Okay I admit it— my cooking skills would likely give Gordon Ramsey an aneurysm. So why did I volunteer in the first place? To be honest, I'm not sure; I just know that I kinda felt compelled for some reason.

All in all, I figured that there would be some sort of mishap where I would break something, or injure myself or Rin.

Though I'm glad it was only me, it still hurt like a bitch to slice open the fleshy side of my thumb; and it must be physically impossible for any one body to contain that much blood.

However, what I didn't expect was for Rin to force me to save his ass for the second time in roughly three hours. Though a better solution may have been to deflect the box, I ended up trying to gather my scattered thoughts while lying on top of an equally dazed Rin.

The moment was then enormously improved by the entrance of a young man who looked strikingly similar to the runt I had rescued from a deserted alleyway.

"Rin, who the hell is that?" I hear the new guy ask, seemingly exasperated.

"Y- Yukio!" Rin stuttered as he tried and failed to clamber out from under me. I finally roll off of him— albeit a few seconds late— and he stands, awkwardly brushing off his shirt.

"This is, uh, Inuyasha. We're course mates; I invited him over for a study session and he offered to help cook supper since it was getting late. Though," Rin pointedly glares at me. "He failed to mention how inept he is in the kitchen." I scoff indignantly.

"I'm not that bad," I retorted. "I do well enough to feed myself."

Rin rolled his eyes. "Yeah, sure."

Yukio cleared his throat, clearly unamused with our bickering. Rin shuffled awkwardly before eventually opening his mouth. "So uh Yukio, did you see the score on my last test?"

'What the hell brought that up?' I mused.

Yukio glares at Rin, and I see his eyes almost glitter with anger.

"Yes, Rin. I have seen your grades; did they make you want to cry as much as I do?" The younger twin shoots back, making Rin and I both wince. "Honestly," he sighs. "Am I tutoring you for nothing?"

Rin grimaces, and I choose this moment to open my big mouth.

"What subjects are you struggling the most in?" I ask Rin. Yukio blinks in surprise before glancing over at me.

"Well ah, the History of Demons is his lowest score; I'm sure if we could get that one up, we'd be fine." Yukio turns somewhat bashful. "But to be completely honest, that's my weak spot, too."

"Oh, that's no problem for me; I love demonic history so much that I might as well have lived back then." I laugh a bit.

Yukio's face brightens instantly. "You wouldn't be willing to help Rin with his studies, would you, ahh..." He pauses. "What was your name again?"

"Inuyasha," I supply. "Of course. I'd be delighted to be able to tutor Rin."

It seems that the student in question assumes we'd forgotten about him, and coughs pointedly.

"Oh, sorry Rin," Yukio and I say in unison, making us both chuckle.

Suddenly, and much to my embarrassment, my stomach makes an indignant 'feed me' noise, causing me to blush. Yukio turns to Rin.

"Did you get supper finished?" He asks. Rin's eyes widen when he seems to remember the food he'd left cooking on the stove.

Racing back to the kitchen close on Rin's heels, we find clouds of smoke billowing from what used to be edible food.

"You have got to be kidding me!" He bursts angrily.

Imbroglio (noun)

An altercation or complicated situation.