Half an hour later, Brad and Randy were looking through Randy's Costa Rica photgraphs, when they heard a loud bang.

'What the heck's Mark doing up there?' Randy asked Brad.

Brad just frowned, 'I don't know, just being noisy I guess. Man it's good to have you home!' He murmered pulling Randy into another bear hug. He decided that perhaps he'd tell Randy about the drugs, besides he hadn't done anything wrong.. yet!

'Randy. uh I need to talk to you about something' he said looking his brother squarely in the eye.

Randy was shocked, it wasn't like Brad to talk to you, and I mean 'really talk' he was a typical jock, he just didn't do it. So this sharing was a bit of a shock. Randy noted Brad's tone and realised that this must be something serious. He'd missed talking to his brothers. But if truth be told it was usually Mark who asked his advice and spoke to him seriously and Brad who messed around and had a laugh with him. This latest development was a real turn up for the books.

'You know I've been on the soccer team a while now..' Brad began

Randy nodded, wondering if he was just gonna talk about soccer.

'Well , one of the guys on the team he.. Well he.' it seemed like Brad was struggling, but before he could say anything else, Mark staggered into the lounge.

'Well, look who's up.' Randy mumbled but Mark just swayed and then to Randy's horror collapsed at his feet.