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"I missed you, too." Dylan leans his forehead against hers and they just look at each other for a minute before they kiss again and give in to the passion that is Brenda and Dylan.

Meanwhile outside Kelly is sitting in her car watching for movement. She was not happy with what she thought was going on in the house. And in his bedroom. The bedroom she herself had spent the night in. The bedroom that Dylan thought they made love in. Pretty soon she would have it all. Dylan would be hers and Brandon, Cindy and Jim would be concerned about her and how her pregnancy would be going to worry about Brenda and her hurt feelings. All the attention would be on her, on Kelly like it should be and like it should have always been. Brenda was going to be out in the cold. She was sure of it. She better go change for the party that the Walsh's were throwing for Brenda and for Donna. She drives away sadly knowing what was going on in Dylan's but that wouldn't last for long. She would make sure of it.

After Brenda and Dylan make love they take a shower together and get dressed and heads out so they are not late for the homecoming party that Brenda's parents were throwing for her and Donna.

Dylan and Brenda pull up behind Brandon's car and they head inside. Brenda goes up to her room to change clothes for the party.

Dylan went into the front room and sat down and Jim came in and saw Dylan sitting there, he walked over to him and asked him through gritted teeth, knowing that if he wasn't nice to Dylan that Brenda was liable to just move out. "How are you doing Dylan?"

"I am fine Jim. How are you?"

"I am happy that Brenda is home. Dylan, I don't want to fight with you about Brenda. We have to find common ground. We need to do it for Brenda. We both love her and we need to try to get along for her sake."

"I think that is an excellent idea. I don't want to fight with you over Brenda again Jim. I don't want to lie to you or anything else. I'd like to be to take Brenda out without a big fight between you and me or you and Brenda."

"After the party why don't the four of sit down and talk, Cindy, Brenda, you and me, Dylan. Maybe we can find some common ground."

"I think that is an excellent idea." Dylan said, he hopes for Brenda's sake that they would come to some sort of agreement.

Just then the doorbell rings and Brenda hurries down the stairs with Brandon following her. Brenda walks over to Dylan and her Dad wondering what was going on and Brandon goes to the door to welcome Steve and his latest girlfriend Tiffany.

"What's going on?" Brenda asks, afraid that her Dad had said something to Dylan.

"It's okay, babe. Jim and I were just talking and he suggested the four of us to sit down and talk and I think that is a really good idea."

"Brenda, I think that if the four of talk than maybe we can all agree and work together so we won't have the problems that we had before you left for Paris. I don't want to have another problem like we had before. I just think we should work this out the four of us."

"Thank you, Daddy. I want to be with Dylan. I love him so much and I love you too and just wish that you two could get along."

"I will try if Jim is also willing to try." Dylan says, knowing he would do just about anything for Brenda.

"I will also try." Jim says, knowing that if he doesn't try he would lose Brenda.

Steve and Tiffany followed by Kelly, David, Donna and Brandon comes in and they look back and forth between Dylan and Jim and they are not fighting or saying cross words to each other which is really good everyone but Kelly thinks. Kelly wanted Jim to give Dylan a hard time, but that is not what is happening. They were being civil to each other. She frowns. This is not good.

The doorbell rings and people start arriving and everyone moves into the back yard where the grill is and everyone eats and music is put on and Dylan and Brenda dance and kiss and Kelly watches them loathing Brenda more and more. She knows that, that would soon be her and Dylan. Soon and he would be dancing with her and their child would rest between them. He would be so happy to be with her and he would love her more than he ever cared about Brenda. Kelly would be on the end receiving his kisses. His lovemaking would be her and he would be so happy to make love to her instead of Brenda. He doesn't really love Brenda, Kelly had convinced herself of this. No one noticed Kelly glaring at Brenda.

All eyes turned to Brenda when Dylan started yelling when Brenda passed out. They called an ambulance since she would not wake up. The ambulance came and Cindy got in the ambulance with Brenda and they along with everyone else went to the emergency room. Everyone except Kelly hoping Brenda was okay. Kelly was hoping that something was really wrong with Brenda. Kelly had no compassion left in her. She was glad that this happened and that something had to be wrong with Brenda. Soon though Kelly would find out and hate Brenda even more. Soon Kelly's true self would become known and what would everyone do when Kelly's selfishness became public knowledge? Who would support her? Would anyone? Brenda was taken into one of the exam rooms and Cindy went and told everyone that Brenda had regained consciousness in the ambulance. The Doctor took blood and urine and put a rush on them. She then did an exam on Brenda and asked Brenda some questions and Brenda was in for a shock.

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