It has been two weeks since Blake and Yang had finally made their relationship official. It had all been going smoothly, until Blake noticed how overprotective her father and Yang had been since the kidnapping. She started to get hints of it here and there, like not being allowed to do as much parkour and others absurd security requests. The last straw was when she had been brought into her father's office with Yang that morning.

"What do you mean you want to put a tracking device on me?" said Blake in a low and menacing tone.

"It's just for your safety, sweetie." said Tukson pulling out a thin black bracelet out of a drawer in his desk.

"I. Am. Not. Going to put that thing on." she spat.

"Maybe it's for the best Blakey, I mean what if you get kidnapped again and we can't find you?" said Yang in a soft and caring tone.

Blake clenched her fists and glared at both of them. "No. I'm not doing this."

"Blake liste-" started Yang before Blake interrupted her.

"No, you listen I am sick of being treated like I'm made of glass, just because something bad happened doesn't mean I need all of this extra protection. I'm tired of the extra guards. I'm tired of being monitored twenty-four-seven! I'm tired of not being able to do anything but read around the house! And this tracker is going way too overboard." Blake turned away from them and stormed out of the room. She heard Yang starting to sprint after her, but the door slammed shut. Blake began to go into an all out sprint for the garage, but to lose her pursuers she turned a corner and jumped out of the window. She barely managed to take hold of the the tree before she swung down a few branches and jumped into another window, a floor down from the one she got out of. Shattering the glass on impact she tucked into a roll to lessen her momentum and stood up to brush stray glass shards off herself. She continued to run towards the garage but was quickly blocked by two guards.

Father must have called the guards to collect me.

So, she jumped off the nearest wall to knee the tallest one on the face. The moment she landed, she turned and gave the other one a strong roundhouse kick to the side of his cleanly shaved head.

The two of them were down but not out, she took this chance to continue her sprint for freedom. Once she finally arrived at the garage, she swiped the keys to her motorcycle and climbed on after she checked it for trackers. Afterwards she sent Yang a quick text.

-I need time to cool off, I'll be back in an hour or two-

Her phone was left on one of the nearest cars as she hurried away and turned on her bike. It screeched and skidded leaving black marks across the garage as she recklessly sped out of the garage. She noticed that the front gates weren't opening and decided to don't slow down, yet. Blake noticed the guards getting nervous and pressed the button to open the gates when she was almost close enough to crash, as the gates opened it was bearly enough for her make it out unscathed.

As soon she was out of their reach, Blake mindlessly drove to the city, allowing herself to calm down on the way. She drove around the city a few times before ending up in front of a familiar clock shop. While she payed the meter and made her way to the shop when she saw a familiar girl storm out of it.


Thought Blake momentarily stunned and she could swear something was off.

I should wait for Ruby to calm down a bit before going to see if she's okay.

Blake sat down on a near by bus bench and pulled out a book she had had in her motorcycle before she left.

She quickly got absorbed in her book, almost forgetting why she was there in the first place, until she heard a door slam. Blake snapped her head up and saw Ruby speed walking toward her car, visibly upset over something.

She really shouldn't be driving like that... Maybe I should follow her just to make sure she's okay.

Blake quickly made up her mind and hopped onto her bike and followed Ruby to a large apartment complex, but she had a small feeling the girl still wasn't safe and decided to trail a few yards behind her as Ruby made her way to her apartment.

A man with light blue hair was standing next to her door, in tears, attacked Ruby the moment he saw her. "What the hell Ruby! I thought you were going to give me time to tell her myself!" Blake had no idea what he was talking about, all she knew was that he had his hands tightly around Ruby's neck for some time before she was able to come barreling towards him.

"Hey! Get the hell off her!" yelled Blake as she shoved him off Ruby and kneed him in the stomach when he tried to come after her too.

"It's her fault Weiss left me!" He spat when he straightened up to go after Blake again.

"If this is how you treat women then maybe it's good that she left you!" spat back Blake, making him freeze and slump down to his knees.

Blake ignored him and checked on Ruby's unconscious body. She searched her for the key to her apartment and dragged her in a bed and went to the living room and to wait for Ruby to wake up. She was almost asleep when she heard somebody talking.

"Dammit how the hell did shit hit the fan so fast? …I blame Neptune and and and Weiss and Sun and Yang... maybe...and now I'm talking to myself… Maybe I'm going crazy hehe yet another clockmaker gone crazy just like the stories Quow used to tell me and Yang when we were kids," Blake walked over to the room, leaned against the door frame and waited, awestruck, for Ruby to finish ranting. "I only just got to know Weiss a month or two ago and I can't help but feel the way I feel about her and and and STUPID NEPTUNE! I blame him he's the one that started everything and made me lie to her... I hate life."

"Well for one thing you're not alone and it's okay to feel the way you feel about her." said Blake, crossing her arms across her chest.

Ruby looked up in surprise and said "Blake? What are you doing here?"

"I saw Weiss storm out of your shop when I was on my way there to get another watch fixed. Anyway, I followed you home after I saw you leave your shop, just to make sure you were okay. That's when I saw that blue haired guy attacking you. I got rid of him and searched you for your key and dragged you in what I guess is a safe place?"

"Wait I was in my store for an hour. Did you wait outside for that long?"

Blake shrugged her shoulders, "I wanted to give you time to cool off from your chat with princess and sat down to read a book on that bus bench outside of your store. I kind of got lost in my book and only noticed time had gone by when you slammed your store door shut."

Ruby curled up even more and turned away from her "Oh… Thank you for caring." she said in a barely audible whisper.

"It's okay, you don't need to thank me" Blake walked over to Ruby's bed and sat down. "So my guess is that you got your heart broken by princess and you're just going to sit here sulking and not do anything about it?"

Blake smirked at Ruby when she looked up with questioning eyes. Crap did I call her princess again? Aw well old habits die hard I guess.

"Why do you care? I thought you hated Weiss?"

Blake sighed and visibly deflated. "I don't hate Weiss, I just act like I do so it'll be easier for her to hate me after what I did to her. I really would like it if we were to go back to being friends but since that seems rather unlikely. It would be nice if she found someone else to make her happy."

"... So why did you leave Weiss in the first place?" said Ruby.

"... I met someone else." whispered Blake as she looked at the floor.

"So what happened after?"

She sighed before giving Ruby a sad smile and told her the whole ordeal with Adam. When she was done, she smiled a bit before wiping her eyes and tried to change the subject before Ruby made her more uncomfortable with her past.

"Anyway that's enough about me. Now what's this thing you have going on with Weiss?"

Ruby fidgeted for a few moments before responding. "Um. Well… It all started when I kinda fell for her after we met, which was the first time Neptune -the guy who attacked me- brought her over to meet us and the gang. I denied my feelings for her for about two months and then we started hanging out and my feelings only grew and then I got sick of denying them so I kissed her... and she kissed back... But she's faithful to a fault, she said she had feelings for me but couldn't be with me." Ruby's voice started cracking. "Then I told her about how Neptune had been cheating on her with Sun and she got angry at me for not telling her sooner and said she never wanted to see me again, then she stormed out." As Ruby stumbled for words, Blake had put her hand on Ruby's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

"Thanks for listening Blake, you really didn't have to. We barely know each other" said Ruby, while she attempted to wipe the tears off her face.

"Hey you're my girlfriend's sister of course I'll comfort you." said Blake with a smile.

"Oh~. So you guys are finally official?"

Blake's cheeks visible colored "Well yes even though we only made it official about a week or two ago."

"I can't believe she hasn't told me, she literally couldn't shut up about you the first time she started working as your bodyguard." The statement made Blake's heart hurt for denying her feelings for Yang for so long when the blonde had been head over heels since day one.

Blake gave Ruby a full smile before saying "That's nice to know for the next time I see her, anyway Ruby I have a meeting to attend and you need to think about how you're going to make up with Weiss." Threatening her to action, she used the harmless lie to get herself out of the situation, as Ruby obviously needed someone who was better at comforting people, like Yang. She decided to call her the next chance she got.

"I think I'll leave her alone for now, but thanks for being here Blake, Yang hasn't really been around lately." The guilt instantly set in, she had been taking up so much of Yang's time when Ruby really needed her recently.

"Sorry about that I'll make sure she has some time off for you guys to have some sister-sister bonding time." She got up and ruffled Ruby's hair "I hope you figure out this thing with Weiss you two deserve to be happy. Bye for now Ruby."

"Bye Blake" she heard Ruby say as she left the room.

Blake made sure the front door was locked before she walked down to her bike and rode home. It was dark out by the time she arrived home, she was physically and emotionally tired from the day. She parked in front of the mansion to find Yang waiting for her on the steps. Yang crushed her into a hug the moment she hopped off her bike. "Your dad and I talked, I convinced him to back off. Blake I'm so sorry we made you feel like a prisoner."

Blake allowed herself to melt into Yang's embrace and snaked her arms around the tall girl's waist. "It's fine Yang I forgive you guys as long as you promise you guys won't make me feel that trapped again."

Yang leaned back and whispered "Promise" before kissing Blake's lips softly.

Blake broke the kiss and leaned her head against Yang's shoulder. She suddenly remembered Ruby and said "I hate to ruin the moment but I think your sister needs you more than I do right now."

"Really, why?" asked Yang with worry bleeding into her voice.

"I saw her today and she's having a hard time, she was crying and I think she needs her big sister right about now."

"If she was crying she probably tired herself out quickly and passed out, and as far as I know she's not going to wake up till tomorrow, so that means I have all night for you. We can do whatever you want to make it up to you."

Blake smirked and said "I'm sure we'll think of something."



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