Chapter 10 – The Next Generation, Part 1 – The Warrior

Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler sat across from Chancellor Sheppard in his office. Yugi was still recovering in the infirmary from his brutal duel against Kagemaru, who had combined the power of the Sacred Beasts with The Seal of Orichalcos. Yugi had barely gotten out of the duel alive, with it coming down to a draw.

Kaiba frowned as he looked across as the Chancellor. "So, these are the best duelists from each dorm then?" He didn't like doing this, but there were little options. They needed the best of the best, and that could be found at Duel Academy. Using people Dartz and the others wouldn't even think of. Because if the rumours he had heard were true, the Dark trio had begun going through the Pro League, picking out the best for their army.

Sheppard nodded. "After the duelists who held the Spirit Keys, yes. These three are now our best fighters." He hated having to call them that. Fighters. He opened the first file, showing a girl with long black hair. Her brown eyes stood out in the photo, as did the vibrant smile. "Isabelle Ledford, first year Obelisk Blue. We would have actually chosen her as a Key holder, but she's just far too young. A fifteen-year-old shouldn't be tasked with saving the world." But it wasn't like they had a choice anymore.

Kaiba was next, looking to another file. This one features a redheaded boy, hair almost as long as Isabelle's, but it was tied back into a ponytail. He wore an arrogant smirk as he stared into the camera with his green eyes, looking ready to take on anything. "Adrian Pratt, second year Ra Yellow. Says here you didn't choose him due to a conflict?" He looked up to Sheppard with a raised eyebrow.

Sheppard sighed. "Adrian doesn't exactly get along with many people. They say he only is nice to the people who beat him in duels. Luckily for you, Isabelle happens to be one of his victors, as does the next student."

"Arrogant and unwilling to work with the others? He'll get along with rich boy then." Joey remarked, before looking at the last file. A boy with short brown hair. He wore an innocent grin, his blue eyes so full of excitement. "Tucker Southgate, first-year Slifer Red. If he's such a good duelist, what's he doing in the bottom dorm?" He asked.

Sheppard sighed again. "Tucker is a peculiar character. He's one of the best duelists I've seen, but he never seems to be able to focus unless he's in a duel. Then it's like something overtook him." He shrugged. "I honestly don't know."

Kaiba was the next to speak. "Well, we can't just take your word for it. We need to see these kids in action."

Sheppard nodded. "I figured you'd say that, Mr. Kaiba. I have a duel set up for both Adrian and Isabelle, and was just now looking for an opponent for Tucker."

"That slacker does not deserve to be put in the same league as Isabelle!"

At that moment, all three turned their attention to the source of the voice, causing Sheppard to let out a sigh when the speaker was seen. He was a tall man, with blonde hair so long that, despite being in a ponytail, it still covered his ears. He wore crescent shaped earrings, and had on what Kaiba recognised as a Duel Vest. "Apologies, gentlemen, this is Vellian Crowler. He's the Head of the Obelisk Blue dorm. He isn't exactly the fondest of Tucker."

"He is a slacker who only wins by mere flukes!" Crowler yelled. "I apologise, Chancellor, but I cannot stand by and watch you make a mockery of this school by labelling him as one of the strongest."

At that, Joey laughed as he turned back to Sheppard. "I think you just found the kid's opponent, Sheppard."

Crowler's eyes widened, but he quickly gained his composure, smirking. "It will be my honour to trounce the drop out thoroughly."

Kaiba stood up. "Then it's settled. Call in the duelists we require. And since Mr. Crowler here –"

"Dr. Crowler." The man interrupted. "I have a PhD in duelling, I'll have you know."

Kaiba rolled his eyes. "Whatever. As I was saying, since Dr. Crowler here is so sure he'll beat Tucker, he can be the closing event." And with that, he and Joey left to go check on Yugi, while Crowler went away to fine tune his deck, and Sheppard began to set up the duels.


A few hours later, Duel Academy's arena was absolutely full, everyone ready to watch the duel between Isabelle Ledford, Obelisk Blue First Year, and Scottie Clement, Obelisk Blue Third Year. But a glance up at where the Chancellor was made it incredibly obvious why everyone was there.

Joey Wheeler. Seto Kaiba. Yugi Muto. Three of the world's best duelists were here to watch the duel. People didn't know why, but they didn't care. They came to see the legends.

"Welcome, staff and students!" Crowler said into the mic. "We are gathered here for three duels, testing just who is the best of each dorm!" He gestured to Scottie, a tall blonde male, clad in the Obelisk Blue uniform. He looked over to Isabelle with an arrogant grin as Crowler continued to speak. "Scottie Clement, who is in my opinion the best pupil not just in Obelisk Blue, but in the Academy's history, will be facing Isabelle Ledford, the Chancellor's pick for best Obelisk." He turned around, facing the two duelists. "Shuffle your opponent's deck, please."

Scottie and Isabelle came towards each other, swapping decks before they began to shuffle. "So, you're the Chancellor's favourite, huh? Well, seeing as you're just a little girl, I'll go easy on you." He said with a laugh and a smirk.

If it intimidated Isabelle at all, she didn't show any signs of it. "Please don't go easy on me." She said. "I'd rather take a few turns to beat you than just do it on the first turn." She grinned, handing his deck back to him.

Scottie snarled, handing Isabelle's deck back roughly as he shoved his own deck into his duel disk. "You know what? I think I'll just settle for trouncing you as soon as I can."

"If you think you can." Isabelle muttered, sliding her deck into her duel disk as they walked to opposite ends of the field. When she turned around, she activated her duel disk, drawing out her opening hand at the same time Scottie did.


Scottie: 8000

Isabelle: 8000

"I'll start us off!" Isabelle said, drawing her sixth card. "And I think we'll kick things into gear with my Field Spell, Amazoness Village!"

The atmosphere around the duelists changed. Suddenly, it was like they were in the middle of a jungle, with small huts surrounding them. "In their village, my Amazoness monsters get a boost of 200 ATK! So, I'll add even more power to the field with my Amazoness Tiger (4/1100 + 200 = 1300/1500)!"

Emerging from the tress of the jungle was a tiger. It had gold cuffs surrounding its neck and paws, and one of its eyes was scratched while the other glowed.

Isabelle clearly wasn't done though. "My Tiger gains 400 more ATK for every Amazoness monster on the field, including itself (4/1300 + 400 = 1700/1500)! And I'll give it another helping hand with my Amazoness Heirloom!" Appearing around the tiger's neck was a small totem, with a glowing green orb inside of it."

Grinning, Isabelle placed another two cards into her duel disk. "And I think I'll call it a day by throwing these two cards face-down."

"Impressive." Kaiba noted. "She built both a strong offense and defence straight away, and she already seems ready to throw whatever this guy has right back at him."

Joey nodded in agreement. "That Heirloom must be able to do something great, and she also has those face-down cards ready to go."

Yugi smiled as he looked towards Isabelle. "I can see why Chancellor Sheppard thinks so highly of her."

"Pathetic." Scottie said as he drew his card. "I'll start off with something more serious. I activate Polymerisation, fusing my Lord of D. (4/1200/1100) with my Divine Dragon Ragnarok (4/1500/1100) in order to Fusion Summon my King Dragun (7/2400/1100)!"

The spectators had a fleeting glance of two figures disappearing into a portal before a new monster emerged from it. It was a golden dragon, but its wings were dark and at time it had ridges of pink over it. It let out a tremendous roar.

"I activate my Trap Card!" Isabelle yelled, hitting a button on her duel disk. "My Triggered Summon activates when you Special Summon a monster, and it allows us both to bring out a Level 4 or below monster from our hand! And I'll call upon my Amazoness Swordswoman (4/1500 + 200 = 1700/1600)!"

Appearing now was a young woman. Dressed in armour, and with a sword at the ready, her red hair flowed out b1ehind her. "And keep in mind my Tiger gets another boost with my Swords Woman on the field (4/1700 + 400 = 2100/1500)!"

Scottie shrugged. "Still too weak. With your Triggered Summon, I bring out my Rare Metal Dragon (4/2400/1200)!" A silver metallic dragon appeared next to King Dragun. "And I'll use my King's effect, which allows me to, once per turn, Special Summon a Dragon-Type monster from my hand! And I'll pick my Tri-Horned Dragon (8/2850/2350)!" A third monster joined Scottie's field. It was blue, with red on its underbelly and tail. Its claws were long and golden, and on its back and the top of its head were three golden spikes.

Scottie laughed softly. "A Slifer could run circles around you, Ledford. Tri-Horned Dragon, attack!"

"I reveal Amazoness Archers!" Isabelle said with a smirk. "Now each of your monsters not only has to attack, but they lose 500 ATK in the process. Oh, and not only does my Tiger redirect all your attacks towards it, my Heirloom can prevent it from being destroyed by battle once per turn. So, bring it on!"

First, Tri-Horned Dragon stumbled, losing its power slightly (8/2850 – 500 = 2350/2350). It hit the Tiger hard, knocking it to the ground, but the monster was still able to get up.

Isabelle: 7750

Scottie: 8000

Next was Rare Metal Dragon to go through the same weakening (4/2400 – 500 = 1900/1200). Unlike the larger dragon, however, this one was beaten down by the tiger.

Isabelle: 7750

Scottie: 7800

King Dragun (7/2400 – 500 = 1900/1100) met the same fate as Rare Metal Dragon, the tiger beating it with ease.

Isabelle: 7750

Scottie: 7600

Isabelle smirked as she looked at Scottie. "Got anything else for me?" She asked with a laugh.

Scottie scowled, eyeing the lone card in his hand. "I end my turn."

"She countered it so easily." Yugi said with a grin. "She knew exactly how he was going to play and she prepared for it perfectly."

"My move then." Isabelle said, drawing a new card from her deck. "I'll activate my Continuous Spell, Amazoness Fighting Sprit! Now if my Amazoness monsters attack a monster with more ATK, they get a 1000 ATK boost during damage calculation! Tiger, go get some payback!"

The tiger was surrounded by a yellow aura, which seemed to give it newfound power (4/2100 + 1000 = 3100/1500). It leapt at the blue dragon, knocking it down and finishing it off with a bite to the neck.

Isabelle: 7750

Scottie: 6850

"And with the field clear, my Amazoness Swords Woman can come right in with a direct attack!" At Isabelle's command, the armoured warrior charged at Scottie, who had to raise his duel disk to block her sword.

Isabelle: 7750

Scottie: 5150

"Gotta say, Scottie, maybe you should have gone easy on me." Isabelle said mockingly. "At least that way I wouldn't still be wasting my time duelling you."

"Shut up!" Scottie snarled as he drew a card from his desk.

"Dragon boy's losing his cool already." Joey noted. "She's getting him all worked up."

"It's so he keeps making mistakes." Kaiba said with a chuckle. "It was him underestimating her that got him in this mess, so she's continuing to make him make stupid moves that she can capitalise on."

"Since you control monsters and I don't, I'm allowed to summon my Vice Dragon to the field (5/2000/2400)!" Scottie said, and suddenly a purple dragon appeared on the field. It extended its green wings. "Unfortunately, when I decide to do this, his stats become half (5/1000/1200). But this frees me up to use Card of Demise in order to draw out a full five cards!"

"Making sure he gets the most out of the situation." Yugi noted as Scottie drew out his hand. "And now he's got plenty of options to work with."

"Isabelle doesn't seem worried though." Joey said, and he was right. If anything, the Obelisk Blue girl looked ready for whatever her opponent brought out."

Scottie continued. "I discard a card in order to use my Twin Twisters, allowing me to destroy both Amazoness Heirloom and Amazoness Fighting Sprit!"

Isabelle laughed as her cards were destroyed, the totem disappearing from around the tiger's neck. "You picked the wrong card, dude."

Scottie laughed mockingly. "Stop trying to psyche me out, I know I picked right. A 200 ATK boost is hardly going to help you." He took another card from his hand. "And now I'll say goodbye to my Vice Dragon and hello to my Strong Wind Dragon (6/2400/1000)!"

Appearing in the purple dragon's place was a new one, who sent a gust of wind around the arena as it landed. It was blue, with a yellow belly and green wings. It looked menacingly at Isabelle's monsters, and then it suddenly seemed to grow (6/2400 + 1000 = 3400/1000).

Scottie smirked as he looked to his opponent. "Oh, what? Shocked by my monster's boost. Allow me to explain."

"Your Strong Wind Dragon, if Tribute Summoned by Tributing a Dragon-Type monster, gains half the original ATK of the Tributed monster." Isabelle said, cutting him off. "Unlike you, Clement, I actually do my homework. So, stop wasting my time."

Scottie snarled. "Alright, if you insist. Strong Wind Dragon, destroy her overgrown feline!" The dragon flew high up in the air, before it shot at Amazoness Tiger, destroying it with a swipe of its claws.

Isabelle: 6450

Scottie: 5150

Above the destruction, Isabelle could be heard yelling out. "I activate the effect of my Amazoness Village!"

"You mean it doesn't just give your monsters a boost?" Scottie asked, eyes wide in shock.

"And this is why you do your homework." Isabelle muttered. "Anyway, back to the effect of my Village! Once per turn, when an Amazoness monster is destroyed, I can Special Summon another one from my deck as long as the new monster's Level is less than or equal to the destroyed monster's Level. And since Amazoness Tiger was a Level 4, I'm perfectly able to bring out my Amazoness Princess (3/1200 + 200 = 1400/900)!"

A young teenage girl appeared on the field. Her long white hair flowed behind her as she swirled the spear in her hand. "And that's not all I've got." Isabelle called out. "You see, when my Princess is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, I can add one Amazoness Spell or Trap from my deck to my hand, like my Amazoness Spellcaster!" The duelist retrieved the card from her deck, grinning over at her opponent. "Got anything else for me, Scottie?"

Scottie glared at Isabelle as he slid another card face-down into his duel disk. "I'll end my turn with one card face-down."

"Lovely to hear that." Isabelle said, drawing her next card and immediately activating her Spell. "I use my Amazoness Spellcaster. I pick two monsters, and their original ATKs are swapped. Luckily for us the boosts still kick in afterwards. So, it looks like my Amazoness Princess (3/1400 - 2600/900) grows stronger while your Strong Wind Dragon (3400 - 2200/1000) stumbles. And it doesn't end there. I sacrifice my Princess in order to bring out my Amazoness Queen (6/2400 + 200/1800)!"

An older woman appeared where the Princess had been before. This woman was clad in armour, and had stunning blue hair. A red cape reached down to her feet, and the sword she held was almost as big as her.

Isabelle grinned. "You're staring at one of my favourite cards, and she has a great effect to back it up! While I control her, my Amazoness monsters can't be destroyed by battle! Now, Amazoness Queen, turn that dragon into nothing!"

The warrior charged forward, stabbing into the creature's belly. It evaporated within seconds.

Isabelle: 6450

Scottie: 4750

"I activate my Den of Dragons Trap Card!" Scottie called out, revealing his face-down card. "Since one of my Dragon-Type monsters was destroyed, I get to Special Summon one from my hand with the same level! And I choose my Kaiser Glider (6/2400/2200)!"

A golden dragon, familiar to anyone who had watched Kaiba duel, appeared on the field. Isabelle shrugged and gestured to her other monster. "Amazoness Swords Woman? Go say hi."

The spectators were all left confused as the woman jumped up at the dragon, being knocked down by a blast of fire. That's when Isabelle spoke. "My Swords Woman can't be destroyed in battle thanks to my Queen, and then her own effect means you take all that damage!" It suddenly became clear that the warrior has gathered Kaiser Glider's fire into her sword, and with a slash, she sent it straight at Scottie, hitting him in the chest.

Isabelle: 6450

Scottie: 4050

Isabelle grinned as she saw her opponent look up to her with a smile. "Is this still you going easy on me, Clement? Because you haven't really done anything impressive so far, and I've countered just about everything you've thrown at me. Hell, you haven't even known what some of my cards do, despite them being around for years now! I end my turn. Try harder."

"He's pissed again." Joey said, watching Scottie look like smoke was about to come out of his ears. "Can't blame him, almost everything he's done has been done away with as if he was a five-year old."

"And now he's got himself in quite the predicament." Kaiba said, scanning the field. "Because Isabelle has a great combo going with Queen and Swords Woman, and now he has to use an effect to get them off the field. And then she has Village to fight that issue."

Yugi merely smiled as he looked at the Obelisk girl. "She's a talented duelist, no denying that."

Scottie drew his card, immediately activating it. "I use the Spell Pot of Greed. This allows me to draw two cards!"

"Wow, never knew that." Isabelle said dryly. "Thank you for bringing my attention to such an obscure card, Scottie."

"Shut up!" Scottie snarled, drawing his two cards ad smirking darkly at them. "I'll activate Mystical Space Typhoon in order to destroy your Amazoness Village!" A tornado appeared on the field, destroying all the huts and surrounding tress. When it finally cleared, the home of Isabelle's deck was gone.

"I knew enough about your deck to know they were Warriors." Scottie said, sliding the other card he had drawn into his duel disk. "This is my Warrior Elimination Spell! This card destroys all face-up Warrior-Type monsters on the field, which means your girls go bye-bye. And since I'm nice, I'll even go a little further and make this an attack from my Kaiser Glider too!"

Isabelle gasped as all of a sudden, her Warriors were removed from the field. She barely had time to comprehend it before a fireball smacked into her, knocking her back a few feet.

Isabelle: 4050

Scottie: 4050

Scottie smirked. "Not so tough now, are you, Ledford? I'll end my turn here. Do try and recover quickly from that assault."

To his surprise, Isabelle began laughing as she drew her card. "Are you kidding? I'm pumped. You finally decided to make a move of note. Now it's gonna be way more satisfying to beat you. And it'll start with my Monster Reborn!" She said, activating one of the most popular Spell Cards in the entire game. "As everyone knows, this allows me to bring back a monster from either graveyard. And while some of your dragons would certainly make this duel interesting, I'll settle for brigning back my Amazoness Queen (6/2400/1800) in defence position!" Appearing on Isabelle's side of the field was the Queen again, this time taking a defensive stance. "I know about your Glider's effects, so defence mode works perfectly for me considering my queen can't be destroyed by battle!"

"Smart." Yugi said, crossing his arms over the chest. "Now she can buy some time until she draws a better card to use against Scottie."

"It's especially good when you consider both of them have already used up their resources." Kaiba added. "It's gonna take a while for both of them to refuel, And Clement already has Card of Demise taking out his hand in three turns, so he has that to worry about too."

"But Isabelle isn't out of the clear yet." Joey pointed out. "Dragon decks are known for being super aggressive, so it's only a matter of time before Scottie's ready to steamroll her. This duel can't have too many turns left in it."

Everyone in the crowd was amazed by Isabelle's calmness. Despite the fact that she had had her entire field wiped out just a turn prior, she was already back with confidence, absolutely refusing to show any fear.

'I am done with her making me look like a fool.' Scottie thought angrily to himself as he drew his card. Once he saw what he had drawn, he smirked inwardly. 'Perfect. With this card, she's lucky to survive a few more turns against me.' Turning his attention back to the duel, he smiled as he slid his newly drawn card into his duel disk. "I'll play this card face-down and pass it to you, Ledford. Keep drawing your pathetic cards."

At that comment, Isabelle raised her eyebrows. "Really, what is it with guys from Obelisk Blue and acing like they're God's gift to the world? You trash anyone from a lower dorm, as well as any girl who got into Obelisk Blue. Well, spare me your sexist, elitist, nonsense."

Scottie growled at that comment. "Obelisk Blue has the best of the best, and your dorm all play cards full of girls. What do you expect us to do?"

Isabelle shrugged. "Well, I actually expect you to get your butt kicked. And I don't use these cards just because they're female, I use them because I like them, and you know what?" She narrowed her eyes at her opponent. "I'm damn good with them!"

"Is she losing her cool too now?" Joey asked. "Seems like dragon boy might be getting to her now."

"Not quite, Wheeler." Kaiba said with a smirk. "When Ledford was getting under Clement's skin, it was forcing him to make mistakes that she could capitalise on. But Ledford's different. Now she's more focused than ever."

Yugi laughed as he realised what Kaiba was saying. "Scottie just made a big mistake."

Isabelle drew her next card, and without saying a word, she placed it face-down, nodding to Scottie to say she had ended her turn.

"That big speech for a move as pathetic as that?" Scottie said arrogantly, drawing a card from his deck. "Guess I'll have to be the one to kick things into gear. I activate the Spell Card Dragon's Mirror. This card allows me to banish monsters from my Graveyard that are material for a Dragon Fusion monster!" Five beams shot from his Graveyard. "I remove King Dragun, Strong Wind Dragon, Vice Dragon, Tri-Horned Dragon, and Rare Metal Dragon!"

All five beams disappeared into a portal, causing a large explosion. When the smoke cleared, a behemoth soared above the area. It was huge. With a golden body, the most distinguishing feature was its five heads, each as threatening as the last.

Scottie smirked. "And now you meet my ace, Five-Head Dragon (12/5000/5000)! And you're definitely screwed, because he can be destroyed by battle with LIGHT Attribute monsters, and your entire deck so far has been EARTH! And now I'll finish this by revealing my Dragon's Rage!"

Isabelle raised an eyebrow at the Trap flipping face-up. "That card allows your Dragon-Type monsters to deal damage even when my monster is in defence mode!"

"That's right!" Scottie yelled. "Which means you're finally getting a loss on that record of yours! Because my Kaiser Glider will destroy your Queen while my Five-Headed Dragon attacks directly! Finish her, boys!"

Kaiser Glider launched its fire blast at the same time the dragon fired from all five heads. It caused a massive explosion, which caused the Dragon duelist to laugh out loudly, until of course he saw the life point scores. "What!?"

Isabelle: 250

Scottie: 4050

Isabelle could be heard laughing as the smoke cleared. "Did you seriously forget about my Queen's effect, Dragon boy? She can't be destroyed by battle. None of my Amazoness monsters can!"

"He got way too ahead of himself. " Yugi said. "Allowed it all to go to his head and is now paying the consequences for it."

"Assuming she can come back from this." Kaiba muttered. "She's not in the best state right now."

Joey shrugged. "She doesn't look too bothered." He said, looking directly at the Amazoness duelist.

Scottie got over his shock and gave another arrogant smirk. "Whatever, there's no way one draw can make it perfect for you. I'll end my turn here."

Isabelle drew her card, and then just stared at it for a moment. Then her eyes found Scottie. "Do you know what your problem is, Clement?" She asked.

Scottie raised his eyebrows in confusion. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Isabelle ignored him, continuing. "It's that you're arrogant. Every single turn, you've acted like you've had the duel won, and I've been able to counter your moves and push you down. You get angry when things aren't going your way, and you mock your opponent. You're like a toddler."

Scottie was fuming. "Hey, how about you shut u-" But he was cut off by a glare from the girl.

"The truth is, a duel is never over until it's over. All it takes is one perfect draw to turn the tables and change everything. I'll show that to you now." Isabelle said, activating the card in her hand. "I use Card of Sanctity, which as everyone knows, allows us both to draw until we're holding six cards."

"And just like that, she's got way more resources to work with." Yugi said, smiling at her. "Sheppard's right. She's who we need."

Isabelle looked over her hand before she continued. "I may have given you more resources, but risks have to be taken. I summon Amazoness Pet Baby Tiger (2/500/500)!"

What looked like a tiny version of Amazoness Tiger appeared on the field. Its eyes were bright blue, and it gave off a look of innocence, that caused a few "awwws" to come from the spectators. "My monster gains 100 ATK for every Amazoness card in the Graveyard, and I count eight (2/500 + 800 = 1300/500)!"

Scottie scoffed. "That's the best you can really do? And here was me thinking I had things to be worried about."

Isabelle sighed. "So, I see you didn't get the whole point I was making, but at least I tried. My little buddy comes with more effects. For example, its name, while on the field, is treated as Amazoness Tiger! This allows me to fuse him with my Queen via Polymerisation!"

"So now it's her turn to fuse." Kaiba muttered as the two monsters vanished into the portal. With a loud growl, a beast jumped down from the portal. It was white, but had a red aura surrounding it. Spikes protrudes from its blue armour, and its golden mane made it look magnificent.

"This, everyone, is my Amazoness Pet Liger (7/2500/2400)!" Isabelle called out, gesturing to her Fusion Monster. "And he'll be the reason this duel ends, but first we need to get off to some more interesting moves. I use the Spell Card Advance! Using this, I can Special Summon one Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from my hand! And I'll opt for my Amazoness Fighter (4/1500/1300)!"

A muscular woman appeared next to the liger. She wore blue gear, and all kinds of fighting gear covered her body. Isabelle wasted no time, sliding another card into her duel dis, leaving her with just one in her hand. "I use Inferno Reckless Summon! Since I Special Summoned a monster with, at most, 1500 ATK, I get to summon all the other copies just hanging around in my deck!" Two more copies of the woman appeared on the field alongside the original. Scottie made no move.

"Since you haven't done so, I'll assume you don't have any other Kaiser Gliders in your deck for Inferno Reckless Summon to bring out, which means everything's set for the final combo!" Isabelle said with a grin, throwing her hand forward. "I'll send my three fighters after Five-Headed Dragon!"

The spectators were all left confused, but Scottie didn't question it. "You want to suicide them? Fine by me!" Five-Headed Dragon let out a burst from three of its heads, each blast destroying a copy of the muscular woman. "You lose, Ledford."

"Don't think so, Clement." Isabelle said, and to everyone's shock, her life point counter was the same. "I take no battle damage when my Fighter goes into battle, but that's not all." She looked to Liger, who was glowing a red aura. "When an Amazoness monster I control attacks one of your monsters, I can make one monster you control lose 800 ATK. And surprise surprise that for each Fighter, I chose your Fusion Monster!"

Suddenly, Liger let out a huge roar, the aura heading straight for the five-headed behemoth (12/5000 – 800 – 800 – 800 = 2600/5000). Isabelle grinned. "And now Liger will avenge his fallen friends, because when he attacks, he gains 500 ATK during Damage Calculation only (7/2500 + 500 = 3000/2400)!"

The beast launched forward, overcoming a blast from the fourth head as it bit down on the dragon's neck. The dragon managed to shake it off, but not before Scottie felt the hit, and the aura hit the beast again (12/2600 – 800 = 1800/5000) (7/3000 – 500 = 2500/2400).

Isabelle: 250

Scottie: 3650

Isabelle immediately moved again, sliding the final card in her hand into her disk. "I'll follow that up with Revenge Attack! Since my monster failed to destroy yours by battle, it can attack again, with a 1000 ATK boost (7/2500 + 1000 = 3500/2400)!"

Again, Amazoness Pet Liger launched forward, powering up as it did so (7/3500 + 500 = 4000/2400). It effortlessly ran through the fifth dragon blast, doing even more damage this time.

Isabelle: 250

Scottie: 1450

Scottie was panting heavily as both monsters decreased in power (12/1800 – 800 = 1000/2400) (7/4000 – 500 = 3500/2400). "Close, but no cigar." He muttered. "And on my next turn, these cards in my hand will make short work of your monster. It's over, Ledford."

"Well, you're half right." Isabelle said with a grin. "Because it's definitely over, but not in the way you think it is." As the smoke from the battles finally cleared, Scottie realised something.

"You still have a face-down card!" He yelled in fear, while the Amazoness Duelist said nothing as she hit a button on her duel disk, allowing it to be revealed.

"This is my Sneak Attack!" She said with a smirk. "It's a pretty useful card, especially when you know when to use it best. And unfortunately for you, I do happen to know that. My sneak attack allows my monster to attack at any point. Even outside the Battle Phase. And considering this is my Main Phase 2, I think now is the perfect time. Amazoness Pet Liger, let's take it to Five-Headed Dragon one last time!"

The Liger let out a mighty roar as charged towards its foe for one final battle. The dragon couldn't even fire a blast this time as the Liger leapt into the air (7/3500 + 1000 = 4000/2400). The beast charged at full speed, tearing right through its belly and coming through the other end to slam into Scottie, bringing the duel to its end.

Isabelle: 250

Scottie: 0

As the monsters faded away, the entire arena stood up, clapping and cheering for what was perhaps one of the best turns they had ever seen. Despite being in a huge deficit, Isabelle Ledford had kept her cool and played perfectly, even beating one of the strongest monsters in the game.

"Impressive." Kaiba noted as he clapped along with the spectators. Joey nodded in agreement.

"It looks like we've found our first duelist." Yugi said softly, and with a look to Sheppard, they all left. They had to explain to Isabelle what the big plan was now. And then they would come back to find their other two duelists. The journey was only just beginning.