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Tailgate only snapped out of his sleepy and sated daze when his radio comm pinged insistently. The mini yawned and answered, feeling beyond sated and still huddled between Cyclonus' legs. The veteran had taken a rag to his sticky plating while he had napped and Tailgate nuzzled the frame appreciatively

'Tailgate, speaking.' he answered, a relaxed Cyclonus shuttered his optics open to see his little lover with one finger to the side of his head where the comm link was placed and the other servo resting against his chassis.

'Oh, I was just uh... Yes Magnus sir...No Magnus sir.' his voice dropped to a more depressed tone and Cyclonus guessed he was being reprimanded.

'N-No SIR! I'll bring him back straight away.' he rushed 'Yes sir, goodbye sir.' he babbled and the call was ended with a long sigh.

'They noticed?' Cyclonus asked.

'They noticed. Magnus is mad at me, stupid protocols, I hate this!' he barked angrily, he just wanted to spend time with his beloved, he hadn't done anything wrong in the first place and was only still here because of that stupid inspector.

'Hush little one.' Cyclonus chuckled pulling the mini closer to him, Tailgate's fury was something he liked to see. It was quick to explode and blazed brightly even for such a little frame, he had a warrior in him but it was buried deep beneath the caring and nurturing nature that made up Tailgate, the only times he had seen the mini truly get mad were the odd occasions guards from the other compounds tried anything with his friends or Cyclonus.

The time when an organic had tried to electrocute Cyclonus with something along the lines of a cattle prod had made Tailgate actually hit out at the organic, sure all the mini had done was knock the organic over but it had still made Cyclonus extremely proud of his chosen mate.

Provided the anger wasn't directed at him he loved to see the visor flare brightly, but he had only once garnered such wrath from the mech and did not plan on repeating his mistake.

Tailgate turned to kiss Cyclonus before looking down at them, they had cleaned up as best they could but little marks and scratches would give them away inevitably. Tailgate loved the little scratches and if he could he would ask for more 'rougher' treatment but the mere though of asking mad Tailgate clam up and blush until he gave up on the idea..

'We'd better go, Magnus is already threatening to separate us.' Tailgate teased and felt his spark flutter when Cyclonus shot him a possessive look.

'He could try.' he growled before following Tailgate out of the closet and straight into Rung and Max's path. The two pairs stared at each other, Tailgate squeaked while Rung flushed and the two larger bots did nothing but glare impassively at each other as if daring the other to say something.

The moment stretched on for another klik before the spell was broken

Rung was the first to speak clearing his throat. 'Yes well, I'm pretty sure Cyclonus should be in then cell block right Tailgate?' he offered, pointing in the direction of the cells. Tailgate grabbed Cyclonus by the hand and gave a rushed 'yes of course, bye!' before Cyclonus let the mini drag him quickly to the cells. No doubt amused at his mates embarrassment

'So they're a thing?' Maximus asked as they watched the two go. Rung giggled.

'Yes, in fact quite a strong thing. Its good to see them happy, although I'm sure Magnus isn't too pleased at the 'ahem' activities' he said, leading the way to the cells.

Maximus smiled, Rung seemed so happy when he talked about his friends and his calm and happy aura was contagious.

They reached the cell block where other prisoners were sitting around to be escorted to various sections or just lazing around.

'I'll see you later Rung.' he said softly and the doctor flushed slightly before clearing his throat.

'Yes, well. I look forward to our next session.' he smiled back before waving to Skids who was hurrying over.

'Hey Doc, ready?' he asked. Rung nodded. He had a double session with Skids and then a few groons for paperwork before Maximus' session.

'Hey Fort, have a good shower?' he asked good naturedly to the large frame, Maximus nodded before leaving, giving one last smouldering look to Rung.

Skids noticed and turned an optic to Rung who turned around to quickly to catch what emotion played over his faceplates.

'Well let's not waste time shall we?' he asked as he sped off to his office, Skids at his heels.

Sentinel Prime looked through the list of inmates with disdain. Nothing but low life scum! How was he supposed to make an example while he was visiting if no one even knew who the prisoners were!

There was Cyclonus the veteran, but veterans had a lot of sway with the older populace no matter what side they were on so picking him may not go so well with his voters.. There was the warden himself with the extensive list of misdemeanour's and petty crime he had committed in his youth, even a small stints in juvenile detention centres across Cybertron, maybe he could use that?

Perhaps he could spin it so it seemed 'he' had had some sway with the wardens new found sense of justice? He continued to look down the list unimpressed by the Autobot prisoners.

Who was that?

Sentinel sneered when he came across a face he recognised, if only for the burning red optics. Fortress Maximus was put in the lost light? Sentinel scowled. He had 'requested' that Maximus would be sent to the same prison as Overlord's still online cronies, a fitting punishment for embarrassing him in front of his peers.

But this was perfect he could have a story leaked how he was visiting Maximus to check on his recovery 'the caring future leader visits a fallen warrior' he could see it now.

Sentinel Prime laughed at his own genius and commed his secretary with the arrangements. Of course cameras couldn't be brought into the prison but an off hand comment and a few choice pictures of a solemn Sentinel entering and leaving the prison should be more than enough to get some points with the public.

And with the election coming up he needed all the points he could get.