I steeled myself as my shaking fingers went to answer my phone.

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN WHERE IN THE HECK ARE YOU! YOU COME HOME THIS INSTANT!" Charlie roared. I could tell it would take a lot to talk him down.

"Dad, long story short. I started seeing someone else, Edward found out about us and is trying to kill my fiancé and I." True as lies go it wasn't very good but it covered the basics. "And I'm in Egypt."

"EGYPT? AS IN EGYPT, AFRICA? AND FIANCE?" Charlie kept rambling but I stopped listening. Benjamin gestured for me to hand over the phone, and gulping I did.

"Mr. Swan. I'm Benjamin, Isabella's fiancé. Yes sir, no sir, we met about three months ago when my father came to talk to Dr. Cullen, Isabella and I hit it off and over time we fell in love. We were planning on telling Edward the night of her birthday but somehow he found out. He harmed her…. Don't worry sir my father has a contact with the FBI he will be found!" Were all vampires excellent liars? "Yes sir I'll keep her safe, goodbye."


"He's worried but he's appeased for now. And if we ever go back you're grounded."

I groaned making him laugh.

"Come Isabella we have our wedding to plan" He dragged me to the main foyer and started going off on all his plans. Leading me to the biggest window he said. "This is where we will be bonded at sunset, the sun making you even more radiant than you are now. The reception will be right outside and go on all night. Amun will give us his blessing then I will run us to the house I've built in the oasis. There I will claim you. "

"Sounds like you have it all planned out." I tease before kissing him.

"I've had centuries to plan my love."

The next day he took me to Cairo to visit on of Tia's friends who owns a bridal shop. We quickly agreed that the wedding would be based on the years Benjamin was human, everything would coincide with the theme. From my dress to his outfit to the jewelry to the decorations. I tried on so many dresses and bangles my whole body felt heavy. And the test make-up made my face feel like an ant hill.

Next we headed to the oasis to decide on flowers, after an hour's debate we decided on white lilies.

He refused to show me the house he had built.

The only thing I could think was, ' they better catch Edward soon. I can't wait to marry this man.'