My wedding was the best moment of my life. I raced down the aisle, pulling Alfie along with me whispering "Come on, come on!" the whole time as he was going too slow. He'd smiled indulgently, and picked up his pace.

I don't understand how some brides can walk slowly down that long bloody aisle. I couldn't wait to get to the front, to get to my dark-hair, blue-eyed man who was smiling at the end of the walkway, his eyes shining with happiness.

For the both of us, our marriage was the sign of the past coming to an end and a new future starting. For all of us.

Polly, who was sitting on the groom's side at the front with the rest of the family, and I had come to an understanding of sorts. I would never trust her but I would always consider her family because that's what she was to Tommy. I would never be disloyal to her, but I would never trust her like I trusted the rest of them. The ones who'd had Tommy's back when they thought I'd disappeared to become a whore. When Tommy had been miserable after London… they'd all made sure I came back sooner than planned to make their brother whole again.

It had worked.

Maybe not straight away, but over the last year we'd been in Birmingham together, we'd become closer than I'd ever thought possible. He helped me open an orphanage here, helped me build the rooms and help the children, and I'd helped him build his empire. It turned out that one month in Small Heath and one month in London wasn't enough either way. The Peaky Blinders' venture in London had become far bigger than any of them had thought.

Alfie is now a business partner with us, looking after our business down there when we're up here. Trading, betting and other activities that aren't exactly legal all went through Alfie first and then Tommy, and for the time being it was working. We'd even had international groups contact us for jobs.

It is horrible, sometimes, when he leaves and I can't go. If I'm needed in the orphanage or in the home in London, I can't join him on some jobs and it kills me every single time. I worry that he won't come back or somebody will hurt him or he won't be able to talk his way out of a situation.

He always comes back to me though.

My business is also booming - Josie, the sweet girl in London, had followed in my footsteps and had asked one of her old lovers, a rich old man, for some money to start her own home on the other side of the city - with my guidance. We are business partners, in some ways, but I mostly leave the running of my London properties to Josie now.

Now that I'm heavily pregnant, after only six months of marriage. Ada hd smiled when I'd told her that and said, "Well we all know neither of you are celibate, Dais," which had all led to Tommy and I finding our own place away from the family home.

Tommy cried when I told him. Arthur saw it and started to make fun of him until Tommy whirled and punched his brother, who had only laughed in response. He'd then whisked me away to our own home, only on the next street to the family one, to kiss me hard and fast against the living room wall.

"Daisy Shelby, Daisy Shelby… What've you done to me, hm? Fuck, a baby. Our baby. Dais…I fucking love you so much…Daisy Shelby…"

And I'd laughed through my tears. If I'd thought he'd liked saying my name before, it'd gotten worse now I have his name instead. My husband isn't the most vocal of men, but he enjoys hearing his name attached to mine… it proves to him that we've made it. That after all the heartbreak we've endured, we're finally together. And so fucking happy.

When our child is born, I'll tell them our story, of how a small, orphaned, uneducated girl had built an empire of her own that was helping people and, more importantly, had built herself a family who loved her. Of how she'd made a difference to children's lives, to other poor uneducated girls.

But more importantly, I'd tell them of how a ruined game of hide and seek became the heartbreakingly beautiful story of Tommy Shelby and Daisy Smith. Of how tragedy and grief morphed into a stronger love, a stronger companionship. Of how Tommy and I fought what seemed like the world to be together again, to look after each other again.

And how we'll continue fighting for our love and our family. Always.

Fluff overload but Christ, they deserve it surely?

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