I'm sorry for the long wait! I actually had this chapter written out, but I was quite disappointed with how it came out.

... To be honest, I still am, a bit. Anyway, short chapter warning!

Warning: Swearing! (Well, it's Lovi what do you expect?)


I never felt anything. Not any pain at all. Well, that just means that I was lucky, I guess. Instant death or the pain of being mauled by a fucking rabid wolf before dying? I think I'll take instant death.

I woke up in a dark place, surrounded by inky blackness. Everything was all the same, and it was even hard to tell what direction I was facing, whether it be up or down. If you could guess, I hated the damn place.

Everything was very... Surreal. Was this how death for a nation was like? Death was weird then; I felt like I was floating upside down. Well, I actually could have been doing that considering there was no way to tell what direction I was facing.

After staying in silence for a few minutes, trying to figure out what the hell was going on, I began to realize how quiet and lonely the place truly was. It was... "Empty, so empty..." I said aloud. I was silent as I heard my voice echo in the endlessness of the void. It was strangely amusing, yet taunting at the same time. Amusing, because I was hearing my own voice echo back to me, but taunting because now I knew this place stretched on forever.

"Where am I?!" I shouted, hoping someone would be there to hear me. "Chycoli?! Listen to me, dammit!" I frowned and sighed. The echoing of my voice was really annoying, actually, and it was causing me to get a headache. I hate this. It's too fucking lonely here by myself. I want to go back and see Feli again! "Feli... Where are you?" I whispered. Everything was echoing, surrounding me... I felt trapped by the echoes of my own voice. My headache was increasing, turning into a migraine. The last thing I remembered before falling unconscious was screaming, "Damn you, Chycoli!"