I inwardly groaned as I trudged up the stairs to join the birthday party I never wanted in the first place. But before Edward and I could even get to the door Alice came out.

"The Egyptian Coven arrived this afternoon," she informed Edward. "Amun has business with Carlisle apparently." She spoke so quick I could barely catch it.

As I stepped into the room ignoring what was being said and the overly pink decorations two strong olive-toned arms pulled me into a strong chest. I looked up to see a long handsome face with strong cheekbones and bright red eyes .

"I've finally found you," he said in a deep, heavily accented voice. "My lovely little mate. My sweet little girl, how I have waited for this day to come." his hands rest at my waist and he breathed into my ear. "You will love Egypt once you get used to the heat. I'll buy you everything you're little heart desires dresses, jewels whatever you want. For now we must tell my parents and sister."

He dragged me to the sitting room where the Cullens and three vampires I'd never seen before were chatting. They all had olive toned skin, red eyes, and black hair. The younger women was bouncing reminding me of Alice. I was to dazed and confused to think about anything but the man holding me close and the idea that he would love me.

"Amun, Kebi , Tia meet Isabella my mate."

They all stood up but before anyone could move a flash of bronze hair came into the room yelling in an animalistic growl.

"NO SHE'S MINE! SHE MAY HAVE YOUR SCENT IN HERS BUT SHE'S MY PET!" Edward pushed me into the table. Glass entered my left arm and left a three inch gash. Pain blurred my already blurred vision even more.

"DARLING!" The young Egyptian vampire cried rushing to my side and cradling me close.

"Benjamin..." Carlisle started.

Benjamin growled.

"Easy I just want to see her wound.." He crouched down and looked at my arm. "Needs stitches but I can do it here."

Jasper stepped up. "Bella should rest she's felling so many emotions I'm getting a migraine." It was true I was feeling sad, mad, hurt, happy, at peace, and loved depending on who I looked at.

"Bring her to the couch I can do the stitches there." said Carlisle as Esme brought him his medical bag.
Benjamin sat down with me on his lap and I rested my head on his shoulder. Feeling a pinch as Carlisle numbed my arm I winced.

"Shh Isabella you won't feel a thing now. Just rest my sweet girl."

"I have contacted Aro. Edward's trial will be in three days in Volterra. Benjamin your mate is a required witness."

"But Father I need to take her home, show her the den and start the wooing process."
"I know son, but she needs to let go of Edward so she can be happily mated with you. Now let her sleep."