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I am Isabella, I am a magical hybrid. Now that Edward had left me I can go to my true mate and me destiny…


Bella's POV

I am Isabella. But not Isabella Swan as everyone things I am. I am of a century's creation. I am part of every magical/mythical creature family. The Royal family of each. It is my destiny to bring them together as High Queen.

On my 18th birthday was the day I stopped aging and the day I knew I would soon have to take up my birthright.

I haven't told Edward. He really is not my true mate. Or the one destined to rule beside me as High King. Anyway he left me. Another vampire is and I attend to make him mine as soon as possible. My Dad Charlie is Quileute, mixed in with a few other magical creatures. My Mum is Faerie also mixed in with other creatures. As I said I am of century's creation.

My mate is Caius Volturi.

And my destiny is to join the human and mythical races so we can all live in peace…

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