"Now what do You have to say for yourself young lady?" Asked my father as he stared at me from behind his desk.

"That I regret nothing."

"Wrong answer" He irritatedly said.

"Then what's the right answer?"

"Tell her you're sorry and I won't punish you"

"Like I said before I regret nothing."

He sighed before lifting one of his hands to run it through his silver and black hair. "You locked her in a room for five hours and the only reason we found her was because another guard came by for the night shift and found her. So in other words you do have something to apologize for."

"I didn't say I had nothing to apologize for I said that I didn't regret it and that means I'm not going to apologize for something I don't regret doing."

"That leaves me with no choice but to punish you and I know for a fact that you will hate this punishment so I will give you one more-"

"Father sorry to interrupt you but I will never apologize the that blonde nuisance."

"Fine then your punishment will be to be handcuffed to Yang for the next week and that she is able to talk to you." He snapped angrily at me and when he saw me freeze he continued "And for the record there is no way to get out of this after you refused to apologize for your childish actions."

I turned around to angrily stomp out of the room only to be stopped by Yang holding up a pair of handcuffs. She gave me a small smile and said "Don't worry we're only going to be cuffed together for the duration of my shift." I tried to run out of the room but Yang quickly cuffed me before I could get too far. The cuffs had a thick steel chain that connected the two cuffs, the chain only seemed to allow about two feet of distance.

I sighed and resigned myself to my fate. I turned to face my father's desk to find that he had a light smile on his face. "Well my sweet child, daddy has a lot of work to do so run along now." He said as he picked his gold and silver fountain pen and continued writing again. I looked at him for a few more moments before I defeatedly walked out of his office and started to make my way to the library.

Once we left his office the walk to the library was meet with slightly awkward silence, the only thing that could be heard were Yang's foot steps and the clinking of the chain. As we made our way there I looked at the softly colored yellow walls and examined the the occasional painting or bust along the wall. We had finally made it to the library and I quickly went to the bookshelves to pick up the first book I saw and quietly went to one of the black leather couched in the room. The library was a large room with dozens of large bookshelves filled to the brim with any book you could think of. The lavender painted walls gave a warm feel to the large room along with the tan colored carpet. The high up windows allowed a lot of natural light to go into the room so it would be unnecessary to have a light switch. There were two large wooden tables and five coaches along with a couple of lamps incase it got too dark to read located in the middle of the room.

Once I arrived to the couch I plopped myself down, crossed my legs and began to read. I had gotten through two pages in peace before Yang started talking.

"So whats that book about?" I turned the page and continued reading in an attempt to ignore Yang's existence.

"Helloooo? Anybody in there.?" Said Yang as she waved her hand in front of my face causing me to lose my place. I looked up from my book and glared at her before trying to go back to reading. A few more minutes passed before Yang got up and started to walk towards the bookshelves which made me drop my book and almost fall off the couch.

"Oh! Sorry! I got bored and was gonna go look at the books but I forgot we we're handcuffed together."

"It's fine Yang." I got up from the couch and started to walk toward the bookshelves. "Come on if you really want something to read lets find you something so you can leave me alone."

"Thanks Blakey!" She tried to put her arm around me couldn't since that was the arm cuffed to me. I smirked at her and continued to make my way towards the nearest bookshelf.

It took us a couple of minutes to find her a book she liked before we could go back to the couch. She ended up picking a book of old fairy tales with the explanation "Love reading these they remind me of when I used to read to my younger sister before bed."

Once I sat down and picked up my book Yang sat down next to me started to read aloud "Once upon a time in… Oh sorry I'm just so used to reading these stories aloud that I just started to read it aloud."

"Its fine if you really want to read aloud you can."

She gave me a small smile and responded " Thanks Blake"

"Once upon a time in a land far far away…" I stopped reading to listen to Yang read her stories the first one she read was about a young girl that went into the house of three bears, ate their food, destroyed their stuff and slept in their beds before she was chased off by the bears when they came back from their walk in the forest. The next story she read was about a young girl whose father was trapped in a castle owned by a beast. In order to get her father released from the beast's clutches she offered to take her father's place and stay forever. In the end the beast turned out to be some kind of prince with a spell that had been placed upon him. By the end of that story the lull of Yang's voice had caused me fall asleep.

I later woke up to find myself in my own bed with no Yang in sight. I looked around my large room to find a small note on my nightstand.

I noticed you had gone to sleep and carried you to your room

p.s: I borrowed the book you had been reading in the library and left the fairy tales book where I found it -

For some reason the note made me smile and i tucked it into the nightstands drawer and tried to go back to sleep with a smile on my face


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