Final Fantasy 7 Chapter 4 – Sephiroth Hologram

Cloud was in Hojo's laboradory.

Tifa was on a torture device as electricity discomfort garbled at her pain and causes a mega shout.

"Hojo!" Cloud shook his fist "You must quit these experients!"

"No… the process is almost complete," said Hojo "soon I will be one with the Lifestream and also Tifa will be my wife… together we will live forever in the power of material."

Cloud and Hojo starred for 30 seconds. And never blanked.

Then a shouting voice blartsed the room with a mighty echo.

"Not so there!" It was Sephiroth.

Everyone egasperated.

"Sephirth?" Whispered Cloud. "I thought we killed him?"

"No you see, I was only half killed.

When my death state enters the mako energy of the life stream…. I am reborn with the ancient power" Said Sephiroth confidently. "Heh. You only made your loss harder than ever."

Cloud was unipmressed and reached for his buster sword "No….It is YOU who will loss harder than ever!"

Sephiroth dodged the swords lice and summoned a meatier.

Tifa (who is free now because she used her martial arts to kick free) jumped at attack and broke it into collection of bits.

Sephiroth fell to his knees. "How!? How did you broke my mightiest spell!"

"Surrender, Sephiroth." Said Cloud.

Sephiroth began to cry. "No… mother I have faied you."

And sephiroth faded away.

Cloud, Tifa, and Hojo is all shocked.

"Sephiroth was never alive. He just tricked us with his magic to make us fight each other." Said Hojo.

"We must team up to find the source of these hologram magics and defeat Sephiroth once and for all." Hojo exclammed.

"Lets kick the ass."