I know I was being dumb. It was almost cliché, how I was attacked in the alley just after dusk. My guard was down while my anger was up. I was thrown out of yet another exorcism mission. Same excuse, though: "There's too high of a chance that the demon could go after you, making you lose your sword and turning you inhuman." My brother, Yukio would say over and over, countless times.

"How can you be so certain if we've never tested anything?" I muttered disgruntledly to myself while I kicked at a pebble, scuffing my already worn shoes and shoved my hands in my jacket pockets, looking the poster image for petulant teen.

Because I was too absorbed with wallowing in self pity, I didn't exactly notice the dark forms that had begun to surround me. Only when one chuckled evilly did I look up to realize that I'd been ambushed. I reacted immediately, reaching for the demon sword I always kept strapped to my back— before I remembered that Yukio had made me leave it in our safe at home. "Better safe than sorry!" He'd chuckle lamely at his own joke.

I groaned in exasperation knowing that I was royally screwed, before slowly backing up till I could see the majority of the shadowy mob. "Well," I murmured dejectedly, "at least I'm not missing out on any demon-action now"

I clenched my eyes shut; waiting for the end, but.. It never came—

Wait, I suddenly felt a blast of cold wind yet I heard.. Nothing.

"Hey, kid," a gruff voice abrubtly called out, making me slowly open my eyes just a bit to peek.

A man stood there with raven black hair, chocolate brown eyes, and an old sword that looked rather useless and rusted. He was dressed oddly in a white t-shirt, a pair of red jeans, and I think he was barefoot.

"Hasn't your mother taught you not to stare?" He snapped.

"Never knew her," I shot back automatically. His eyes flashed when I said this; maybe I struck something? The man cleared his throat and held out a hand. "Inuyasha," he grumbled. I hesitantly took his hand, "Rin. Okumura." I pulled mine back. "What're you doing around here?" I ventured boldly.

Inuyasha frowned. "I could ask the same of you," he countered.

'Ugh' I snarled at the ground "My brother-" He snorted. "And that's all I needed to hear.. Younger or older?"

"Technically; we're twins, but I'm the older one. And he's a professor at the college I graduate from this year." Inuyasha's eyebrows went up; it was the usual reaction to this interesting bit of information I rarely shared.

"You're graduated from high school?" He asked incredulously.