The Millennium Artifacts

I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. Yami Bakura is Bakura, Bakura (normal) is Ryou, and all others will be introduced in later chapters. Also the couples are Yugi / ???, Mai / Joey, Yami / Serenity, Seto / Isis, Tea / ???. Well lets get started!

Seto sat at his computer. He began to type in his password. O-B-E-L-I-S-K. Good. Now lets see if I have any new mail. He thought as he waited for the program to start.

Three new items huh. Hmmm...Mokuba is skipping school?! Grrrrrr, I'd better talk to him later. Hmmm...Isis sent me a message. "Dear Seto, it is lovely to speak to you agian after the incident with my brother. If we could we possibly get together some night? I have some new information on two new god cards...and I would enjoy seeing you again. Yours truly, Isis."

Seto read in his mind and then smiled. He had a feeling that she felt the same way as he did for her. He glanced at the third message without care until the sender's name nearly killed him. "PEGASUS!?!? What in the world?!" Seto yelled in confusion. A picture screen glowed with an image of Pegasus on it. Pegasus held up two golden artifacts in the image and then the screen became reality as if it had swallowed Seto whole. "Greetings Kaiba-boy. I see you have a formal meeting with your lover, dear sweet Isis." Pegasus said in the tune he used when he prepared to steal a soul...or already had.

Seto gritted his teeth angrily. Pegasus dropped a rusted golden sword and held up a bright golden gauntlet. "I now possess two of the lost Millennium Artifacts!" Seto looked shocked. Two new Millennium Items?! But how?! Pegasus gave a tisk and then smiled.

"Silly Kaiba-Boy. There aren't two new ones plus the old. There are much more! in total there are 15 artifacts. Yet I can only control this gauntlet, but not the sword. It said to me only a man with the "correct soul" could wield it. Oh well, I'll just kill you dear Kaiba-boy and take Obelisk." Pegasus said in a sadistic manner.

Seto reached for the sword as the only defense he had and stood in a fighting stance. Pegasus' gauntlet began to glow and then flames shot out at Seto. Seto prayed that this rusty old sword would save him and then as he thought that a voice came into his head. RUSTY OLD SWORD?! I'LL SHOW YOU RUSTY!

The blade glowed until it became a hard gold and deflected the shot into darkness. Pegasus snarled then Mokuba appeared in his glowing hand. "Until you get me the items of Yugi and his friends, Mokuba's soul will remain with me." The silver haired man said then vanished. Seto awoke on his keyboard. He ran to the den and saw Mokuba with the same blank expression as when they were at duelist kingdom. He felt something in his hand. The sword was in his hand. Seto Kaiba you have been chosen to wield the ancient blade. I promise as your Yami to free your brother. The sword sent the message telepathically to his mind. Seto nodded then took off running toward Yugi's game-shop. I may dislike Yugi, but I need him now!

That's all. More to come. All flames will be used to cook hamburgers for my friends, nice reviewers and me!