Chapter 2-South Side, Oh Yeah

Rally and May got into their car and went in search of the man named McShady.

"South Side, here we come!" May yelled as they turned a corner. Several people looked at them in hat way all the oh so friendly Chicago people do.

"All right May, calm down." Rally said.

"South Side!" May yelled again and tried to make a south side sign with her hands.

"May, shut-," Rally was interrupted by the sound of gunfire. She looked out her window to see a car full of people with guns, all pointed at her and May.

"West side lives forever!" one of the men yelled then they all started to shoot.

Rally slammed her foot on the gas, just barely missing the cloud of bullets. She didn't slow down until they were well out of range.

May looked at Rally with an insane grin and said, "Let's do that again!"

"Hell no!" Rally yelled, "If you even make so much as a sound, I'll blow you head to pieces." Her eyes were full with murderous rage.


When they reached the street known as Rainbow, Rally slowed down her car and began searching for Joe McShady's house.

"Oh. This is very disturbing." May said softly. Every house on the street was neon pink. "How are we gonna find his home in this freaking fairy land?"

"Well, remember those things they put on houses called house numbers that give houses a number?"

"Si Senor."

"Okay, his house number is," she reached in her pocket and pulled out a slip of paper. "15061."

"OH!" May jumped up and down in the car seat. "There it is, there it is. I see eet!"

"Why do you keep saying that?"

"What, Rally?"

"You know, eet."

"Oh. Go for eet!" her eyes lit up.

"What?" Rally asked as she moved as far from May as she could.

"Go for eet!" May broke into song and started to dance wildly in her seat, making the car bounce. "Go for eet, lalala, la, stuff, eet, yeah!"

"May, you're embarrassing me in front of the scary dangerous looking men." Rally said, for surrounding her car was a group of scary dangerous looking men with a variety of heavy metal objects.

"Oh." May squeaked and shutup for a moment. Then, "Can we blow them up?!"

"Maybe later," Rally said then opened her door and climbed out while checking that all her guns were in place. Minnie May followed slowly, trying to decide which grenade she should use when the time came.

When they got out of the car, the men made a tighter circled around the bounty hunters and began whistling and wolf howling.

"We're looking for a man named Joe McShady. Anybody here heard of him?" Rally said seductively, winking at one man.

"Yeah, I know him." A man wearing a black cape and hat said as he stepped from the circle and walked towards Rally and May. The others backed away, making way for him.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, in fact I know him real well."

"Ewwww, are you his boyfriend?" May asked, sticking out her tongue in disgust.

"No, ya fool. I am him!" he yelled dramatically, throwing off the cape and hat to reveal himself. All for effect you know.

"Wow, Bill war right. You are good looking." Said Rally and nodded, impressed.

"I know, I know." Joe bowed, "No pictures please."

"But you know, we know that you are a smuggler and are going to have to shut you down."

"Oh yeah, how are you gonna do that. Looks like you're kinda, well, outnumbered." He started to laugh and the group of men joined. So did May and Rally.

"Boy that was funny! How are we going to shut them down May?"

"Well that's real simple Rally. Like this!" May whipped out a pink polka-dotted grenade and stuck the pin in her mouth.

"Ohmygoshshesgotabomb!" a guy with a blue mohawk screamed. There was a frantic rush to get away and in no time flat May and Rally were alone in the street of pink houses.

"I guess they didn't want to play." May dejectedly said.