I took me a full minute to realize how close my body was to Yang's. At this proximity I noticed how comfortable Yang's muscular arms felt around my waist, I could feel every curve of her body pushed up against mine on the small sliver and white couch. As soon as the adrenaline high wore off I pushed myself up and off the couch trying to get as far away from Yang as possible.

"Congratulations Yang you are officially the third person to have caught me." I quickly said to hide how flustered I was because of Yang.

"Great does this mean I can keep my job?"


"Can I talk whenever I want too?"

I chuckled and said "Nope we still have the same agreement as last time where you can't talk and that you have to stay away from me."

"Aw" Yang looked very disappointed to have the restrictions placed upon her but did not utter another complaint.

Maybe I should take it easy on her… No Blake this is what happened last time with Adam you need to stay away from her.

"Come on we have to tell father that you caught me and that I have agreed to have you as my bodyguard." She silently nodded, got up off the the couch and followed me to my father's office. The trip to my father's office was mostly silent with the exception of the sound of Yang's foot steps (since mine were silent). When we finally reached the office I opened the door to find my father smirking at me from behind his desk.

"Have fun?" He said as if he already knew the outcome of my competition with Yang.

"You knew this would happen didn't you?" I said as I narrowed my eyes in suspicion.

"I had a slight inclination that she would catch you but I wasn't entirely sure." His smile only grew wider when I started to glare at him.

I sighed and said "Of course you calculated this from the beginning."

His smug smile grew even wider to the point where he was beaming at me and happily said "Run along now darling daddy still has a lot of work to do." I nodded, silently fuming that I let myself fall for his trick. I left the room not bothering to check if Yang was following me.

I'm going to get rid of her one way or another. I angrily thought to myself as I formulated another plan to get rid of the blonde nuisance. I stopped in my tracks when I thought of another way to get rid of her. I could annoy her until she quits… but that would require talking… no I'll talk to her as a last resort in this plan.

My plan was simple all I had to do was run away and make her look for me. It would be different from the race since I wouldn't tell her when I'm going to run away and I'm actually going to hide instead of constantly running away. Now that I knew exactly what to do I smirked and looked behind me to judge how close Yang was. She was exactly ten feet away with her hands behind her back. She saw my smirk and tensed as if getting ready for an attack. I ignored her and started to walk away again, but once I turned the corner I started to run as fast as I could. I turned another corner and went into the closest room quietly shutting the door closed behind me. I Looked around the pitch black room and put my ear against the door to listen for Yang.

"What the hell? Where did she go? Aw man I'm gonna get fired if I don't find her soon." I heard her say to herself when she rushed by.

After a couple of minutes I heard circle back and start walking towards this door causing me to panic and run over to the bed. I dropped to the floor and landed on my hands and toes helping me not make a I rolled under the king sized bed I closed my eyes just as I heard Yang open the door and walk into the room. She turned on the lights and took a quick look around the room before she turned off the lights and walked out. I sighed and opened my eyes again, silently thanking all the gods that she didn't check under the bed.

As soon as I thought the coast was clear I rolled out from under the bed to find myself face to face with Yang. All she did was smile and offer me a hand up.

"How'd you find me? I heard you walk away." I said to her exasperated. All she did was kept her aggravating smile on her face and silently motion that her lips were sealed.

"Come on tell me, Yang. I need to know."

She smiled even wider revealing her perfect white teeth. She leaned down and lowered her shades allowing me to see her beautiful lilac eyes for the first time. "I'm not supposed to talk to you Ms. Belladonna or else I'll get me tongue cut out and between you and me" She leaned in closer and whispered "It's one of my best features if you catch my drift."

My face burned and made me turn away from her. I started walking towards the door as fast as I could. I could hear Yang try to hold in her giggles which made me walk faster towards my destination. As soon as I entered my favorite room in the mansion I slammed the door of the clock room behind me, stomped my way to my favorite seat. I flopped down on it after picking up a random book from the several stacks surrounding the red love seat.

Now I really need to get rid of this girl she's starting to get in my head… I could always send someone to kill her… No I won't handle things the way my father handles things I need to find some other way to get rid of this annoyance.

I was too caught up in my thoughts to hear the door open and close. I only snapped back into reality when I heard Yang speak.

"So is there a chair for me too or do you want me to stand?"

I looked up from the book I had been staring at and said "Sit on the floor for all I care just don't bother me while I read."

She silently nodded and sat down on the floor near the door. Since the room was around forty by fifty square feet there would have been no problem in putting in another love seat but the only problem would be that it would have to be near my seat since there are so many long display cases that stretched from one side of the room to the middle of the room the only space left was a small pathway that leads to the back of the room and the back of the room (Of which I filled with books and my favorite red love seat.). There was a small work bench in the front of the room my mother use to use to tinker with her clocks and I never dared to disturb anything in the front of the room.

"So you like pocket watches?" Said as she got up and started to wander through the room.

"Yes, this is my mother's collection I'm just continuing it for her." I responded in a monotone voice not even bothering to look up from my book.

"That's cool my sister loves clocks too." I nodded and turned the page in my book.

"Yeah she learned about clocks from my unc-"

"Yang what did I say about bothering me while I read?" I said interrupting her and finally looking up from my book.


"And you're not supposed to be talking to me either."


I sighed and closed my book. I turned and got up from my seat and started walking towards the door. I walked out and went into the room across from the clock room, I waited for Yang to walk into the room before slipping out and locking the door from the outside.

I should have thought of this earlier. I thought to myself with a devious smile. I could hear Yang banging on the door yelling at me to let her out as I calmly walked back into the clock room, sat down and continued reading my book.



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