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Chapter 4

A century later...

Perseus sweated profusely in his hot and stuffy workshop room as sparks flew from flames swirling around everywhere. The sound of metal being pounded repeatedly into various shapes hammered throughout the room. Tools of all different types hung along the walls in organized patterns. Perseus's inventions were scattered on worktables as he quickly moved on from project to project. Several weapons and gadgets could be seen in the background as Perseus worked on a chariot that seemed to be made out of flames.

All of the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires were also assembled together in Perseus's workshop to work on some new weapons. Perseus invited his brothers often as he enjoyed their company when crafting inventions. Not to mention, they were geniuses when it came to mechanical designs, often surpassing even Perseus in skill. The many times they had worked together on projects caused them to have a deep bond together. Perseus smiled as he watched Briares use his hundred hands to mold a piece of metal.

A golden flash of light interrupted his thoughts. The pounding sound and blazing fire died down as the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires all turned their attention to the light. Prometheus emerged out of the light, dressed in a formal toga. He stepped forward to confront Perseus. "Lord Perseus," he said in a silky voice. "It is always an honor to talk to you."

Perseus smiled at his nephew and pulled him into a hug. "Oh, cut the formalities." responded Perseus. "What is it that you need?"

Looking at him strangely, Prometheus asked, "Have you forgotten that today is our annual meeting? It is not like you to forgot something so important."

Shocked at his words, Perseus slapped himself in the forehead. Laughing, he said, "Yes, I completely forgot. When I'm working in my workshop, I often become too engaged in my work and all other thoughts leave my mind." Smiling sheepishly, he added, "I hope everyone can forgive me for the delay. They must have waited a long time if they had to send you to retrieve him."

Prometheus waved his hand, dismissing the apology. "No one is angry at you, Perseus. If anything, they are worried about why you weren't at the meeting on time," said Prometheus. "Now, if you may follow me, Mount Othrys awaits."

Perseus nodded. "Sure, just give me a moment to talk with my brothers."

As Prometheus vanished in a golden light again, Perseus turned to face the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires. "I'm sorry, but there is business in the throne room that I must attend to. Feel free to continue to work here if you wish to. I'll meet you here right after the meeting is over." They all nodded, understanding Perseus's responsibilities. With one last look, Perseus was engulfed in a bright blue light.

He reappeared on Mount Othrys in front of Kronos's throne. As he was about to apologize, Kronos interrupted him, "How nice of you to finally joined us, brother." Perseus once again opened up his mind to apologize, but Kronos cut him off with his hand, "There is no need to apologize. Just find your throne. There is much we need to discuss."

Perseus bowed his head respectively, before growing to a height of 15 feet and sitting on his throne to the right of Kronos's throne. With everyone in attendance, Kronos began his long speech. "Titans, I welcome you all to another one of our annual meetings. I must congratulate each of you for all you have done in the past year. Much has been accomplished to improve the state of Earth and Mount Othrys due to the your efforts. The golden age of the Titans continues to provide us all with great prosperity and peace. May this next year bring us the same happiness..."

As Kronos continued to talk about the achievements of the Titans and each Titan started to share problems in their domains, Perseus began to doze off. Although he always enjoyed talking with his family during these meetings, they often grew dull and repetitive. Perseus was thinking of new inventions in his head when Hyperion said, "I didn't want to say this in front of the council, but I think we should throw the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires back into Tartarus. I've tolerated them for centuries now, and they've only gotten more repulsive the longer I've known them."

Hyperion's statement shook Perseus out of his daydream. His shock only intensified when Kronos said, "Yes, I too believe they've overstayed their welcome. They have done nothing but made unbearable noises and their stench is simply revolting. The Cyclops and Hekatonkheires are nothing but a blotch in the reign of the Titans."

Hearing his closest brother say such things made something snap inside of Perseus. Standing up from his throne, he yelled, "Those are some of my best friends you are insulting. Who do you two think you are talking about our brothers in such a derogatory manner."

Kronos, trying to ease Perseus's anger, said, "Percy, calm down. There is no reason why we can't talk about this reasonably. I'm simply saying that after all these years, the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires have done nothing but been an annoyance. They're better off in Tartarus."

Kronos's attempt at calming down Perseus didn't work. If anything, it made him even angrier. Pointing a finger at Kronos, Perseus continued to yell, "Have you forgotten that they helped build your throne? They have done so much for all the Titans, and you're willing to throw them out simply because they don't smell like flowers."

Atlas intervened into the conversation. "Calm down there, Uncle. Besides, I wouldn't mind it if those ugly folks were locked up in Tartarus. They have great skill in crafting weapons. If under the wrong influence, they could use their skill to challenge the Titans. Better to lock them up then risk an attack."

Perseus looked at him disbelievingly. "They are loyal to me. They would never pose a threat to Mount Othrys. I can't believe you would even suggest such a thing, Atlas."

Smiling sympathetically at Perseus, Tethys said, "I'm sorry, Percy, but I have to agree with everyone else. Their stench is simply unbearable and has caused many marine organisms to become ill. You of all the Titans should care for nature the most and should understand the benefits of sending them away."

More and more Titans continued to speak in favor of sending the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires to Tartarus as they each recounted instances in which they had problems with them. Even Perseus's closest siblings Rhea and Themis would not support Perseus and spoke out against him. As Perseus saw that he was alone in opinion, something inside of him snapped as rage swirled inside his mind. Full of disbelief at the Titans's actions, Perseus shouted, "How could you all support punishing people who are innocent and have done nothing wrong? Don't any of you realized if that if we were to lock them in Tartarus, we would be no better than Father? If punishing those who have done us a great service is considered justice in this council, I will have none of it!"

Kronos was deeply offended when Perseus related him to Ouranos. Furious at Perseus for his insulting words, Kronos replied with just as much anger. "Enough is enough, Perseus. Don't you ever dare to mention Ouranos's name in here again. This council has always stood for fairness and equality, values that are completely opposite of everything he represented. I will show leniency this time, but if you ever insult this council again with such words, there will be consequences," threatened Kronos.

Noticing the high tensions that were rising in the room, Krios intervened, "Why don't we cast a vote on this issue? If this council truly is as dedicated to fairness and justice as Kronos says, a vote would be the fairest way to settle the issue."

When and Kronos and Perseus both nodded in agreement, Krios called out, "All those in favor of casting the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires to Tartarus?"

Perseus watched in horror as every single hand other than his went up. As he looked at his closest friends and family, he noticed some had feelings of guilt evident on their faces as if they regretted raising their hand. Emotions of defeat and anguish distracted his observation, however, as Perseus realized what happen to his brothers. Upon seeing the majority, Kronos decreed, "The council has spoken. It has been decided that the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires will be banished to Tartarus as soon as possible. I will send the monster Kampê to guard over their prisons." Looking pointedly at Perseus, Kronos continued, "I expect that everyone here will respect the word of the majority and not resist the orders given."

Understanding that he was alone in his opinion, Perseus said, "I will not oppose the word of the council, for I do not wish to go against the orders of my family. All I ask is for permission to say a few final words to my friends before they are punished."

Kronos nodded slowly, seeing no harm in allowing Perseus to speak to the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires before their banishment. "Fine, that will be allowed. Before Kampê locks them up, you may visit them for a short period of time," said Kronos. "But if you try anything to help them escape, you will regret it severely." With that final threat, Kronos flashed out in a bright golden light, signaling the end of the council meeting. The rest of the Titans soon followed Kronos's lead and vanished, leaving Perseus alone to wallow in grief in the empty throne room.

Kronos wasted no time in getting rid of the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires. Days after the decision in the council meeting, Kampê was sent to subdue them and lock them up. Although they tried to fight back, Kampê had attacked them suddenly and was simply too powerful for them to overpower. Kronos kept his word and notified Perseus when they had been captured. Perseus walked into a large prison cell, where the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires were help captive before they were banished to Tartarus.

Upon Perseus's arrival, their initial reaction was one of distrust and wariness. Narrowing his eyes, Cottus, the most belligerent of the Hekatonkheires, said furiously to Perseus, "You have a lot of guts coming here after leaving us to such a fate. You've always called us your friends and family, but where were you when we were attacked by that hideous monster? I'm beginning to think that we were never your friends but simply tools to help you with your inventions."

Perseus grimaced at Cottus's stone cold words, feeling guilt for not being able to help them. Keeping his head down to hide the sadness on his face, Perseus said, "Please, you must trust me when I say that you have always been my friends. I fought against your banishment as much as I could, but the other Titans simply wouldn't budge. You all must understand that I could not defy a direct order from the council without causing a war."

Shaking his head, Gyges, another Hekatonkheire, asked sorrowfully, "Why have the Titans banished us to such a treacherous place when we have helped them so much? What have we done to deserve such punishment?"

"You have done absolutely nothing wrong, Gyges," Perseus responded. "The decision made by the council was a horrible crime, one that our father also made. Although I can do nothing to revert the decision now, I shall atone for this crime and free you all one day in the future. I swear it on the Styx."

Thunder rumbled throughout the cell, sealing Perseus's binding promise. The Cyclops and Hekatonkheires all looked at Perseus with shock evident in their faces for making such a serious promise. Upon seeing the honesty in Perseus's eyes, Cottus stepped forth and said, "I must apologize for accusing you of not caring for us, Perseus. Your actions just now have proven how wrong my words were. I was simply angry at our banishment and took out my anger on you. For that I am sorry."

Perseus waved his hand dismissively. "There is no need to apologize. It was only reasonable for you to feel anger at me for not helping you in your time of need." Hugging each of his brothers one last time, Perseus said, "This is farewell for now. I will miss you all dearly. I wish you luck in Tartarus."

With those final words, Perseus vanished from the cell before anyone could see the tears about to escape his eyes.

Perseus was talking a walk along a forest and engrossed in thought when a golden flash of light interrupted him. Startled, he looked up to find Kronos standing next to him. "Mind if I join you," said Kronos once Perseus noticed him. Perseus nodded silently, not sure how to respond to his twin after their fight in the throne room.

The two brothers walked silently for a while, taking in the scenery of the forest around them. Eventually, Kronos broke the silence by saying, "I have reflected on my actions and realize that an apology is in order. I understand how much those guys meant to you, and it was cruel of me to take them away from you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me." When Perseus did not respond, Kronos continued. "I never wanted to hurt you or your feelings, but I had to get rid of the Cyclops and Hekatonkheires. I know it was wrong to banish them even though they had done nothing wrong, but their appearance and stench was simply unbearable, I couldn't stand to look at them without feeling embarrassed of being related to them. I know I can't expect you to possibly agree with my reasoning, so I ask for your forgiveness instead."

Perseus sighed begrudgingly, not wanting to be angry at his brother any longer. "The conflict today showed us that we will not always see eye to eye on every issue. I must accept that. I cannot say that I see the wisdom of your judgement or accept your decision in any way, but I no longer want us to fight. We have been the best of friends ever since birth, and I do not wish for that to change," said Perseus before pulling his brother into a hug.

Kronos smiled in return, but as Perseus pulled away from the hug, he recognized something he had not seen in a long time. In the eyes of Kronos, Perseus saw a cruel glint that seemed to crave power and control. He had almost not recognized that look since it had been a long time since he'd seen it, but it was unmistakable. The emotions reflected in Kronos's eyes were the same as those reflected in a man long forgotten ... Ouranos.

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