you?"

"Converto Amen Capio!"

Sarah gasped and the fur began to shrink back into skin, claws into fingernails, fangs into teeth, her heels touched the ground and her catlike ears changed human and Tom was looking into the beautiful face of Sarah was again.



 Sarah's memory was taken away completely of what happened to her, her time at the orphanage, and yes, even her memory of Tom.

"What have you done, half-blood?" Voldemort demanded. 

"I'm giving Sarah a second chance," Tom retorted, bending down to Sarah and picking her up.  "You're never going to hurt her again, you hear me?  I'm going to find away to come back to my old self somehow."

He stroked Sarah's' face. "Sarah…I'm so sorry."

Voldemort growled and tried to rip out of the ropes.  "Fool!"

Tom used Voldemort's arms to carry Sarah to the village and he set her at the front doors of the hospital, kissed Sarah goodbye on the forehead and started to leave before anyone saw his grotesque face.  Voldemort freed himself from the ropes and lunged at Tom.

"You won't stop me from gaining power!" Voldemort shouted.  "I won't let you, half-blood!"

"There are more important things than power!" Tom cried back. "Honesty! Justice! Love!"

"You are wrong. There is no good and evil—only power—and those too weak to seek it!"

"You're the meaning of evil!" Tom yelled as Voldemort grabbed him by the throat and hit him against the wall of his mind.  "You enter my head, take over my body and you use it to do horrible things!"

"Then sleep, half-blood," Voldemort smirked, "sleep!"

Tom gritted his teeth and tried to pry Voldemort's hands away from his throat.


"I…I feel…so tired…so tired…"Tom's eyes grew heavy, his whole body went limp and he fell to the floor in a deep sleep.

"Yes, sleep, half-blood," Voldemort created a clear box to go around Tom's sleeping body. "Now you can finally sleep and have good dreams about you…and your squib…while you will be in dream land, I will be using your body to gain power in reality!"

Break me shake me hate me

Take me over

When the madness stops then you

Will be alone


A week later, Sarah woke up in a hospital with no idea who she was.  She looked around the room she was in.

"How—how did I get here?" she asked herself. "Where am I?"

A nurse walked into the room with a tray of food. "Ah, you're awake. How are you feeling dear?"

"What happened to me?" Sarah asked. "How did I get here?"

"We found you outside the hospital," the nurse answered. "I believe you must've fainted."

"I don't remember fainting," said Sarah.

"Well, you wouldn't would you?"

"I don't remember anything," Sarah added.  "Who am I? How did I get here?"

"Here, eat your lunch and I'll get the doctor," she set the tray down for her.

Sarah picked up her fork and began to eat.  A little later, she asked if she could move around a bit.  An orderly came with a wheelchair and wheeled her around the hospital. Sarah noticed a room blocked up with a sign that said DO NOT ENTER.

"Why does that sign say 'do not enter?'" Sarah asked the orderly.

"I wasn't here when it happened," he replied, "but a woman died giving birth in that room. It was really freaky.  The lights went out and everything. They took the mother down to the morgue, the baby to the orphanage and no one has been inside the room ever since. We think there's an evil spirit there or something."

After the orderly showed her around the hospital and she came back to her room, she found sleep difficult.  Sarah kept thinking about that room. She was drawn to it somehow. Sarah stepped out of her hospital room and searched for the locked room.  She forced it open and stepped inside. The hair stood up on the back of her neck.  The room was a mess. The light bulbs were smashed and she could hear what took place here years and years ago. She heard nurses screaming, "Carrie! Carrie!"

She heard a baby crying and the mother making hissing and spitting noises. Sarah stepped on something and bent down to look at it. IT was a book, a diary that had Carrie's name on it. Sarah picked it up, took it to her own room to read it and a piece of paper fell out.  Sarah evened it out.

My name is Carrie Star and I am a witch.  My mother was a veela and she left my wizard father when I was a little girl.  I didn't like the idea of looking like a veela so I curled my hair and changed my hair to golden blond to cover the silver, but I still had silver streaks.  All the boys wanted to be with them but I didn't like all the boys.  There was this boy named Darien Malfoy and he would never leave me alone.  He wanted me to marry him. My father wanted to marry him but I wanted to marry for love.

My best subject in magic school was divination. For my divination final, my divination professor told me to look in the crystal ball and told her what I saw.  I saw a boy with black hair and my eyes, my son, becoming a powerful wizard.  He was going to do very bad things and I did not want that for him. I did not want to be the mother of a monster.  So I found the Chamber of Secrets and tried to seal it so he would never find it.  I married a muggle so there will be less chances of my son becoming this monster.  I could raise him and tell him not to seek too much power and be happy with what he has.  I would be proud of him enough if he just became prefect or head boy. He did not have to open the Chamber of Secrets and kill a girl to prove himself. He did not have to kill his father.  Tom Marvolo Riddle will be enough as the Minister of Magic.  I don't want people to hate and fear my boy.   It will kill me.  I will die because I don't want to watch my son become a monster.

Sarah folded the letter. She did not know why, but she had a feeling she heard the name Tom before. She felt like she knew a Tom Marvolo Riddle.  It was the strangest thing, but even though she did not know him, she probably did before she lost her memory.  Sarah will always remain—though she could not remember—the girl who loved Tom Riddle.

The End (sorry this chapter was so long)


Well, Tom probably did not fall in love with a squib but I wanted someone that did not grow up with magic to love him so he would not feel so angry toward muggles. I don't' think the day Tom came to Hogwarts and was placed in Slytherin House, he thought, 'well, I think I will live up to my title as Heir of Slytherin and start killing everybody!'  I'm pretty sure Tom was a good boy.  He was just mixed up in the wrong crowd.  ::coughs:: Alaric Malfoy…Alaric Malfoy! Alaric was brought up badly and he was a bad influence on Tom.  Tom was exposed to the cheating and lying and the bad habits of the Slytherin crowd.  I also think Voldemort is his darker side, another personality of his that came from all his hurt and pain and his negative feelings.  Voldemort tricked him into becoming You-Know-Who and he took him over. Voldemort made Tom think that he couldn't have enough greatness.  After getting good marks, he had to be prefect, Minister of Magic then the Heir of Slytherin, then Head Boy, then the most powerful sorcerer in the world and so on. To me, Tom isn't an evil kid, just a misunderstood boy and also on the list of Voldemort's reasons.  Actually, Tom is his number one victim. He suffered more than Harry did. At least Harry Potter had two parents who loved him.  Tom grew up in an orphanage with a lot of people who hated and misunderstood him.  I don't think Tom became You-Know-Who, I really think Tom is trapped in Voldemort's mind and when Voldemort dies, and Tom will be free. AT least, that's how I hope it turns out because I've become quite attached to Tom Marvolo Riddle while writing this story!  ::dabs eyes:: poor Tom!  Voldemort tricked him! If you've heard this song by Savage Garden, you might agree with me that the lyrics fit with Tom.  Voldemort took him over, played mind games with him, broke home, shook him, hated him and took him over and Voldemort will end up alone…in fact, he did after trying to kill Harry Potter, didn't he?

Also, the way Moaning Myrtle doesn't make a lot of sense.  She says Olive Hornby was teasing her and she hid, then Tom happens to walk in and sic the basilisk on her. How did he know she was there?  Maybe Olive Hornby wasn't Tom's girlfriend, but I don't think her teasing Myrtle and Myrtle dying was just a coincidence.  I know that there was something more to it.

This will be my last story for a while until more books come out.  I will be in London serving a mission for my church for a year and a half. It's going to be a blast!  Yay! London! Maybe I'll meet the cast of HP!