-One week later-

"Come on we almost have him!" yelled Yang as she chased after the orange haired man. Roman looked ragged and tired, due to not only the Belladonnas looking for him, but what used to be his beloved daughter was also looking for him too. Neo had taken over Roman's legacy and assisted the Belladonna family in finding him.

Yang sped ahead of the two men she had as back up and closed in on Roman. His dirty gray coat and hat protected him from the harsh rain slowing Yang down. Unlike Roman her usual work clothes were currently weighing her down and the harsh wind wasn't helping either. The chase began when one of the shops Tukson secretly owned called them about spotting Roman. Yang rushed over in a heartbeat with some back up and quickly spotted him buying a magazine at a local convenience store. Roman saw her the moment she spotted him and gave chase. What they hadn't expected was for the rain to start earlier that expected.

Which lead to their current situation. Yang shed her coat and sped up even more than before, pushing herself to her own limits. The heavy rain was beating down hard, showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. Roman turned the corner and ran into an empty alleyway, Yang followed him in and smirked when she saw him stop at the brick wall blocking any chance of leaving.

"End of the road Roman." said Yang, while trying to catch her breath.

"Not yet Blondie." Roman reached into his jacket and pulled out a sleek black gun. Yang's eyes widened and she quickly ducked behind a near by dumpster. Roman shot at her while he ran out of the alleyway. Yang heard another four shots and a heavy thump after Roman left the alley. Yang quickly got up and ran out of the alleyway. She saw Roman lying on the ground in a growing pool of his own blood that was quickly being washed away by the rain.

"I'm glad we finally killed the bloody bastard." Yang laughed at the Irishman and patted him on the back.

"Yeah, it's finally over Connor and guess what?" Yang flashed him a megawatt smile she hadn't smiled since Blake left. "This means we can finally get Blake from the safe house she's holed up in."

Connor had joined in search for Roman the moment he heard of the video that Roman had sent Tukson. Since Tukson had invested in shooting lessons and combat lessons for him when he and Blake were growing up together, he knew his way around a gun and was eager to find his long time friend.

They both looked at the other man with them. He was just some grunt Tukson enlisted in the search for Roman. "Hey, could you clean this up? I doubt Tukson wants a body on his hands." said Yang. The man nodded and quickly started to clean up the body. Yang turned to Connor and continued "Let's get inside of one of these buildings to call Tukson so that we can go retrieve Blake. Connor nodded and followed Yang into a near by store.

Yang pulled out her phone from her pants pocket to discover it was soaked. Yang sighed and Connor took out his phone to see that it was in a similar condition. "Hey you got any idea how to fix a water damaged phone?" she asked looking to Connor.

"I heard that taken it apart, dryin' it, and puttin' it in a bag of rice for a while would may restore the phone."

Yang nodded and smiled "I guess this really is a convenience store." Connor looked at her blankly and walked away to find the food section of the store. "Aw come on! That one was funny! You know, because this is a convenience store and it sells all sorts of stuff and and it's conveniently here."

"Yang I've worked closely with ya fir about a week or so, and I'm already sick of your bloody puns." He found the rice and grabbed a bag before walking to the cashier to pay. "I really don't know how Blake can be around ya all day."

Yang rolled her eyes at the man and followed him to pay for the rice.

Blake awoke to the sound of someone walking into her room. She tensed, but did not open her eyes to alert the intruder. They placed their hand on her shoulder and she quickly sprung out of bed, tackling the intruder to the ground beside the bed. She opened her eyes to the sight of her hands around a frightened Scarlet's neck. "I came to wake you up." he gasped. Blake's eyes widened and she quickly got up and off of Scarlet.

"I'm so sorry Scar I'm not used to being woken up like that usually people knock on my door to wake me up."

He waved her off and smiled "It's okay I guess it's my fault for sneaking up on a mob boss's daughter." Blake helped him up and looked at his throat.

"It looks like it might bruise. Let's get you some ice for that before Sage kills me for hurting his boyfriend." Scarlet chuckled and nodded, following Blake downstairs and to the kitchen.

"Well I guess the good news is that you're feeling well enough to tackle someone to the ground and you can finally keep heavier food down. You can go home as soon as they find this Roman guy." he said as Blake raided his fridge for something cold to put on his neck, she ended up giving him a bag of peas. He gave her a small smile and pressed it against his throat.

After a few moments of nervously running her hand through her hair she asked "Do you think that's it's weird that I'm nervous about or go back?"


Blake sighed "I kind of ran away and joined a group of thieves and because of that I got captured and that lead to me almost dying." she leaned against the counter next to the fridge and continued "I just left like I always do,... I might have even ruined things between this girl I've liked for a while now."

"What would you do if you found her again?" he asked.

"... I really don't know."

Scarlet was about to say something else when the home phone rang. He answered it and after a few moments he smiled and spoke a few words before hanging up. "Well I have some news for you kitty-"

"Why does everyone start calling me that when they find out about that damn nickname?" She interrupted.

"Because it's adorable, now back with the news, someone is picking you up today so you can finally go home and see your family," he smirked "and maybe you can go see that girl while your at it."

Blake gave him a small smile and thought about Yang. "I don't even think she would want to see in all honesty, I never gave her a clear answer when she told me she wanted me to be her girlfriend."

"Well you won't know till you try. Now let's get off this topic and watch some Netflix with ice-cream or in your case hot chocolate, one last time before they get here what do you think?"

"One last time? You do know I'm coming back right? I can't just leave you to drink all the hot chocolate by yourself while Sage works late."

Scarlet smiled and walked over to the stove to heat up the fresh made hot chocolate before walking to the living room with Blake to help pick out something to watch. They watched a few episodes and a movie before they heard a knock of the front door. They both looked at each other before they paused the show they were watching to walk over to the door. Blake was first to the door, with Scarlet following close behind. She opened the door and found herself face to face with the warm lilac eyes she thought she would never see again.

"Yang?" she whispered in surprise.

Yang gave her a her usual megawatt smile, Blake's heart fluttered "Blake." Yang rushed forward and hugged her tightly. Blake tried to hug her back with what little strength she had, tears threatened to spill out of both of their eyes.

"You don't know how much I missed you Yang." Blake nuzzled into Yang's neck inhabit her familiar honey scent.

"I missed you too Blake." her hold around the dark haired girl tightened "so much."

They stayed like that for a few more moments before they reluctantly parted. Blake looked over Yang's shoulder to see her father and Connor. She gave them a similar greeting before inviting them into Sage and Scarlet's home. They told her about the search for Roman and that he was finally gone she told them about her time in Sage's home. A few hours later they finally left Blake had promised Scarlet that she would come back to visit soon and to give him her new phone number when she got a new phone.

When they finally got back to the mansion Blake went to her room to relax. Who knew seeing your loved ones again would be so tiring? She thought to herself as she dropped onto her soft mattress. She was beginning to drift off into sleep when she heard someone softly knock on her door.

"Come in." she said as she sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

Yang opened the door and came into the room with a sheepish smile, she closed the door and walked over to Blake's bed. "Hey." she said sitting down on Blake's bed.

" Hey." she responded.

They sat in semi-comfortable silence, both aware of the pachyderm in the room. "So... you never answered my question."

"What question?" said Blake trying to avoid the inevitable.

"A few weeks back I asked you if you wanted to be my girlfriend and never gave me a direct answer."

Blake sighed and took hold of Yang's hand "I really like you Yang, heck I might even be in love with you, but I'm no good in a relationship. I literally left someone at the altar for someone who ended up dead anyway."

Blake kept her eyes on the floor, afraid to look at Yang. "You... love me?" said Yang with happiness leaking into her voice.

Blake laughed "Really? That's all you got from that?"

"Well it was the only important part so... yeah."

"Yang I'm telling you it's not gonna work out."

Yang gently grabbed Blake's chin and made Blake look at her. "Can't we at least give it a shot kitty cat?"

Blake's resolve melted away the moment she looked into Yang's eyes. "Okay... Let's give it a sho-" Blake didn't even finish her sentence before Yang crashed her lips to hers.



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