Nami was quick to start walking away once the music faded off, only casting a quick glance inside before freezing. Kazuki was sitting on the edge of the bed, his back to the door, and his head down. She listened for any other sounds or voices, however she could only hear the sounds of different, varying machines. Slightly hesitant she took a step into the doorway, trying to see who was in the bed.


She jumped, "H-Hi Azuma!"

Azuma had turned his attention from Nami, his eyes firmly set on Kazuki. He still sat on the edge of the bed, oblivious to the world around him.

"Do you know who it is?" Nami couldn't hide her curiousity. She glanced towards him only to see Azuma's eyes glazed over with concern.

"I'm sorry, I don't." He gave her a warm smile before entering the room. "Kazuki."

Kazuki was quick to get up, however he didn't turn around. He wiped a few tears off his face as he forced a happy tone, "Azuma! What brings you to the Hospital?"

"You're Mom said you would be here," he admitted, catching a slight glimpse of Kazuki's reflection in the window. Despite his happy and carefree tone, his eyes were slammed down and tears were still trying to fight their way out. "You were not yourself at school today."

"You're a good friend Azuma." Kazuki slowly sat back down, still refusing to turn around. "Everything's ok! You don't have to stay, I'm leaving soon anyways, can't miss the food cart that's outside!"

Azuma leaned against the door frame, turning his eyes onto the figure in the bed. "I'll wait, and I'll get you something."

"Now you're talking my language!" Same excited tone.

The figure was a young woman, and he couldn't quite tell why, however, she looked familiar. She had long dark hair that almost hid a very large scar on the side of her cheek that fell to her neck. He couldn't see any casts, only I.V.s and an oxygen mask.

"...she's a friend." Kazuki's voice was quiet, "She was visiting me from America over break."

Azuma stared at the back of Kazuki's head, willing him to continue, worried if he replied or asked questions, he would stop.

"Let me guess? How do I know her?" He almost laughed, and it was strained.

The silence continued for a few minutes, only stopping when Amou walked in.

"Oh more visitors," smiled Amou as she walked to to check the young woman's vitals. "I'm sure this made her day, not that you don't do that everyday Kazuki."

"Thank you." Kazuki smiled as he stood up, making sure he was out of the way.

"Well, everything looks normal as always." Amou made some marks on the chart, glancing up to see Kazuki fidgeting by her. "I'm sorry, I don't have any updates."

He sighed, "Do you know if her family is coming?"

Amou's lips firmly shut, and she looked pain. She wanted to tell him the truth, that her family had essentially disowned her, and her time was probably cut much shorter than they realized. Finally, she sighed, "I'm sorry, I don't know."

Again, he had a look of sadness, as if he knew what she had been thinking. He continued to stay silent as he packed up his trumpet, and only stopped by the bed to touch her fingers. He knew others would find it silly or ridiculous, however, knowing she still had body heat, that the blood was still flowing, helped him.

Azuma only watched, the concern still etched into his expression, however as Kazuki started to walk out of the room, he smiled at his friend. "Let's go eat."