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Beyond Belief

Chapter 8

Into the Heavens I Will Fly

From Chapter 7

With those words Dean Spenser stood up and unfurled heavy, dark gold wings. They rippled and arced, unfolding to an incredible length, stretching from almost wall to wall. Below the two giant wings a smaller set swept to the floor, twitching and balancing the upper set. The light bounced off the gleaning feathers and glory spread throughout the room. Spenser was a large man but even so it was hard to believe he could support the weight of these most inhuman appendages.

"What are you?" House finally gasped.

Dean knelt before the man and pulled his wings in to create a kind of protected area. It was a bubble of privacy. House felt cut off from the world. All he could focus on in the midst of dark gold feathers were Dean Spenser's bright green eyes.

"Just between us," Dean replied. "I really don't know. My friend Castiel the 'not an Angel' according to you, and I are going to be leaving here shortly to go find out. After we go I suggest you let Sam and Bobby out of here before there are unpleasant questions asked and Sam uncorks his temper. It's not a nice picture when he blows so do anything you can to get them out of here as soon as possible." Dean winked at the doctor. "Agreed?"

Chapter 8

House leaned back as far as he could to get away from Dean Spenser. Spenser stood up and one of the giant wings hit the ceiling, breaking into one of the recessed ceiling lights. There was a sudden shower of sparks and the room became shadowed.

House squeezed his eyes shut and breathed in through his mouth. His nose had lied to him. It had joined the doctor's other senses in telling him that something non-human was in the room with him. With his eyes closed he concentrated on trying to dispel the hallucination of a man with giant wings. It could not be real. It had to be the painkillers. Patients did not sprout wings in his hospital. It was not possible.

He heard the fake doctor, that Castiel guy in the trench coat hiss at Spenser. "Dean, put them away."

"You know, you're not any freaking fun, Cas." Spenser replied.

There was a rustling sound, a lot of rustling and House opened one eye. The hallucination was gone. House breathed in deeply and there was a sudden familiar stab of pain from his leg. Good. The drugs were wearing off. The wings were gone, the pain was back; House's world was reestablished. The rules of logic, of science, were once more dominant.

Spenser was still standing in front of him, naked as the day he was born but somehow still threatening. Dr. Castiel was behind the patient and the patient's crazy giant relative was standing in the doorway, blocking anyone else from entering.

House grabbed his cane and with it the fading coat-tails of reality and poked at the naked man.

"Spenser, you really should get some clothes on. Maybe you should get back into bed too."

Spenser grinned at House. "Grabbing at the frayed coat tails of reality, is that what you're thinking Dr. House? Has it ever occurred to you that your reality might be a bit limited? That there might just be things that you can't feel, taste or touch? It's a wonder you are as good a doctor as other people claim you are when you resolutely ignore the impossible in favor of banal explanations."

House pushed up on his cane and rose out of the chair to face the patient eye to eye. "A banal explanation like drug induced hallucinations? Or perhaps like your rather cocky assumption that you know me? I think, Mr. Spenser that you are the one with reality issues."

"Maybe so but there's no denying that I'm the guys with these…" Once again Spenser unfurled those massive wings just as Drs. Chase and Cameron pushed past Sam Winchester and entered the room. It was getting a bit crowded and the wings were rattling the blinds against the room windows. One of the blinds gave up the ghost and crashed to the floor, giving the crowd outside a view of golden feathers pressed against the glass and not much else.

Sam reached out and pulled Bobby Singer into the room, barely finding room for the man to stand then pulled the door closed.

"Dean, put those away," Castiel barked out again. "Sam, Bobby, go get out of those paper suits and get ready to travel. Our time in this hospital is over." The two men disappeared through the adjoining room.

Castiel turned to Dr. Chase and took the man's hand. "Thank you Doctor Chase for your help and your faith; you have more than exceeded our expectations. Pray to me for anything you may need."

House sputtered in outrage and Chase was stunned, staring at Dean's golden wings. He barely noticed Castiel.

Bobby and Sam returned and Castiel lay a hand on each man's shoulder and the trio promptly disappeared. Dean snorted, furled his wings which promptly disappeared behind him and sat on the edge of his bed. Dr. Cameron was embarrassed for the naked man obviously checking her out. "Wouldn't you like some clothes, Mr. Spenser?"

This time Spenser laughed out loud and unrestrainedly. "Lady, you just saw me manifest giant wings, three men disappeared into thin air and you're worried about me being naked? Nice compartmentalization. Sort of like an umbrella in a hurricane, isn't it?"

House cleared his throat loudly and obnoxiously, drawing the attention of every one left in the room. "What we thought we saw can be explained a number of ways, Spenser."

"Knock it off, House," the man replied. "By the way, my name is Winchester, Dean Winchester. Spenser was just Castiel's idea of being coy. Don't think about it, just another thing you'll have to find a way to explain. Castiel will be back in a minute and all of this will be as if it never happened at all."

There was a rush of air and the sound of wings. Castiel reappeared in the room.

"How'd it go, Cas?" Dean called out. "Are Sam and Bobby safely on their way out of the State of New Jersey?"

"Yes, I returned them to the car." Cas paused. "There was a man there, smoking a cigarette. He was the same man I saw when I dropped Sam and Bobby off with the car previously. It was very odd. The man ran away screaming. I followed to make sure he was alright and he ran into this building. Someone should check on him. He didn't look good."

Castiel took Chase's arm again, ignoring House. "We are going to go now, Doctor. Thank you for everything."

Chase cautiously took Castiel's hand in an attempt at normality. "Anytime I can be of use to heaven, please just ask." He ignored the noise coming out of Dr. House.

"Come, Dean," Castiel motioned Dean to his side. "It is time for you to find your possible place in Heaven's Hierarchy. We should go."

Dean was still finding the whole adventure incredibly funny. "Sure thing, Cas; let's go meet the family."

With that they both disappeared.

House was still standing in place, murmuring "Hallucinations, definite hallucinations."

Chase bent over and picked a dark gold feather off the floor, glass crunching under his feet. He looked up at the ceiling.

"Here, Dr. House," he said quietly and handed the feather to House. "It looks like your hallucination broke the ceiling light. I'll get Nurse Lebensraum to call Maintenance. At least she can be of some use."


When Castiel appeared in the Hall of Angels along with an unknown Seraph there was much muttering and ruffling of feathers. Np angel approached or objected as the fact that the being was one of the Seraphim was undeniable. All six wings were in plain sight, the flight wings and the second and lower pair which almost covered the small set over the Angel's hips.

Rachel, Castiel's second who he had left in command came forward. "I have called Zachariah, Castiel. He wanted to see you as soon as you arrived." She bowed to the Seraph.

"Rachel," Castiel said calmly. "This is Dean, he is ….."

"An abomination," a loud voice broke in and finished Castiel's sentence.

Castiel's blade dropped into his hand as he turned to face an infuriated Zachariah. "What do you mean brother?"

"He is an abomination, a Nephilim; such creatures are not welcome in Heaven." Zachariah was in full battle mode. His wings arched up, all four faces shouting with fury expressed on every one.

"Zachariah, be careful of what you say." Castiel replied with almost equal force but much more controlled. "This Seraph was not born of a human mother, there is no Nephilim here. What is here is a Seraph and possibly, a new Archangel also."

"Impossible. He is infected with human emotions; he cannot join with either the Throne Angels or the highest. He must be destroyed."

"Once again, brother I tell you, be careful of what you say," Castiel stepped back away from Zachariah's blade and Dean came forwarded with his arms outstretched. He unfurled his wings to their greatest extent, throwing shadows over Zachariah's manifestation and depriving it of the Holy Light of Heaven.

A display of such power had not been seen since Michael had taken over the reins of Heaven from his absent father. The soldier Angels backed away from the circle of conflict. Dean held his hands out in front of his body and delicate rings of power flowed from hand to hand. "Bow down to me or be destroyed."

Zachariah foolishly tried to raise his blade. There was a flash of blue and the blade disappeared. Zachariah stepped back, stunned.

"You and your plots and plans have failed, Angel. Raphael has fallen into error also but he is Michael's problem. You, however, are mine." Dean proclaimed. "I will let you go on because no one should try to take the life of a creature of heaven except God himself. That power is his alone. No one may usurp it."

Behind Dean the Archangel Gabriel appeared, his bright gold wings mixed with Dean's dark color. Further back in the hall Michael appeared also taking no action and so giving his tacit approval to Dean's words. Order in Heaven had been restored, all unlooked for and unexpectedly. With the appearance of Gabriel, Dean and Castiel Michael's power was increased. He would rule Heaven and the host could return to their proper roles, praising God and protecting the human race from the machinations of Hell. Perhaps now Michael could possibly turn his attention to the rescue and rebirth of his beloved brother Lucifer, the Morning Star.