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Summary: Bella is having one hell of a day but she gets an interesting letter and decides to follow through with what the letter says. Rated M for language, lemons and just because we Star and I get together, things get rowdy LOL

"Miss Swan?"

I look up to see my boss, Rosalie Cullen standing in the frame of her door, looking menacing as always.

"Yes, Mrs. Cullen?" I reply.

"I need to see you in my office now."

I nodded my head and stood up from my chair. I took a deep breath, for a while now, our company had been letting off workers and all of us feared that we would be called into Mrs. Hale's office and told that we were let go. I passed my fellow co-workers; some of them had sympathetic looks on their faces except for Jessica Stanley who had a smug smirk on her face. I just rolled my eyes as I walked passed her.

I took another deep breath when I came to Mrs. Hale's door and slowly let it out, and then knocked.

"Come in, Miss Swan."

I turned the handle and entered her office. The office had been decorated by the famous Esme Cullen; who just so happened to be her mother-in-law, and it look spectacular. There was a big, oak desk in the middle of the room, Mrs. Cullen sat in a wingback leather chair and there were two club leather chairs on the opposite side of the desk. There were black filing cabinets lining the wall to my left and the wall to my right was home to big bay windows that had a window seat underneath it. The carpet was white shag and the walls were painted an off-white and was home to Mrs. Cullen's degree, her many awards that she had won and a few choice pieces of art; which I knew cost more than my whole apartment.

"Miss Swan, please close the door and have a seat." Mrs. Cullen said without bothering to look up from her computer screen. I gave a slight nod, closed the door and walked over to one of the chairs. I took my seat and waited with baited breath.

Mrs. Cullen spent a few more minutes typing and then looked up at me and spoke, "Miss Swan, as you know, our company has had to lay off some workers as of late. Sadly, there are still some people that we need to lay off and you are one of them. I know that you have only been here for two years and you have never had a complaint against you, nor have you been late or taken a sick day for that matter but still, we are forced to let you go. I know that you are a hard worker but with the economy with the way that it is, our company has been downsizing. You will be nicely compensated. As of five o'clock Friday, you will no longer be employed with us."

I sat there in stunned silence once she was done speaking. I didn't know what to think, I had never been fired and I had no other job lined up. I didn't even bother to look for other avenues for work when the company started to lay off people because I thought for sure that I would be saved from the chopping block, but I guess I was wrong.

"Miss Swan?" Mrs. Cullen said after my moments of being silent.

"Yes, I understand... thank you," I said in a stunned voice. I slowly got up from the chair and left her office. I walked back to my desk in a haze. It took someone shaking me for me to realize that my name was being called.

I shook my head and looked to my left to see that it was Angela Weber, a friend from college.

"Yeah, Ang?" I asked confused as to what she was asking.

"What happened? What did Mrs. Cullen want?" she repeated her questions.

"I'm... I'm fired." I said with a confused look on my face.

"Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry." Angela said squeezing my shoulder.

I just nodded and turned back to look at my desk. I had to get out of here for a bit. I sent off a text to my boyfriend asking to meet me for lunch, he quickly replied. I gathered my coat and purse, told Angela I was going to lunch and left, still in my haze.

I went to my favorite restaurant, ordered a stiff drink and waited for Alistair to arrive. I was just starting in on my second drink when he walked in, I waved him over and after he kissed me on the cheek, he took a seat, ordered a beer and asked, "What's wrong babe?"

"I got called into my boss's office just now,"

"What did she want?" he asked with a sneer.

"I've been fired. My last day is Friday."

"What? How could they do that to you? You are one of their best workers."

"I know, but with the company downsizing and the economy and all that, they had to let me go."

"Bastards." he growled out.

I just nodded my head, we ordered food, I ordered another drink and we ate in silence. But there was something nagging at the back of my brain telling me that there was something wrong with Alistair. I knew that I was in no shape to go back into work, so I called saying that I wasn't feeling well and decided to head home. Alistair said that he needed to get back to work but he wished he was able to come home with me.

"Hey Al, is there something the matter?" I asked as he was climbing into his car.

"Well... well, there was something that I was going to say to you but you've had a long day. It can wait."

"No, tell me Al. What's up?" I questioned while laying my hand over his arm.

He looked down at my arm and then looked up into my eyes. He seemed sad and it was making my concerned.

"Look, we should really do this at home babe." Al replied.

"Okay, now you have me concerned. Al, what the hell is going on?"

He took a deep breath and then said, "You know when I went on that business trip three months ago?"

"Yeah, why?" I replied.

"Well, I didn't tell you everyone and everything that happened."

"Alright, tell me now." I said still completely confused.

"Well, Leah Foster went on the trip as well and one night we were at the bar, had too much to drink and ended up going back to her hotel room and..."

"Wait, stop right there," I said breaking in, "Do you mean to tell me that you fucked another woman?"

"Yes love, but I promise you, it didn't mean anything."

"Bastard, how many times have you fucked her?"

"I... I..."

"How many fucking times Alistair?"

"We've been meeting up once a week since coming back." he replied while hanging his head.

"You mean to tell me that for the last three months, on those nights that you've told me you needed to work late, you've been fucking another woman?" I was beyond pissed right now and I was screaming at the top of my lungs; we were drawing a crowd but I didn't care.

"Yes Bella, but I promise you, it meant nothing. I don't love her, I love you."

"You bastard... you fucking evil little shit. You say you love me? You don't love me; you don't know what love is. We have been together since before we started college, you promised to marry me and now on the day that I lose my job you decided to tell me that you have been fucking another woman. You are a fucking cock and I never want to see your slimy ass again."

I kneed him in the balls and stormed off to the cheer of some women that had gathered around us. Al collapsed to the ground holding his balls and begging me to stay and not to leave him. I snorted and kept walking, I was beyond pissed, losing my job was one thing but finding out about what that asshole had been up to, that was worse.

I was in no fit state to drive and seeing as how I walked here from the office, I went to the nearest bus stop and waited for the bus to take me home. I got home, grabbed the mail from my mailbox and then headed up to our apartment. After locking the door, I kicked off my heels, threw the mail on the dining room table along with my keys and walked into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of rum and a glass.

I flopped down on the couch, cracked open the bottle and started to kick back the booze and fumed. What a fucking day.

The next morning when I woke up, I had one hell of a hangover. I stood, wobbled and knocked over not only the rum bottle but the vodka bottle and the whisky bottle as well. I searched for my cell, called work and told them that I still wasn't feeling well and that I wouldn't be in today. I then took a couple of ibuprofen and went to take a hot shower. When I got out, I pulled on some sweat pants and a tank and stumbled back into the kitchen. I didn't feel like eating yet, so I got some water and the mail that I had thrown on the table yesterday.

It was mostly bills but there was a letter on the bottom that was official looking. I looked at the address and saw that it was from some law office in Texas. I was confused as to what they would want with me. I slit open the envelope and took out the letter and read,

Dear Miss Isabella Swan,

We are writing to you, to let you know that your late uncle, a Mr. Jacob Black has passed away. In his will, he has stated that as you are his only living relation, you are to inherit his ranch here in Dallas. Please get in contact with us at your earliest convenience at (214) 555-1234 to let us know when you will be arriving in Dallas to take possession of the ranch.

Again, we are sorry for your loss,

Mr. Harry Clearwater, esquire

Clearwater, Uley, Lahote and Ateara

I was very confused; I didn't know who this "uncle" Jacob Black was. I don't think that I ever met him. I had a strong feeling that it was some kind of scam, so I tossed it aside and went to get something to eat and snorted, like I was going to give them my information and go and "take control of a ranch" from a dead guy; who's probably not even dead. They most likely got the wrong person and I wasn't going to worry about it anymore.

I finished out my work week and at 4:50pm Security was at my desk informing me to clean it out so they could escort me out of the building promptly at 5:00pm.

Thank goodness I wasn't a hoarder and didn't have any personal photos up in my cubical, the only one I'd had was of Alistair and I and that one went into the shredder when I returned on Wednesday.

I packed my few personal belongings, grabbed my jacket, lunch bag and purse and headed out, not stopping to talk to anyone. My compensation check would be deposited on Monday and would be enough for me to live on for the next three months, so at least I had time to look, plus I still qualified for unemployment.

I stopped at the store on my way home to stock up; it was pretty easy to shop for one.

Looking for something on the shelf, I wasn't paying attention when someone ran into my buggy.

"Oh, excuse me." The voice sighed.

I turn to see no other than Leah Foster.

"Really? There is no excuse for you Leah. You can't get a man of your own so you have to steal someone else's." I snorted.

"Obviously you couldn't keep him satisfied, so he had to go sniffing somewhere else." She smiled.

"Sniffing is right. You're definitely a bitch!" I smiled and walked off.

"Oh, I'm so telling him you called me a bitch!" she yelled across the store, I just ignored her and walked away. I'd finish my shopping another day.

As I walked up to my apartment there was a man standing there in a suit.

"Ms. Swan?" he asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"I'm Paul Lahote, one of the lawyers that were representing Mr. Black. We've been trying to get in contact with you by phone all week. We've got papers that need to be signed and the ranch and animals need care. There are a couple of farm hands that are loyal and stayed on, but you need to take over and get payroll back up and everything in order. There's much to be done." He stated with a worried look on his face.

"Mr. Lahote. I don't even remember an Uncle Black." I shook my head.

"You never got to meet him. He was your father's half-brother." He sighed.

I nodded and understood.

My mother had hated my father's family and I'd never met any of them except my grandparents and that was few and far between.

"Mr. Lahote, even if I did believe all this, I can't just leave. I have responsibilities here." I shook my head and he raised an eyebrow at me.

"You'll be well compensated. You could buy this entire building… 5 times OVER and still have plenty of money left over. Trust me." He chuckled.

"I'll need to think this over, really." I sighed.

"We need an answer by Monday at 5pm." He nodded.

"OK. Thank you." I smiled and showed him out.

Sitting on my couch I spun his card around in my fingers for a few minutes before I picked up my phone and started dialing.

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