~Blake's P.O.V.~

"You can't to this! Not after what happened with Adam!" I yelled at my father who calmly sat behind his large wooden desk.

"I don't care about what he did all I care about is your safety and since I ordered Adam to be taken care of, you need a new bodyguard." He didn't look up from the hundreds of pages on his desk and continued to write with his silver and gold fountain pen. I wanted to go up to one of the many bookshelves that lined the walls and throw books at his head to make him understand, but I didn't want to look like a child having a temper tantrum. The only way to solve this would be to calm down and try to make him understand with logic. I looked around his large, dimly lit, home office to find something to calm myself with. I finally settled on one the elegant gold plated desk lamps that sat on his desk and stared at it till I started to see spots.

I took a couple of deep breaths and started to speak again "I can take care of myself father." I silently cursed to myself for sounding like I was still brewing in anger, which didn't help my situation.

He sighed and finally stopped writing to look at me. "Sweetheart I know perfectly well that you can take care of yourself. I made sure of that, B-"

"Then why do I have to have a new bodyguard!" I snapped.

"But" He continued as if I hadn't spoken."I would feel better if you had some protection. I can take care of myself perfectly well too and I still carry around at least one bodyguard. The fact is that I run a dangerous business and I don't want my enemies taking the thing I care about most in this world." He looked into my eyes and I could see the sincerity of his words. "Since I lost mother to this job my worst fear has been losing you too so please sweetheart accept the bodyguard."

I looked at my father Tuckson Belladonna and saw the sadness in his eyes from being forced to talk about my mother. He wore a dark gray suit that must have cost a small fortune, a plain white collar shirt, and the red tie that he hasn't taken off since the day after my mother's funeral, It was the last thing she gave him before she passed. I finally looked at his face again and saw the wear and tear the job has been doing to his youth. His amber eyes had faint crows feet and the hair on the sides of his head were already grey, along with a couple gray hairs scattered across his long sideburns, the only parts that were completely black were the top and back of his head.

I sighed and looked down at the plain black carpet before resigning to miserably look at him again and say "Okay daddy I'll accept a bodyguard."

A rare smile spread across his face and he said "Thank yo-"

"But I have a few conditions" His smile twitched, but he let me continue.

"First the person can't talk to me for any reason and second I want the person at least ten feet away if I'm in public."

"Consider it done now run along daddy has a lot of work to do sweetheart."

I sighed and looked at him and said "Dad I'm twenty-six years old and almost got married once you really need to stop treating me like a child." with a blank expression before walking to the door.

"No matter how old you get, in my eyes you'll always be that little girl who was scared of the dark and always wanted to sleep in Cinder and I's bed…Goodness I miss your mother" He whispered the last part mostly to himself before continuing "… Anyway run along now." I looked back and saw him wiping a tear from his face, briefly look at his tie and continue working.

I walked out of the room and roamed the mansion till I found my mother's favorite room. It was a simple room with red carpeted floor and while walls, there were several display cases in the room that held several pocket watches. My mother collected them and left the collection to me after she died. My father hasn't set foot in here since the day before my mother died, but has encouraged me in continuing the collection. The only sound that could be heard in the room was the sound of several ticking clocks I went over to the red loveseat in the corner of the room and picked up the book that I had previously been reading before being summoned to my father's office.

I eventually ended up falling asleep in the comfy seat, only to be woken up by a sharp banging of someone knocking on the other sided of the oak wood door. I grumbled and sleepy made my way over to the door. I opened it to find myself face to face with a blond haired girl around my age, wearing a black suit with a white collared shirt, along with a lilac tie, and reflective aviators that acted as mirrors allowing me to see how tired and sleepy I looked.

"Who the hell are you?" I said to the mystery girl before she used her thumb to point behind her allowing me to look behind her and notice my father leaning against the opposite wall wearing a different suit and a small smile on his normally serious face.

"Good morning sweetheart sleep well?"

"Morning daddy. Yes and who the hell is this?"

"Oh this is your new body guard Yang Xiao Long. She has been told not to speak and to stay at a ten foot radius and no closer unless told to do so, just like you wanted."

"I'm not even going to ask how you got a bodyguard this fast." I said as I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me. "Is breakfast ready?" I asked looking at my father expectantly.

"Of course it is lets walk into the dining room."

I looked back to find Yang walking exactly ten feet away with her arms behind her back following us without a word. She gave me a small smile when she noticed me looking at her making me quickly turn away from her.

We made it to the dining room to find the breakfast made and ready to be eaten. My father and I sat down and silently ate our food. Halfway through eating I put my fork down and looked at father. I had finally found a way to get rid of Yang. "I have a proposition for you daddy."

He also stopped eating and put his hands together and looked at me. "I'm listening"

"If Yang can catch me then I will allow her to be my bodyguard, if she can't then no more bodyguards."

He stayed silent thinking about it for a few moments before he said "If she catches you then you will accept her as your bodyguard and you will never complain about her ever again."

I smiled and said "Deal." He smiled back and we went back to our meal.

After I finished eating got up and started stretching to warm up for the run of my life. The reason I challenged Yang to catch me was because my mother had taught me parkour when I was a kid in order to avoid kidnappers. Later father taught me different fighting styles so that I could not only avoid kidnappers but kick the crap out of them too, but parkour had always been a personal favorite. I loved it so much that father had the mansion arranged to work as a bit of an obstacle course while still making look like a normal house, If you were to just walk in you wouldn't know it was also an obstacle course. I had to admit it was a bit ingenious if I had to say so, it had been mother's idea since I needed a large area to practice but never wanted to go out.

Once I finished I looked over to Yang and noticed she had also started warming up Since she had heard my conversation with my father. She had taken off her suit jacket and tie but not her aviators for some reason and that allowed me to see her figure a lot better while she stretched.

She's pretty cute too bad she's going to go away soon. I thought to myself.

When she lifted her head to look at me I said "Are you done?" She nodded. "Alright… GO!" I yelled before I started running across the marble floors.

Not long after I heard footsteps chasing me. I made it to the large living room before I jumped over a table in the middle of the room and rolled back under it in the direction I came in from I saw Yang making her way to me with a big smile on her face. I smirked and used a near by couch in order to jump over her and give her a good kick to the back of her knees when I twisted midair. When I landed I heard a thump and booked it for the library. It didn't take long for me to hear the steps again, but I had already formed another plan. I climbed a book case and started running for the windows that were close to the ceiling. I briefly ran on the wall and used the last step in my momentum to push myself to the already open window. I barely caught the ledge before I pulled myself up and jumped out the window into a nearby tree. When I landed on the tree I heard a voice say "What the hell is she? Some kind of ninja?"

I didn't linger too long before I climbed down the tree and made it to the ground. I looked at the window surprised to see that Yang had somehow made it to the window and was pulling herself up. I quickly started to run away and tried to think of some way to lose her. I Quickly found another open window and climbed up the wall to reach it and pull myself up. I closed the curtain and started to run again. I soon heard a thump and tuned to see that Yang had fallen for my trick and gotten tangled up in the curtain. She made it out and started to make her way to me again.

We continued like this for another two hours by the end I was completely exhausted and Yang was so drenched that I could see through her shirt which proved to be very distracting when I was trying to run away from her and ogle her at the same time. We had gone through all fifty-six rooms in the mansion, minus the clock room, my father's study, the guest rooms, and my bedroom. Before I had made one slip up which caused me to trip over a lamp while I was hopping over another table. I hit the floor back first and barely had the energy to get back up before I was tackled into a nearby couch.

After a couple of minutes of catching our breath I said "Stupid lamps they get me every time."

She laughed and said "You must really lampent jumping over that table then." After her horrible joke she couldn't stop laughing and eventually succeeded in making me laugh as well.

Must be the adrenaline rush making me laugh because that pun was horrible.


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