I Hate Him, Right? Chapter 11

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The first half of the game has gone as expected. We are winning by a lot. I don't really know how I want to take this, because my dad might be here, and see how awesome I am at football. I haven't even been my best today, worrying about Valentine and all, and I'm still pretty damn amazing.

Yes, I know how good I am. Not bragging, just... pointing out the obvious for people who can't see it.

Anyway, somehow I got Coach Wayland to let me watch the cheerleaders perform their half of halftime, the marching band having the other half. Usually the captain should be with the team during halftime, but I told everyone what I wanted to say before coming back up to watch Clare, and look for Valentine some more. I didn't mention the latter, though.

"Dude, what are you looking for?" I here Jace say from beside me, putting his hand on my shoulder. This surprised me, I wonder how he convinced Coach to let him watch, too. Then, I realized what he asked, and I tensed up a bit.

"Oh nothing. My adoring fans, girls, you know, the usual." I shrug while saying this. There are some things I have to keep from Jace. "How were you able to come see Clare?"

"Oh, I have my ways." He looks at me and winks. I decide to have some fun with this.

"So you flirted with Coach, I see. I didn't now he swung that way, with his wife and all. And, if you were the one that started flirting with him, I should probably tell Clary. You know she is my sister, right?" He walked into this.

"Jon, you—"

"No, no, it's fine. I support you man." I cut him off. "I mean, Coach is a good looking man, only in his mid-twenties. Not the worst choice, I guess. I really think that I should tell Clary about this though."

"Jon!" Jace lunges at me.

"CLA—" I feel a hand over my mouth shut me up. So I obviously lick it. Jace gets smart and uncovers my mouth.

"Now," he begins, "If you try to tell Clary any of this, I will show you just how straight I am." He makes kissy faces, and points to Clary. Then he turns around and does the whole 'making-out-with-yourself' thing. I grimace, and punch him somewhat-hardly on the shoulder.

"Ok, I promise. I know how much you like Clary anyway. I would rather not see you sucking my sister's face off. Again." Jace just smirks at me.

"But seriously, what were you looking for? It didn't look like your normal 'scan the crowd for fans' thing." I really don't want to tell him I was looking for Valentine. He doesn't need to know that, not yet at least. Valentine wasn't a threat as of right now. He probably will be in the near future though.

"It was, I was just waiting for Clary and the cheerleaders to start." It wasn't a lie, just wasn't the whole truth. "See, here they are now." I point to the field where the cheerleaders were coming on.

"Damn.." I heard my best friend say under his breath, his attention was obviously on Clary, my sister.


So, I do what any other protective brother would do, and slap him upside the head. "My sister, Jace, keep your remarks to yourself, okay?" I glare at him.

"Fine, I will." He says as he puts his hands up in surrender. "I just don't want to hear you talking about any of the others though." At this, I grumble in annoyance, but I nod because I don't want him to say anything about my sister. I don't feel like throwing up right now.

We sit back and relax, not really because we have to stand, and watch the cheerleaders do their thing. I have to say, they are really good this year. The past couple they have been okay, but there were a lot of mistakes. It was obvious they had more hard-workers this year.

I turn my head to my best friend, but he doesn't realize. Jace can't seem to tear is attention away from my baby sister.

It's not cool.

I elbow him, and he just smirks, and turns his attention back to Clary. I seriously have to get used to this whole thing where he can stare at her openly.

The next thing I know, the cheerleaders are done, and I have to snap Jace out of his trance. He does so very reluctantly. I nod my head towards the rest of the team coming back from the locker room, and we both grab our helmets.

"Now let's win this!" Someone yells. The rest of the team starts cheering, and I see coach look at me.

"We'll win if you keep up the good work, Jonathan." I just nod my head.

It just won't be my best work.


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