(Over all third-person perspective)

Fort Vancouver was in pretty rough shape. The walls surrounding the fort were still up, but the gate was badly damaged. The buildings still needed some work, and they were a bit rotted. The 5 soldiers had gathered the rest of the group, which included Nik, a trigger-happy Russian, Dan, a cowboy with a talent for killing Zeke at close range, Jewel, a master wielder of swords, Jim, an expert survivalist, and Nathan, a nerd who can make Bad-ass weapons from scratch. The soldiers were Captian James, Colonel David, and United Nations Spec Ops Steve, Gerry, and Hunter.

"All right. So, first order of business, I think, is to find maybe one or two vehicles we can use to transport ourselves and supplies from one place to another. Now, we'll split into two groups. Me, Steve, Gerry, and Hunter will go to the west of here, and the rest of you go to the east." James said.

"Hey, I remember seeing eighteen-wheeler with flatbed full of wood on highway in helicopter. I have LMG that we could attach to top." Nik exclaimed

"I don't believe you! If you really have a LMG, then show it to us." Jewel said. Nik set down the duffle bag that was resting on his shoulder, unzipped it, and brought out the LMG.

"Jesus! You carry that in your purse?" Nathan chuckled.

"Anyway, if that's the case, then maybe we should go for the Semi. We know where it is, and we could use the wood to reinforce the Fort." said Hunter.

"It is nearby. Last I saw though, it was filled with Zeke. I can take care of that no problem! " Nikolai exclaimed.

"Well, then, Let's GIT 'ER DOONE! One thing real quick though. I noticed sound and light draws them like a horse's drawn to hay! So try to do it quietly!" Dan explained.

"So, let's try not to use guns, okay?" said Nathan.

"Can Thunder come with us?" Jim asked. "What! I can't just leave him here by himself!"

"Fine, as long as he's quiet. All right, guys! Let's move out!" exclaimed James.

"Wait! I must grab something. It will help." Nik suggested. Jim followed Nik, where he took the Ray Gun out of its case.

"You're seriously gonna use that? No one will take you seriously."

(I am now doing it in Thunder's perspective) About a half hour later,

We were hiding in some really tall grass. I thought we were just there to eat, so I munched on some grass. Then I heard a howl. The most beautiful howl I'd ever heard. Also the only howl I've ever heard. Every fabric of my being told me to howl back. It was obviously a female, and I really had to respond! I stepped back, and I couldn't help it. I howled at the sky like there was no tomorrow!

"Shit. There goes our cover. All right, guys, have at it! Aim for the head!" one of the… Wait, what were they called again?... Oh, yeah! Soldiers. One of the soldiers yelled.

Jim was trying to hold my collar, but it snapped. I lunged out of the grass, and pushed an evil person down. I took a bite out of his head, and it was nasty. It was like the time that I tried to eat a piece of bread with green fuzzy stuff on it out of the trash. I spit it out, and everybody was killing evil people, and they seemed to be walking towards a really big car. I heard Jim scream, and I looked back to see Jim on the ground, and the evil person… was… eating… him. I growled at the evil person, and tackled him off of Jim. He looked at me, and slowly limped away. I just barked. Come back here! Guys! Jim needs your help!

"I will go see why Thunder is barking!" Nik yelled. As soon as he got there, he looked at Jim. He got down on his knees, and looked at Jim.

"Jim, my friend. You will be okay. I will take you to fort! They fix you up!" Nik said in panic.

"N…no… Take… care… of… Th…Thunder." Jim said before the life went from his eyes. Nik was sad. I could smell the anger and sadness emanating from his body.

"Come on Thunder. We must go now." Nik said in his funny voice. I don't wanna leave. I nudged Jim's body. Jim, wake up. HOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKK HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

What the hell was that? What is it with all the loud noises like that? Nik started to walk away, and I reluctantly followed him. I guess I'd rather be sad with someone than be sad on my own. Nik climbed up onto the flatbed, and he motioned me to follow him. I jumped up, and looked at where Jim was laying. He was starting to twitch. It happened with William a long time ago. He started to get up, and he looked up at the sky. His eyes were grey with lines of red. He looked over at the car we were on, and he sprinted towards it. But he didn't smell like the loving, caring Jim that I knew. He smelled like one of the evil people. He jumped onto the trailer, and I growled. I bared my teeth, and I advanced on him. I lunged into him, and… ripped his throat out. The blood spraying onto my fur was awful, but I knew it had to be done. Just for good measures, Nik took his fancy BANG! BANG! BANG! And shot Jim with it, because he was starting to get up. He disappeared right in front of my very own eyes.

I curled up right on top of Nik's lap, and buried my face in his chest. I didn't want to kill you, Jim! You were my friend! Even though we only knew each other for a few days, I liked you! It was awful, having to do what I did. But I had to. I fell asleep, left with my own thoughts and memories.

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