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~ Chapter 7 ~

Perseus pov

The moment I fell asleep I knew it would be a strange dream. I was standing in a wonderful meadow, flowers growing everywhere. (AN\ Someone else a twilight déjà vu? No? Oh. Then I´ll just continue, I think…) It was summer, or at least it seemed that way, and I could feel a soft, warm breeze against my skin, the sweet scent of flowers making it a perfect scene.If I wasn´t a god, I would have thought it real, but from experience I could say it was not. Dreams gods get are different from the dreams mortals and demigods have. The difference is what makes us gods that dangerous, like Gaea for example. In the old days, after we put her to sleep, she still influenced the decisions and doings of mortals and demigods. She did this while she was dreaming. You see, we gods can dream anything we want. We can dream these silly mortal dreams, but we don´t do that often. Most of us do their duties in their sleep.

It works like this. We imagine on any place we want to be. Then, we create a ghost form of some sorts. If we then concentrate hard enough, the "clone" will become visible. It´s like we are standing there, but we actually aren´t. I could explain how we actually are able to do this, but I think I would bore you with that, so I´ll just skip this part. Anyway there´s also the contacting via dreams thing. We force our own consciousness into the mind of another sleeping person. Like Loki is doing right now with my mind- wait what?!

"Loki?" I asked confused. What was he doing in my dreams? Okay, I haven´t talked to my old friend in centuries, but why would he contact me NOW? "Why have you come here? I thought you were imprisoned on Asgard?" I sounded a little sour by my last question. I told him in the old days, that he shouldn´t try to become king and steel this right from Thor, but nooooooooo he had to be a thickheaded idiot and try. Let´s just say, it didn´t went to well for him.

"What, can´t I talk to my best friend?" He asked, fake innocent sounding in his voice. Normal people would easily buy that, but I am the god of SHREWDNESS, it isn´t that easy to trick me. I also knew him way to long and well to play his pretty little toy.

"I am only your best friend, because you have no other friends. It is not like you have that much of a choice." I pointed out. Yeah, I know. That was very low, but he knew me and he also was aware of the fact, that I don´t intent to hurt him. "This may be, but I am bored and wanted to talk to someone." He said, frustration showing in his voice.

"I got this, but shouldn´t you like, be a prisoner on Asgard for the next 500 years or so?" I asked in a scolding way, like a parent would do to his or her child. Even if we were good friends, I was still by far older than Loki, so I sometimes was a little bit like the older, wise brother to him. And like every good little brother, he almost never listened to me and my advices.

"For one, their magic is weak, so it isn´t really a problem to break through my "chains". And second, they let me free. Odin got sick of me, Thor talked to him and so one thing followed another and I am officially a free man again." He said, gesturing with his hands in an "I-am-finally-free-way".

"Oh, that´s nice." That was my very smart reply. I mentally slapped myself for this response. Loki looked just amused. "But yet again, what are you doing here? You surely want something from me, bro, so spill it!" I demanded to know. I seemed rather relaxed on the outside, but I could tell that he was very nervous.

"I first came to say sorry. Sorry, for not believing you, for not honoring our friendship like I should have done and for not being here when you needed me. I heard of your break up with Maria. I should have been there and talked to you about it. I am so sorry for not being the friend you deserve and I am here now to get things clear. I want to help you. Just tell me what I can do." He finished, out of air by now.

"Loki, I am very happy that you´ll try. You are my friend and even if you didn´t listen to me, you try to make it better now, at least. I think it´s good that you are willing to try, but it will take a little time to get our friendship back to what it was once." I said with a friendly and genuine smile plastered in my face. "I also know exactly what you could do."

He looked at me expectantly and mentally I began to smirk. "It came to the gods' attention that some mysterious group is travelling through America. They destroy all that comes into their way, going even that far as to kidnap and abuse women and children. Men are slaughtered or the "lucky ones" are kept as slaves. We are working on stopping them. But that will be difficult as long as we don´t know their exactly identity or what they even are. And this is where you join the game." I smirked a little evilly at him.

By now he looked really pale, guessing what I was going to say. And he was probably right too. "You, my friend are going to spy on them and get as much information as possible. I don't care how you do it. It just has to be done." I said. He nodded at this.

"I knew that you were going to say this, but I hoped that I would be wrong." He said, his voice slightly cracking. Whether it was from fear or just the thought of doing something good - I´ll probably never know."

"Did you want something else from me, other than giving yourself to me as a slave?" I joked to him. By these words had he gotten his famous troublemaker-smirk back, you know- the one I taught him.

"No, I think this would be all, my lord." Came the reply from Loki in a mocking tone. He even bowed to me, the smirk still wide on his face. I was happy that he could laugh again. The last time he laughed was probably a couple hundred years ago.

"Now, if that is all?" I said in a questioning tone. Only when he motioned me to go on did I continue. "Would it be okay if you would leave now? I have to wake up. It´s almost sunrise and I can´t be the last one getting up." I reasoned with him. He seemed a little sad, but he also understood so he nodded, waved his hand in a good-bye gesture and then disappeared. It was quite for a moment, at least until I sighed heavily and closed my eyes. Time to wake up.

I slowly opened my eyes and had to close them shortly after. After all this drama, I had overslept. Great, exactly what I needed now. I looked to the entrance of my tent. Someone had opened ot a little bit, so that a little stream of sunlight hit my face. I wanted to get up as I noticed something heavy on my chest.

When I looked down was there a mop of brown hair, tickling my face. I smiled softly and went gently through Jonathans hair with my fingers. This small boy had gone through much more than any children should have to. But then again, all of my boys had a horrible past. Sadly, even under us were some much worse than others. From abuse over beatings even going as far as to treat the children as slaves, sometimes all of this put together. It always made me a little angry to see how my old friends, the fates, decided the life of these small boys. And it made me even angrier to know that their parents are most of the time the reason for these sad pasts.

The gladder I was, that I could save a least a few of them. Like the exact same boy that was laying on top of me. Speaking of him, he was slowly stirring, so I guessed that he was waking up (duh). He slowly shifted first and then looked up, a very sleepy look still in his eyes. I raised my eyebrow amused at this. Only now did he seem to realize that he was in my tent- oh and lying on top of me. He looked away sheepishly and blushed a dark shade of crimson red. I could hear the quite "morning Percy" that was whispered in my direction.

"Good morning Jonathan. I guess that you couldn´t sleep last night. The same nightmare like always?" I asked him worriedly. Since he joined us, had he dreams about his not very nice past, to say it nicely. It was already enough to even think about it, and my anger rose and made my blood boil. But like always did I then look at Jonathan. He was looking up to me, a slightly grateful, but also scared smile in his face.

"Yes Percy. Can we please get to the others now? I need to look out for them." Said Jonathan, my little soldier. "I guess we should. Come on, dress yourself nicely and then let´s go." I gave him a careful pat on his head and saw him then walking out of my tent, the nightmares forgotten by now.

A few minutes later were all our belongings packed and my warriors ready. I told them to stand around me in a circle and hold their hands. I also said to the younger ones that they needed to shut their eyes. I would not want that my boys were hurt just because I was careless.

When we arrived with a blinding light in front of Artemis´ camp were twenty arrow tips pointed in our directions. When the girls realized it was me, dropped they their bows and bowed to me. I motioned for them to rise. They knew I hated formalities, what actually was the reason they were doing this in the first place.

"Good morning Hunters. Like always, it´s a pleasure working with you. Warriors!" I turned my attention now back to my boys. "You will treat them well, but should they even try to hurt one of you are you allowed to hurt them back. But please think before you act. I really don´t want a prank war. This will only put shame on our and the Hunters´ names. Am I understood?" I shouted in a military voice. They all answered as one. I was so proud of them.

"Good. Now Hunters gather your things. I will just talk to Artemis. Right after that you all will leave. Move out, now!" I said, now directed to all of them. They hurried to their respective tents or whatever they needed to do and I made my way to Artemis´ tent. I knocked on the door and entered after I was given the permission to do so.

"Artemis, how are you on this wonderful morning?" I said in an overly cheerful voice. Artemis only glared at me and I instantly shifted into a serious mood. "Sorry. Yeah, moving on to business. You know what you have to do and which way you will go. But please, and I ask that as a friend, not the commander of the warriors. Please take good care of them. They all are like sons to me, you know how much the mean in my life." I said, now really all amusement gone.

Artemis serious look and the nod I received were enough to feel a little bit better. "I will protect them. I know that they all encountered the same tragic life like my hunters and I will see that they are treated with respect." She swore. I was very grateful for that.

"Thank you Artemis. This means a lot to me and you know this. Good bye for now Moony and good luck for your hunt." I left her tent and said my goodbyes to everyone. I wished them good luck and told them to be careful and pay attention all the time. When all of them agreed could I finally leave them in the good hands of the virgin goddess. To school I go! Was the last thought as I teleported myself in front of the doors. Well, this should be very interesting. And I then entered the building filled with young, mostly cheerful teenagers who all wanted to do other things then learning. Just great.

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