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Kelly knew she had to play this just right. She had wanted Dylan for years and he paid no attention to her. Now she had him just where she wanted him. He thought that they had sex and in a couple weeks she would have a pregnancy test done and it would show that she was pregnant. What no one knew was that she had gone to a clinic and chose someone that looked like Dylan and had herself impregnated and it worked. Two weeks pregnant is what she was. She was going to trap Dylan and he would never know the baby wasn't his because it would look like him. So all she had to do is survive two weeks of Brenda and Dylan. The fool thought she was going to keep Dylan, she had been planning on a way to get Dylan away from Brenda since she found out about Brenda and Dylan. She had been plotting and not getting anywhere but with Brenda going to Paris with Donna and Kelly staying home she had the perfect opportunity to move in on Dylan. Brenda was a fool, she was going to lose the one person she loved the most and that was Dylan. Dylan would break up with Brenda when he found out she wanted him and she was pregnant with their love child. She knew that Dylan loved her, he just hadn't admitted it to her or himself. This morning when they woke up naked after supposedly making love he was upset because he had to return to Brenda now that she was coming in not that he slept with her. She couldn't wait for Brenda to get hers and for her to lose Dylan. Two weeks is all that she had to wait then Dylan would be hers. Dylan had told her that he didn't want Brenda to know. She knew he worried about Brenda's feelings and what she would do. What he really was worried about was Brandon's reaction to Dylan cheating on Brenda, he and Brandon was like brothers though and Brandon would be upset but would support Dylan and her and not Brenda.

Dylan had washed himself clean in the shower rubbing Kelly off. He can't believe he actually slept with Kelly. He had spent the summer with her, but he never meant to sleep with her and betray Brenda that way. He must have been really drunk because he didn't remember having sex with Kelly but knew he did. Would Brenda forgive him if he told her? He somehow doubted it. He couldn't tell her and he had to keep Kelly from telling her. He loved Brenda and always would. He had a summer fling while she was away which would hurt Brenda especially it being her best friend Kelly. How could he have done this? How could he have had sex with Kelly and he didn't remember it? He was awoken by Kelly kissing him and touching him so he knew it was true. God, this was a mess, if Brenda found out. He just had to make sure she didn't. He would have to call Kelly and make sure she didn't say anything to Brenda.

Kelly had taken a shower and was just now coming out of the bedroom area when she walked over to Dylan and tried to kiss him. He turned his head and said to her, "This was a mistake, I am sorry, Kelly. I love Brenda and she can't find out about this. Bren is your best friend and we can never let her find out about this. I'm sorry."

Inside Kelly is seething but she keeps her cool and smiles at Dylan knowing this was temporary soon Dylan would be hers and he would love her and their child more than he ever loved Brenda. "Of course, Brenda is my best friend and I don't want her hurt by this. We are friends who gave into passion one night, that's all. Get ready her plane comes in, in an hour and a half and you'll want to be there." Kelly smiles thinking this is temporary, let's see she could leave her bra or underwear under the bed. No that would tip Dylan off and he may think she did it on purpose so she couldn't do that. "I will just go and get my clothes and get dressed and get out of here." Kelly walks into his bedroom and gets dressed and walks out the door saying, "See you at the Walsh's later." They were having a little get together for Donna and Brenda and them coming home from Paris.

Kelly would pretend to be happy that Brenda was home. Kelly had always wanted what Brenda had, her family, her brother, her boyfriend Dylan and soon they would all be supporting Kelly who is pregnant with Dylan's baby. Kelly truly believed that it was Dylan's. Kelly had talked herself into believing that Dylan loved her and that once he found out she was pregnant with his child Brenda would be history and Dylan would ask Kelly to marry him and they would raise their baby together. At least that is what was going to happen, she was convinced of it.

She walks out the door smiling, which does not go unnoticed by Dylan and wonders why Kelly is smiling. What was she up to? He had a bad feeling that Kelly was up to something and that he wasn't going to like it. Would she tell Brenda what happened? All he could do is wait and see. He goes into his bedroom and gets dressed and hurries up because Brenda's plane was due in pretty soon and he wanted to be there to greet Brenda. He loved her and wanted to see her. He realized how much he had missed her and that spending time with Kelly who was Brenda's best friend was so very wrong and sleeping with Kelly last night was very wrong. He detested himself for it. He realized he spent time with Kelly because she was Brenda's best friend and he missed Brenda and Kelly was there and Brenda wasn't home and he had just realized that he could lose Brenda and sure hoped not. Fifteen minutes later he left his house and drove to LAX to meet Brenda's plane which was due in, in forty minutes. He couldn't wait to see her. Pretty soon he would be seeing her, holding her and making love to her. He couldn't wait.

He arrived at the airport, parked his car and ran into the airport searching for the right gate and he sees Dr. Martin and Mrs. Martin, Donna's parents and David, Brandon, Cindy and Jim. He walks over to them and Jim knowing that if he wasn't nice to Dylan that Brenda and he would be right back where they had been before she left for Paris. He greeted Dylan and they waited for Brenda and Donna to come out the gate. Pretty soon you see Donna and Brenda.

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