What's Gone on Before

Time is running out for Gamilon as it suffers from a planet-killing virus. Its ruler, Leader Desslok, has found a way to save his people from their impending doom, but to do it, he must exterminate the inhabitants of the world he has chosen to be the Gamilon people's new home – Earth. Now Terran humanity's world is riddled with deadly radiation that has forced the entire population underground in order to survive.

But Gamilon's twin world has protested the Leader's act, and, unbeknownst to Desslok, Queen Starsha of Iscandar has sent her sister Astra to Earth with a message of hope, giving them a way to restore their world as well as a means to defend themselves from Gamilon's military might. But will they give credence to a message from an unknown source?

It is here that we join the story once again.