A/N: A lot of tears and broken hearts in the Valkubus fandom lately, so I decided to write this new story. Hope everyone likes it.

I've had this idea when I wrote By Your Side, this AU idea of Bo and Tamsin grew up in Asgard together. I imagine they'd still sorta hate each other at first, but with a great amount of chemistry. And so I came up with this story.

Since this story is AU, sometimes they may seem a little OOC. I try to maintain their personalities, but since they grew up differently, their personalities will be a little different from in the show. I'm too lazy to come up with new identities, so Bo is still a Succubus, and Tamsin is still a Valkyrie. Kenzi is still human. Anyone who appears in the later story would probably maintain their identities as well. The relationship between two people though, it might change.

So a little introduction at first. Bo is Odin's daughter (yeah I know in the show they decided to take the Greek Myth route, but I want to keep it in the Norse Myth since Tamsin is a Valkyrie), and she came to Asgard when she was little. She knew Tamsin since, but they never really got along. Suddenly one day, a big accident changed their lives forever...

And remember this story has nothing to do with the plots in the show.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Lost Girl. I don't profit from it. If I did, you all know what I would do.

Close to You


Kenzi groaned as she dodged that wet, slick thing moving over her face. "Stop it, Eiky," she murmured, pushing away the furry thing that was licking her. "Eikþyrnir!"

The stag, whom Kenzi called Eikþyrnir, didn't seem to listen to her at all. He lowered his head and used his beautiful horns to tickle the human girl's waist, forcing her to wake up fully. Then he slobbered her face happily, and purred with a low, vague humming voice.

Kenzi pushed the stag away and sat up. It was then she realized that she had fallen asleep on the front steps of Valhalla again.

The morning sun shined on her, and stung her eyes. Kenzi narrowed her eyes and turned away from the bright light. How much did I drink last night? It was just mead and beer, not vodka or tequila! She thought, frowning.

Eikþyrnir looked at Kenzi with his head tilted to one side. Then he headed to the woods on the side of Valhalla. He took a few steps, before he realized that Kenzi wasn't following him. He turned back and touched her hand with his nose, and took off again.

Kenzi still didn't follow, and the stag ran back and took the corner of her clothes between his teeth and pulled.

"Fine," Kenzi said in defeat. "Let's go take your morning walk then."

Eikþyrnir hopped and roared in excitement, before he ran into the woods. He stopped before he actually went in, and turned back at Kenzi, making sure that she was behind him.

"You are an adult, independent stag, Eiky," Kenzi mumbled, catching up the stag. "You can take a walk on your own in the woods. It's not like there's an open season in Asgard-"

A throwing arrow that shot right at Eikþyrnir interrupted her. The stag quickly jumped and hid behind Kenzi. The arrow missed him and hit a tree.

Kenzi frowned and patted Eikþyrnir's head. They waited for a few seconds, before the stag stuck his head out from Kenzi's side, curiously taking a peek.

Another shot fired, and he quickly tucked his head back behind Kenzi again. That arrow landed right in front of the tip of Kenzi's right shoe.

Kenzi huffed, both hands on each side of her waist, and her right foot tapping on the ground. "Show yourselves, assholes," she hissed.

Three Valkyries came out from hiding, chuckling. One of them had another arrow between her fingers, and a sack of arrows dangling on her belt. "Lookie, lookie, the stupid stag and the human soul who came to Valhalla by mistake."

"Yeah real mature, Stacey, get out of my way," Kenzi said to her with an eye roll.

"Or what?" One of the other Valkyries taunted.

Kenzi was about to say something, but before she did, she heard a sudden, loud sword clashing sound coming from deep inside the woods, followed by a painful shout.

"Wow, that must be Tamsin killing your Succubus friend," Stacey told her. "Oh wait, should I call her the Princess?"

Kenzi grunted and rushed to that direction. The stag hissed at Stacey and the two other Valkyries, before he ran after Kenzi.

Deep inside the woods, there was a small waterfall, surrounded by huge pine trees. Covered by pine needles and cones, the ground nearby was often used by the Valkyries as a training place.

Eikþyrnir arrived there at first, and he happily poked those cones with his horns to make them bounce. Then he lowered his head and pushed those needles away with his nose. He started to eat the moss buried underneath as he watched a blonde and a brunette fighting in front of him with swords.

The blonde was taller, with a slender body. She had her hair tied up behind her head as a messy bun, and her helmet tossed on the ground. Her blue eyes were fierce, determined, with a hint of taunting in them. "This is what you've got?" She asked the brunette as she slashed her sword at her.

The brunette huffed, her indomitable brown eyes staring back at the blonde. She defended herself with her shield, but she didn't hold it firmly enough and it got knocked off her hand. She cursed, falling back, almost caught by the swinging blade.

"To slow!" The blonde said, slashing her sword at the brunette again.

The brunette raised her sword and parried the attack. She took the sword with hers and held it there, but eventually was forced to fall back. She gritted her teeth, holding her sword tightly, before she accidentally stumbled on a small rock with her right heel and lost her balance.

"Watch where you stand! Know your surroundings!" The blonde said as she used her shield to knock the brunette down to the ground. Then she stepped up, and lightly pressed the tip of her blade on the brunette's throat. "And now you are dead."

The brunette gasped hard, her chest heaving, and her lips quivering. Even with anger burning in her eyes, and her face covered in dirt and blood, she still looked stunning. She raised herself on her elbows, but then just dropped back to the ground. "I think I'm done," she said, exhausted, her head thrown back, and her eyes closed.

"No, you are not," the blonde said. "This is only round ten. You are not done until you've successfully defeated me at least once."

"Oh believe me, Tamsin," the brunette mumbled between her gasps. "I can defeat you."

"It's very hard to believe, when you are down on your ass with a blade on your throat," Tamsin said. "Shall I pick up your sword and hand it back to you, Princess?"

The brunette curled her lips into a warm, seductive smile. She slowly licked the blood off her bottom lip and said in a soft voice, "that sounds...emmm...great."

Tamsin rolled her eyes. "Really, Bo?" She drawled. "You think your stupid Succubus tricks would work on me?"

"Well, a girl gotta try," Bo whispered, her voice so soft that even the stag started to purr. She let out a chuckle when she saw the blonde turn away looking bored, and took that chance to wrap her legs around Tamsin's shins while her right hand reaching for her sword.

Tamsin was a little caught off guard and fell. Then she was slammed to the ground by the brunette.

"Never move your eyes away from your enemies." Bo said to her as she straddled the Valkyrie, one of her hands grabbing Tamsin's collar, and the other pressing the sword on her neck.

Tamsin scoffed. She grabbed the blade with her bare hand, and hit the brunette's nose hard with her forehead.

Bo fell back, crying out loud in pain, blood gushing out from her nose. And that was the scene Kenzi saw when she arrived.

"Oh boy, you two just have to do this everyday, huh?" Kenzi murmured, walking to Bo's side to check on her.

Bo let out a series of curses and grunts, her eyes furiously staring at Tamsin, and her hand covering her bleeding nose.

Tamsin huffed out a cold sneer as she got up. She sheathed her sword and picked up her shield from the ground. "I win," she said to Bo, her brows raised.

"You don't just grab your enemy's sword! You could have your fingers cut off," Bo protested.

"Well, I just did, and it felt great," Tamsin replied with a smirk. She hang the sword back to her belt and commanded, "see me before dinner."

"What, like a dinner date?" Kenzi murmured, frowning.

Tamsin answered her with a scorn. "Right, like I have nothing to do but courting some lame ass sex demon," she retorted. Then she turned to Bo and continued, "meet me at the arena before dinner. We'll cover the basis of a sword fight again, since apparently you don't know shit about sword fights."

"You can't order me around, Tamsin," Bo protested.

"Yes I can. I am your Squad Chief, Princess," Tamsin drawled. "I command, and you follow."

"Yeah, I know. Tamsin, the Chief of Frost Raven Valkyrie Squad, but I am not a Valkyrie! I don't have wings and I don't bring dead souls to Valhalla. I am a Succubus. "

"Oh, honey," Tamsin said, amused. "I think the Mother of the Valkyries would actually cry if you were a Valkyrie, because you suck, but, since your father put you in my squad, you'll have to follow my orders. Anyone is considered as a Valkyrie as long as she's in my team, even someone lame as you."

Bo rolled her eyes, giving up on arguing. She tucked her hand into her armor, searching for her pouch. Then she pulled some wool out of it and stuffed it into her nose to stop the bleeding.

"Believe me, Bo. If I had a choice, spending my time with you would be the last thing I wanted to do, but unfortunately the Valkyrie Squad tournament is next month," Tamsin continued with her nose scrunched. Then she bent down towards Bo, her face right in front of her brunette's. "You and I both know that if there's one thing I hate more than your weak Succubus ass, it is my squad losing the tournament!"

Bo hissed at her, spitting out the blood in her mouth.

"Oh,don't forget to wear your finest armors tonight, Princess, 'cause shit's gonna get real." The blonde gave Bo an arrogant smirk, before she walked away.

It was dinner time, and Valhalla was crowded and noisy as usually. The souls of fallen heroes, the Valkyries and the Gods were feasting, talking and laughing, just like they did everyday.

Sitting in a table in the corner of the well lit dining hall, Bo slowly ate her stewed beef. Each time she chewed, she made her wounded nose sore. She groaned, and picked a berry to eat instead, but it didn't make it any better.

"Why haven't you healed by...ya know," Kenzi asked, "your lady skills."

"I'm too pissed to fuck," Bo replied, loading her last blackberry on her fork before launching it to a random direction.

The blackberry hit Thor, her half brother, who sat two tables away from her, and fell on the floor.

Thor looked around confused, his right hand covering the handle of his hammer, like he was ready to strike whoever hit him, but then he realized that it was just a blackberry. He shook his head and grunted, before he went back drinking with the others.

Bo rolled her eyes and watched a handful of fresh blackberry automatically appeared in her plate again, along with bread smeared with melted butter and honey and more meat.

"God I wish I could just smack her and whack her and slap her and-"

"Shove her to the wall?" Kenzi said as she swallowed a piece of salted fish. Then she squinted her eyes and stuck her tongue out, wiping the aftertaste off her tongue with her hand. She had to shove a handful of fruits into her mouth, with a whole glass of mead to wash off that strong taste.

"You know, the idea of having endless food and drink is perfect, I mean, except that people in Asgard apparently don't know how to prepare fish," Kenzi murmured.

"Try some stew beef," Bo offered, shoving her plate to Kenzi.

"Beef's fine, but it's too plain," Kenzi complained. "Do they even know what seasonings are?"

"No, they don't. Asgard sucks. Everything here sucks. It's been sucked ever since I came here, when I was 11. It sucks, sucks, sucks."

"Too many suck, Bobo, too many," Kenzi commented.

"And you know what suck more? Tamsin!" Bo complained, tearing the bread slice in her hand into pieces, as if it was Tamsin's face. "Bitch's been on my ass since I got here. Why can't she just leave me alone?"

"Emmm...Odin's order maybe? She's like one of the best Valkyries, and he wants her to train you into a fearless, strong warrior princess?"

"Right," Bo replied. "And a Succubus is certainly warrior material."

"Hey, I think you are great, Bobo," Kenzi replied, patting her shoulder.

"Yeah, but not as great as a team member to win the tournament, if you ask Tamsin," Bo grunted.

"What if..." Kenzi murmured, dipping her bread into the stew. "What if you just...you know, lady bone all the Valkyries in the opponent team the night before the tournament and...you know...they'd be too exhausted to fight at all."

"Ha, I wish. According to Tamsin, it's cheating and a dishonor to all of us," Bo said. "And also, bang Stacey and her giggling goonheads? I don't think I'll be able to perform."

"Good point," Kenzi nodded and downed her drink.

Bo sighed, her brows furrowed. She balled her bread and tossed it back to her plate. "Anyway..." she mumbled, before she raised her head a little, distracted by a stream of sexual energy. She searched for it, and turned to her side.

Four young, hot Valkyries were sitting at the table beside her, and the moment she turned to them, they winked and smiled at her. Bo smiled back, biting her bottom lip seductively. She leaned to Kenzi's side and whispered, "I think I just figured out what I'm gonna do, or excuse me, who I am gonna do tonight."

"Have fun, girl," Kenzi said as she watched Bo moving to the other table and flirting with those yong Valkyries. She shrugged and continued eating her dinner.

When Kenzi saw Tamsin appear at the entrance of Valhalla, she almost choked. The Valkyrie was in a full set of plate armor. She had a kite shield on her back, and a sword hung on her waist.

"Hey, Bobobear, hey," Kenzi murmured, poking her best friend's side.

"I'm in the middle of determining whose pants to take off first, Kenzi," Bo replied without turning back.

"I think your Squad Chief is here," Kenzi said in a low voice. She reached for her drink, but when she noticed that rage on Tamsin's face, she flinched and knocked off her glass, spilling her drink all over the floor. "I think she's really pissed."

"Huh?" Bo moved her chair backwards and turned to take a glance at what was going on. The moment she saw Tamsin's angry eyes, she suddenly remembered that she had completely forgotten about the whole sword fight training in arena before dinner thing.

Having waited for Bo for an hour, Tamsin stormed into Valhalla looking for the brunette.

When she saw that Bo went back flirting with some fellow Valkyries after just glancing at her, instead of at least acting like she was sorry for missing the training, the only thing on Tamsin's mind was to bite the brunette's head off. She angrily marched to Bo, her left hand grabbing the sheath of her sword.

Tamsin was too focused on Bo to even pay attention to how slippery the floor was around the brunette's table due to Kenzi's spill. She stepped on the liquid and slipped.

Swinging her left arm out in reflex, Tamsin twisted her torso and lowered her body to stay balanced. She wasn't afraid of falling, but falling with her face smashed to the wet, slick floor in front of everyone in Valhalla, especially in front of Odin, was not something she wanted to do.

After hitting her back on the corner of one table, causing her shield to drop on the floor, Tamsin eventually steadied her body by landing on one of her knees, with her left arm reaching out to Bo. She had moved too fast and too hard, and had accidentally pulled her sheathed sword off her belt, and now it was laid flat in her hand.

Those four Valkyries who were flirting with Bo gasped and froze, and so were all the other Valkyries in the hall. Soon the entire hall went deadly quiet, and everyone was staring at Tamsin and Bo, like they had seen something incredible.

Tamsin was still trying to cope with the sudden, crushing pain on her right knee since she had slammed it really hard on the floor to support herself when falling. Then she realized that she was down on one knee in front of Bo, with her shield laid on the floor beside her and a sheathed weapon in her hand, like she was asking Bo to accept her weapon.

Oh shit. Tamsin thought as her blood ran cold. She told herself to stand up before things get much worse, but her knee was temporarily numb and it wouldn't listen to her.

Sitting in her chair, Bo felt confused by everyone's gaze. Then she saw that petrified look on Tamsin's face, and took it as feeling humiliated and embarrassed in front of all the others for falling clumsily.

Bo thought she'd make Tamsin look worse by accepting her weapon, as if the Valkyrie had just surrendered it to her.

"I happily accept, Valkyrie," Bo drawled with one of her brows raised, her voice nothing but teasing.

Tamsin's eyes went wide open, like she had just heard the most horrible thing in the entire world. She was too shocked to even be able to stop Bo from taking her sword.

Everyone in the hall gasped sharply again, before they burst into a hands clapping, cheering and laughing crowd.

Bo frowned when she realized that they weren't laughing at Tamsin, and she couldn't figure out why they all looked so happy. She silently sought help from Kenzi by looking at her, wondering what had just happened. The human girl dropped her face onto the table in defeat. "Oh, Bobo...you didn't just..." She mumbled in a dying voice, banging her forehead lightly against the table.

Bo turned to Tamsin, and the Valkyrie stared at her with pure rage, her teeth clenched and her hands fisted, with low, dangerous growls humming in her throat. Bo knew something went very wrong, but she had no idea what it was. Then she saw her father, Odin, rose from his throne in the center.

Odin raised his right hand, and the crowd went quiet. Everyone turned to him.

"Well, I must say...this is a little bit surprising," Odin said as he looked at the confused Bo and the shocked Tamsin, "but, I'll allow it."

"Allow what?" Bo asked, but her voice was drowned in the sudden loud cheer in the hall.

Odin raised his hand again and made everyone go silent. "Family-" he said, nodding at his sons, then Bo, "-and friends, I must say, this is a special night. As you can see, my daughter Ysabeau, has just accepted the proposal from her fearless Valkyrie Tamsin, and they are now engaged. We shall celebrate this moment. Let's drink!"

"What?!" Bo yelled, now completely shocked. She waited for her father to tell everyone that it was a joke, but apparently, everyone else in Valhalla just started to feast in great joy.

Thor was the first to come over to congratulate them. "Oh my Gods, congratulations!" He exclaimed, taking Bo and Tamsin in each of his arms and hugged them like he was gonna strangle them to death. "I didn't know you two were dating!"

"We are not!" Bo and Tamsin yelled at him simultaneously, frustrated, scared and shocked, but the half drunk God wasn't listening to them at all. He just babbled something and hugged them again, before he went back to his table and continued eating.

Then Baldr came by. He politely sent his best wishes. And when Bo and Tamsin started to explain that it was a mistake, he frowned and asked, "but she was down on one knee, with her shield laid aside, and she presented a sheathed weapon to you in her hand. Then you accepted her proposal happily."

"That was just-I didn't mean that I accepted her proposal-"

"And from what I've heard, you two had been dating for a very long time," Baldr continued.

"When?!" Both Bo and Tamsin exclaimed.

"Through battle trainings, which is great, because we live our lives in battle fields."

"Yeah, but that totally not the same! We weren't dating!" Bo yelled, but again her voice was drowned by the cheers.

Baldr smiled and hugged her. "You should talk to my mother about the wedding. "

"There will be no wedding!" Bo hissed, struggling in her half brother's firm embrace.

"Oh," Baldr said, a little confused. "Emmm...sorry I forgot that you...you were from the mortal world. Don't the mortals do weddings at all?"

"Yeah we do. It's pretty huge event actually, cost about 26,000 dollars on average and-" Kenzi's mumbles were stopped by a slap from Bo on her shoulder.

Baldr nodded and hugged Bo again. "I'm so happy for you, Bo," he said, before he left.

Vidar and Vali came over and gave them their blessings. Bo started to explain again, but neither of them bothered to listen. They each downed a drink, threw the empty glass onto the floor and laughed. Then they started to wrestle right in front of Bo's table.

Everyone came by Bo's table and gave them their blessings, even Stacey and her fellow Valkyries. They seemed shocked that Tamsin would have chosen someone like Bo as her mate, but they shrugged it off and left.

Tamsin and Bo explained, explained and explained, but most people were already too drunk to understand them in the first place, and the others just simply didn't listen at all.

It was just another worry free, happy night in Valhalla. Everyone was celebrating. They cheered, their glasses raised and their voices loud. They talked about the spring wedding, Odin's blessings, Freyja and Frigg's gifts, the jewelries made by the Dwarves and how the love between Bo and Tamsin bloomed through the battle training which was exactly the Asgard way.

Everyone was overjoyed, except the two betrothed, Tamsin and Bo.