St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses was a name that sent a chill through all young girls of royal parentage. A place known for terrifying rumors and legends as much as it was for education and domestication. Stories of girls being sent away by kings and queens who couldn't handle the responsibility of raising an unruly daughter or simply didn't want to bother with the effort and having them come back completely different were not uncommon. As if not just their spirit had been broken but the very essence of what made them individuals in the first place had been removed. The name of the school alone was often enough to keep some princesses in line, but there were enough unfortunate souls that still found their way past the black gates of St. Olga's.

If this sounded like a place of torture and brainwashing, well that's because it was. While the parents rarely complained about the change of attitude in their daughters upon returning from St. Olga's there was often a noticeable difference. Enough that some expressed regret sending their children to an institution that stole the very light out of their eyes. Not enough that St. Olga ever ran out of new students to educate though, and the headmistress Miss Heinous worked hard to keep up the image of the school as a place of legitimate education. She'd done quite well in keeping everyone outside her school in the dark, and everyone within as compliant prisoners with only the rarest of exceptions ever escaping or resisting. In the end everyone was a perfect little princess, or else.

That is until the arrival of Star Butterfly and "Princess Marco". Looking to free their friend Princess Pony Head from capture for just a day of fun on her birthday, the duo found out the truth about the school first hand. Infiltrating and securing their friend's release, Marco's knowledge gained from hours of watching prison break movies came in handy as they lead a riot and revolt against the faculty of the school. With the toppling of Heinous from her seat of power within the school and the expulsion of her from the building along with her manservant Gemini, St. Olga's went from a center of oppression to a center of partying. Despite having gone there to free here, Pony Head chose to stay behind and continue the party with her fellow escaped inmates. Star and Marco made a quick escape afterwards, but not without leaving an impression upon everyone there. Princess Marco became the hero of all young female royalty across multiple worlds and kingdoms, while Miss Heinous went into hiding as a fugitive once her crimes were brought to light.

Months later though the party began to die down. Princess Marco was still a hero the girls looked up to, even opening a line of merchandise ranging from toys to apparel. Miss Heinous was still a villain on the loose, planning her vengeance against her nemesis that lead the revolution against her precious school. However it turned out the young and previously labeled rebellious princesses were more mature than they had been given credit for. They wanted an education, they wanted to go to school and not grow up aimless or foolish. There was just small request they be respected as individuals rather than forcefully groomed into a stereotype none of them agreed with. With Star and Marco having returned home after their part in reforming the Reform School, it was left to one princess to take the reigns so to speak.

"You're in charge of a St. Olga's?" Marco asked with a dry tone of disbelief at the floating horse head before him. "And everyone agreed to that?"

"For your information Earth Turd, I happen to be an amazing and capable leader when the situation calls for it." The magical pony princess fired back at the Earth boy, the two having always been a little at odds with each other despite coming to an agreement to be friends. If just for Star's sake. "Besides everything was all sorts of chaotic and junk after Heinous ran outta there. Then all the teachers were like 'Oh no, who's gonna pay us?' and I was like 'Whatever, why should I care', know what I mean?"

"Sounds about right so far." Marco replied, still not impressed as he sat on Star's bed next to the Mewni princess who was listening to Pony Head's story with more enthusiasm than Marco could muster.

"Then after a while everyone was like 'Hey Pony Head, we're hungry, what we gonna eat?', so I was like 'Just order pizza or some junk, what's it matter?'. Then they were all 'Pony Head, the lights and the water ain't runnin' no more, who's gonna pay the bills?', and that's when I knew I had to do something to like get all these girls to stop whining to me all the time, know what I'm saying?"

Star clapped her hands in celebration of her friends initiative at taking charge of the situation. "So you managed to get the school back up and running all by yourself?" She asked with a bright smile.

"Uh yeah, sure, y'know it was all me... and sorta my dad." Pony Head mumbled at the end of her sentence. Marco however didn't want to let that last part just leave out of the story.

"Sorry, I couldn't quite hear you at the end. Did you say something more there?" Marco asked with a bit of a grin.

"Alright, fine! I called daddy and he put everything together. Jeez Marco, you happy?"

"Kinda." Marco answered gleefully, getting an elbow from Star in the side.

"C'mon Marco, be supportive! Pony Head really came through and saved the day. Now we don't have to be afraid of St. Olga's ever again! That's the best thing I've ever heard in my life."

"Alright alright, she did pretty good this time around. Though Heinous is still out there looking to kill us all, right?" Marco added, though he'd gotten used to monsters and maniacs coming after him after spending so much time with Star. Pony Head didn't share the same fears as the Earth boy however.

"Whatever. She's long gone and everyone's looking to lock her up. She ain't gonna show her face anywhere around my school. And now that it's gonna open up officially next week we're gonna have one last Par-tah to kick it off!" With Pony Head's declaration Star jumped up off her bed and began dancing around with her friend in celebration.

"This is going to be so much fun, I can't wait to see what it looks like now." Star said, visions of destroyed walls and broken chains in her mind as she gleefully ripped apart her mental image of what St. Olga's had represented to her.

"Oh it ain't much different." Pony Head explained, stopping the dancing. "That's why it's gonna open in a week so they can get it all fixed up and junk. But until then we get to tear it up as much as we want!" The girls cheered together in unison at the idea of tearing downing their previous symbol of oppression. "So you invited everyone right B-fly?"

"You know it! Janna's coming and so's Jackie and Starfan said she'd definitely come." Even if it was a princess party that didn't mean they couldn't invite others to stop in and have a good time. Besides many of the girls wanted to meet more people from Earth since that was where Princess Marco was from.

"Can always rely on you, girl. So Earth Turd, you managed to bring us some cute boys, right?" Pony Head asked Marco who was currently flipping through his phone while the girls had been celebrating the upcoming party.

"I have two male friends and there's one guy I sort of know, but they all agreed to show up." Marco explained still sounding as deadpan as ever. Pony Head wasn't so satisfied with that answer as she got closer to him.

"Marco, I promised to bring some hot Earth boys to this party and these girls are looking to mingle. You're gonna come through for me, right?"

"Well uh... two of them managed to court a queen before."

"Really!?" Pony Head actually looked impressed. "Well it looks like I misjudged you for once."

"For once?" Marco repeated with sarcasm. Though his description got Star thinking.

"Hey Marco, you don't mean Ferguson and Alfonzo do you?" They didn't quite meet Star's standards of "cute boys" that Pony Head might have been looking for. Sensing her apprehension Marco moved on to his last candidate.

"This other guy is a musician! Girls love that kind of stuff right? Bards and guys that can serenade and things like that?" Marco quickly explained to change the topic but Pony Head wasn't so sure.

"Musician huh? What's he play? If it's a lute then forget it, I don't need another one of those lame princes playing Wonder Falls all night."

"It's a keytar." Marco explained which impressed Pony Head again.

"Keytar huh? Well I guess that's kinda different than every other loser out there. Sure, they're in." Despite Pony Head's approval that description got a reaction from Star again.

"Keytar... Marco, did you invite Oskar?" The Mewni princess asked with some hesitation. Though Marco couldn't understand why.

"Yeah, I thought you'd be excited that I did. Once I told him we were going to another dimension for a party he was all for it." Marco explained.

"Oh well, yeah I guess that does make sense."

"Was that not okay?" Marco asked, a tone of concern in his voice as Pony Head watched on with unusual quiet for the outspoken princess.

"No no, it's fine. I mean, it's great! It's great that Oskar's gonna be there too. Thank you for inviting him for me." Star reassured with a smile and nod. Marco nodding back in approval.

"Of course, I've always got my bestie's back." As if on cue the doorbell rang out to let the three friends know that the rest of their entourage had arrived. "Looks like they're right on time, I'll go get the door to let everyone in." Star and Pony Head agreed to his decision and Marco exited the room quickly to go greet everyone. As the two princesses started to follow after them Pony Head was giving Star a knowing gaze.

"What? What is it? Do I have something on my face?" Star asked as she felt around her cheeks.

"You and this Oskar guy a thing, B-fly?" Pony Head inquired.

"Oh no, no we're not a thing or anything like that. I mean I sorta had a crush on him..."

"HAD a crush on him?"

"Have. I like... have a crush on him, y'know? I just haven't seen him for a while so I'm nervous is all." Star said, rubbing her arm and looking towards the stairs that lead down to where their friends were gathering for the party. "Can we talk about this later?"

"Hey if you're cool with everything, I'm cool with everything, for real. I'm just making sure you're actually cool, cool?"

"Cool." Star said with a forced smile and a thumbs up.

"Alright then..." She didn't truly seemed convinced that there wasn't still something up with her friend, but she wasn't going to pry further if Star didn't want her to. "Then let's get this party started!" With that Pony Head zipped down the stairs leaving a trail of glittery sparkles in the air behind her. Once she was gone Star took a second to collect herself and proceeded after her, getting ready to see her friends.

As she descended the stairs everyone was gathered together already, Janna and Starfan were discussing what this Princess School/Prison must have been like before it got liberated and Alfonzo and Ferguson were currently being grilled by Pony Head to see if they truly measured up to her standards for this event. Off to the corner was Oskar, he didn't seem to really notice anyone as he was tapping out sounds on his keytar, seemingly already passed Pony Head's inspection for "hot Earth boys". In the past Star's gaze would have been locked on the musician and him alone, having him in her home where she could get as close with him as she wanted. But that wasn't where her eyes had gone first. Instead she'd caught a glimpse of Marco and Jackie sharing a quick kiss before splitting apart so Marco could defend his position on inviting his two male friends and Jackie could catch up on Janna's conversation. The kiss had only been for an instant and had she hesitated just a little longer she wouldn't have caught it. But she had and without realizing it had stopped in her tracks at the top of the stairs.

"Star, are you coming?" Marco called out and that broke her out of her stupor. Blinking a few times as her mind came back to reality Star nodded and began descending the stairs again.

"Yeah, right here! Right on time!" Star called out with enthusiasm as she landed on the first floor. "Are we all set to go?"

"I guess so." Pony Head grumbled, deciding it was too late to replace Al and Ferg with anyone else they might be able to find. "Yo, Janna my girl! Keytar-boy, it's time to get goin'!" Everyone gathered together to get ready for the interdimensional travel. As they did Janna nudged up against Star and whispered in her ear.

"You must be pretty excited, right? I heard Marco went out of his way to find Oskar so he could get him to come along."

"Yeah... yeah, it's really nice of him to do that for me." Star agreed, unable to not notice Marco's hand go around Jackie's hip as they grouped up together.

She really should be grateful to him. Oskar hadn't been around school in who knew how long so finding him probably wasn't easy to do. Still despite the effort he'd put in for her she couldn't help but be reminded about the effort she'd put in for him and seeing the results right in front of her. After pining for Jackie Lynn Thomas for so long Marco was finally not just friends with her but in a relationship. Something that Star had helped play a role in putting together herself and encouraging him to go for with all his might. Now he'd succeeded and not only did they both seem happy together but they were an undeniably cute couple.

Naturally neither of them had mentioned their past sexual experiments Star and Marco had shared together to Jackie. Having agreed it was a private matter between them and it wouldn't have done any good to tell anyone else. Not only that, neither had attempted anymore intimate moments like last time they'd been together physically since Marco began dating Jackie. Star had wanted to respect their relationship, but it wasn't like Marco had been neglecting her at all since he started dating Jackie. In fact he probably still spent more time with Star than with his own girlfriend. Still seeing them together pulled at her heart somehow, forcing her to remember her own words she'd spoken to him in the past like a personal mantra. She didn't want a relationship right now with the kind of man she'd want to marry. She wanted to explore and adventure and party, to do all the things she could while she was still young before she had to become an adult. Most importantly she had said out loud that she wanted these things for him too.

This was what was best for both of them. They needed to enjoy their youth. To be happy. To be free.

Marco used the dimensional scissors to cut open a portal in their living room large enough for everyone to pile through together. With a few steps the teenagers were out of the Diaz household and into what looked like the most bizarre rave party the regular Earth goers had ever seen. For Star and Marco it wasn't much different from the day they'd left St. Olga's. There were princesses of all shapes, sizes and races dancing in the courtyard of the building while magical laser lights fired off into the sky and music played over loud speakers. The only difference this time was instead of the party resulting from a revolution and mass destruction it was being lead by a DJ on a stage along with several other staff members that had been brought along to keep the party stocked with age appropriate refreshments and accessories. Also interestingly there were a number of males in the group and by their attire it was safe to assume they may have been royalty too.

"Whoa. This is far out." Oskar said aloud as he took in the sight of everything around him, having only been exposed to Star's magical chaos back on Earth in the briefest of moments. Sensing a moment of praise, Pony Head was there to accept it.

"Don't you know it! This is a final bash for all the independent princesses out there, so we're goin' all out! C'mon, let me get you guys hooked up." Everyone followed along with Pony Head as she lead them past the dancing mass of people and towards a table nearby where a sloth man was waiting with a dull expression on his face.

"Welcome to the St. Olga's Princess Marco Celebration Party, do you have your tickets?" The sloth man asked, slowly, eyes glazed over with the look of a man who'd given up on life long ago. The party around him may as well not even be existing.

"Oh they're on the list." Pony Head explained matter-of-factually. "Wrist bands and balloons all around, kay? Kay." The sloth man gave a sigh of contempt, leaned over and pulled up an actual list from behind the table. Flipping through a few pages and ignoring the looks of impatience from the teenagers before him he eventually landed on a page.

"Name please?"

"Princess. Pony. Head." Princess Pony Head answered with great irritation. "The girl paying you to be here in the first place!"

"...first name?" The sloth man asked, possibly out of contempt or a true lack of any care in the world. Though his expression changed when he suddenly found himself at the point of the magical horn atop Pony Head's brow.

"Skewering! Skewering Princess Ponyhead!"

"Right! Right, that's right here on the list! Let me get you all set up." After a short display of force the sloth man was more than willing to help everyone that came before him. Attaching a wrist band to the left hand of everyone present and providing a different colored balloon attached to the right. While everyone was still enamored with what was going on around them with the party Marco was observing the balloons curiously.

"So you actually hired Quest Buy employees to host your party?" He asked Pony Head in disbelief.

"They came cheap and daddy didn't want to give me a whole lot of money for this party, despite it being like the MOST important part of our grand opening. I mean can you believe it? Like teacher's need that much of a salary anyway. They're just repeating stuff that's already written down." Marco didn't feel like arguing the merits of education with someone that thought of fashion magazines as required reading material for a well rounded life.

"Uh-huh. And the balloons?"

"Oh, those? They came free so now it's a big ol' balloon party." Now that he took note of it there were a lot of people out among the rave dancing with balloons attached to them. "Check it out, you can even draw on yours if you want." Hearing a chance to decorate Star jumped at the opportunity.

"Ooh, I wanna draw something!" The princess said enthusiastically as she approached the table with multiple colored pens.

"Yeah, let me in on it too." Janna said and followed along, soon getting everyone to decorate their balloons together. After a few minutes of talking it over and deciding what they wanted everybody did a big reveal of their artwork. Star stepping up to the plate to lead the way. "Okay okay, since this was a big day out I decided to do all of us together!" Star showed off her balloon with cartoony faces of everyone that had come from Earth together, which got a happy reaction out of the whole group.

Marco stood up next to reveal his grand artwork. "Since we're all representing Earth tonight and especially Echo Creek, I decided to use the mascot we all hold dear."

"A slab of beef?" Star asked confused, catching Marco off guard.

"What, no, it's a-"

"That little pizza guy!" Jackie blurted out next. "From the pizza restaurant, y'know. The 'pizza pizza' thing." Everyone nodded in agreement, seeing it together. Everyone despite Marco.

"No, it's not a pizza guy. It's not a guy at all, it's a-"

"Possum?" Ferguson offered.

"No, it's not a-" Marco stopped for a moment. "No wait actually yeah, yeah it is. Our school mascot at Echo Creek Academy."

"Really!?" Janna asked looking it over for the third time. "How can you tell?"

"Because I drew one too." Ferguson answered, showing off his balloon with a much more highly detailed and easy to decipher picture. His balloon earning him a round of compliments and Star reassuring Marco that it wasn't that bad, even if it did look like a slab of ugly steak. Jackie had decided to keep it simple and just put a seashell on her balloon to match her necklace. Janna predictably put something on hers that was reminiscent of the kinds of symbols Marco had seen in Tom's bedroom but not quite accurate enough to be dangerous. Starfan had naturally drawn Star on hers and Alfonzo had drawn a picture of Pony Head in honor of her inviting them, much to her ego's enjoyment. However that left one person out.

"Hey Oskar, what did you draw?" Star asked curiously as he was putting on the finishing touches of his balloon.

"Oh, just my name."

"Just... your name? Really?"

"Yeah, I figure that'll be easier for people to know who I am when I get up on stage to play next to the DJ." It seemed he'd already had a plan of action for the night involving fame and the use of his music to catch some adoring fans. Assuming the kind of sounds that caused repulsion in the general Earth populace would go over well with the princesses. "Yours is cool though, you're a really good artist."

"Oh, well... thanks a lot." Star said with a small smile, appreciating the compliment.

"By the way, Mango?" Oskar asked allowed, causing confusion among the group until everyone realized he was looking at Marco.

"You mean me?"

"Yeah, Mango, that hairy guy said this was St. Olivia's Princess Marco something or other? Do you have like, a sister who's a princess?" The question suddenly brought attention of the name of the party to everyone around them. Janna being the first to jump on information about Marco that she somehow didn't know about got all up in Marco's face with curiosity.

"Whoa, are you saying you had a secret sister this whole time and you kept it from all of us? Was she like from a previous marriage with your mom or dad or something? Is she adopted? What kind of kingdom does she rule over?" Marco pushed Janna back to a more comfortable distance, never wanting to let her get too close unless you wanted to lose the contents of your pockets.

"Back off, alright! There's no secret sister. You're all looking at the one true Princess Marco right here." All of Marco's friends went wide eyed, making him feel pretty proud of himself. "Matter of fact it was your's truly along with some rebel princesses that made this place into the party central it is today." Marco bragged as he stood next to Star and Pony Head to show off their accomplishment. "Pretty cool right? We're basically the founders of a revolution."

"Mango's a girl?" Oskar suddenly asked with true sincerity.

"What!? No that's not at all what I said at-." Despite his protest everyone was already weighing the options. Al and Ferg looking at each other for some sort of clue.

"He's been in the boys locker room before..." Al said trying to reason this out.

"But he's always wearing a towel around his chest and like, I've never looked you know." Ferguson retorted. Janna was racking her brain at the sudden new information.

"No way Marco is a girl AND a princess! I always thought he looked kind of soft for a boy but I didn't think he was like... girly soft!" She suddenly looked to Jackie for confirmation. "He's not right? You'd know better than anybody." Jackie went wide eyed at the question and saw all eyes had fallen on her, putting her hands up in a panic.

"That's kind of a personal question to ask don't you think!? We only started dating a while ago!"

"Well I haven't checked for sure, he would never let me!" Janna yelled back.

"I'll check right now if you want." Starfan offered gleefully and Marco took safety behind Star Original from prodding hands.

"Let's clarify something here." Marco said. "I am a man!" He declared with a result of sighs of relief and groans of disappointment from various parties that had been curious.

"That's right, he's 100% a cutey-boy." Star said firmly to back Marco up.

"You couldn't have also said I was a man too?" Marco asked disappointed but Star shook her head with a smile.

"Nope, cause you're clearly a cutey-boy." Star said in reply and pinched his cheek while giggling, causing him to flail at her teasing fingers. Though it opened up a question for Pony Head that she seemed to be waiting on the chance to ask.

"Oh yeah, B-Fly? How do you know for sure that Earth Turd ain't just a girl hiding under a hoodie?" Those words caused the playful actions between the two friends to stop cold, both of them suddenly looking as if they'd been caught red handed in the middle of a crime. Star's hands removed themselves from Marco quickly as they struggled for a reply.

"Uh... well... y'know just... look at him!" Star said. "Boy, obviously boy."

"Yep, obviously a boy." Marco agreed. "No need for checking here, total confirmation." Their nervousness got a few odd glances, particularly from Janna and Pony Head. Though Jackie was kind enough to ease the tension and sauntered up to Marco with a kiss on the cheek.

"Well if you're not a boy then you really fooled me." She said with a laugh, breaking the tension for nearly everyone around them. "So what's this revolution stuff about anyway? I wanna hear that story."

"Oh you're not gonna believe it, let's get going and I'll tell you guys all about it." Marco said as the group made their way towards the party. As they did though the two royal members of their entourage lagged behind for a brief chat.

"You still cool, B-fly?" Pony Head asked with a questioning look.

"Hm?" Star responded, having been lost in thought after she'd forced herself to stop making so much physical contact with Marco. "Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm cool. Totally cool."

"...alright then, cool." Pony Head agreed with resignation in her voice.

After the explanation of how and why Princess Marco came to be a thing there was more understanding among his friends and less debate over his gender. Though Janna still wasn't allowed to double check no matter how many times she asked. As they walked around the party Marco was stopped every so often to give autographs to his adoring fans, unused to the praise but happy to be an inspiration to so many young girls that had previously thought their individuality didn't matter. It didn't hurt that this seemed to impress Jackie at the same time. Even Pony Head backed off on her usual slew of insults and teasing on Marco's behalf while he was among the public.

Shortly after getting the run down on how things worked everyone began to split off to see what they could find to do at the party. Alfonzo and Ferguson had made their way into the crowd of princesses from other dimensions looking to see if their status of being friends with Marco and being from Earth might net them more popularity than it had back home. Janna had also wanted to go see what was up with all these trouble causing princesses, Marco having last seen her engaged in a conversation about the best ways to pick locks if you happened to find yourself trapped in a tower or just wanted to break into someone's house. Jackie had wanted to see more of the school after having heard Marco's story, finding it fascinating compared to what was essentially just a party happening outside. Pony Head and Starfan accompanied them since the princess had wanted to brag about all the changes she'd helped put into effect and Starfan was hoping to get some real princess attire for her own personal collection.

Oskar had decided he was going to get into the party as well, looking for a chance to try and get up on stage as soon as he could. Marco had suggested to Star that this could be her chance to go hang out with him and get to know him better but oddly enough she decided to stay with him. He didn't really understand why, it seemed like Star hated this place more than anything else in her life. Yet the whole time she kept pace with the group as they marveled at the destruction the princesses had set upon the school's interior.

"There sure are a lot of posters." Starfan commented as they walked down a hall that was plastered with Marco's face all along it, pictures of him in his Princess attire and words scrawled in spray paint across the walls reading "It's not criminal to be an individual!". "Do you care if I take one home?"

"Knock yourself out." Pony Head offered, not very impressed with the decorations herself. "Yeah so, Earth Turd got to be the face of the revolution but lets not forget who really ran the show after you guys bounced outta here."

"Didn't you try to leave as soon as you could once everyone started asking you for stuff?" Star asked, remembering clearly the last time Pony Head had come to visit her and her words on how those annoying girls wouldn't leave her alone.

"Yeah, but I came back, so like the past is forgiven and junk." Pony Head rationalized. Meanwhile Jackie was also taking down a poster and rolling it up. "Girl, you want one of these things too? Don't you get enough of Earth Turd's face back home already?"

"It's something special." Jackie said with a bright smile as she tucked the poster under her arm. "When are you going to get another chance to see your boyfriend on a propaganda poster in a princess dress?"

"I can still put him in that dress with my magic if you want." Star offered, causing Jackie's and Starfan's eyes to light up in excitement.

"Really!? I kinda wanna see it." Jackie admitted with a bit of excitement.

"Do it do it do it wait!" Starfan cried out as she reached into her purse and pulled out her phone, turning on her camera. "Okay do it!" Marco grumbled but eventually agreed to go along with it, never having suspected he'd be forced to put the dress on again in front of people he knew. Star stepped back and cast her magic on Marco, causing a flash of light and a reveal of the young princess who's face surrounded them on the walls of the hall they stood in. Starfan squealed in delight seeing him. "Ohmygosh he looks like a real princess."

"Whoa." Jackie said in disbelief, walking up to Marco to feel the fabric of his dress and the new length of hair that had sprouted from his head. "He really does look like a princess."

"Yeah yeah..." Marco grumbled aloud. "Heard it before, 'pink is my color' and all that. Just glad Janna's not here to see this right now."

"Don't worry about that." Pony Head said gleefully as she floated behind Starfan who was filming all of this with her phone. "We'll be sure to show her all of this later." Marco stuck his tongue out at the camera but it didn't do much to dissuade Jackie's opinion of his appearance.

"Seriously Marco, you're prettier than some of the girls at our school." The compliment got a blush out of the boy's cheeks that just reaffirmed her position on his appearance. After a moment of uncomfortable silence he spoke up again.

"Okay so... Star is it okay to change me back?"

"Are you sure?" Star asked curiously. "I bet everyone would be pretty excited to see the real Princess Marco make an appearance. Plus Jackie's right, you're in the top ten of cuties at Echo Creek."

"I know, right?" Jackie agreed. "Is that the magic doing that or is it just his face?"

"Nope, like I said before he's just 100% a cutey-boy." Star said proudly with a smile on her face. It dropped quickly however when Jackie suddenly stepped up to Marco and kissed him on the lips, retreating afterwards with a shy smile.

"Well... I guess that's the closest I'm ever going to come to kissing a girl." She said with a small laugh. There was a long pause afterwards, Starfan and Ponyhead watching through the camera lens of her phone's picture as it focused on their faces staring at each other. Until Starfan moved the camera to look at Star herself who was watching with an expression of shock. Utilizing her talents at being the center of attention, Pony Head was the first to break the silence with her voice.

"Say B-fly, maybe you should change Earth Turd back now before he gets mobbed by his 'fans' or whatever."

"Riiiiight." Star agreed as she walked up to Marco and gave him a tap on the head, his outfit returning back to the jeans and hoodie he'd come to the party in. Marco agreed it was better to be back into his normal clothing, even if the dress was kind of comfortable to wear.

"Well now that I've got recorded proof for everyone that I've been in a dress, what do you guys wanna do next?"

"I wanna see more of the places you told me about in the story." Jackie admitted. "Can you give me a tour of the school?" There was an upward tone to her voice, a batting of her lashes as she asked the question. The kind of moves the other girls easily recognized but left Marco completely oblivious as to why he suddenly felt a thump in his heart when she spoke like that.

"S-sure! Sure thing, yeah, let's uh... let's do it." Marco agreed and took Jackie's hand, heading down the hallway to travel deeper into the school. "Are you guys coming too?"

"Ya'll can go do whatever you like." Pony Head said without looking up, using her magical horn to float her own phone in front of her. "We'll see you later or some junk." At the moment she was too focused on getting Starfan to share the video she'd just taken so she would have a copy too. "Oh you should send it to Janna too, that girl's gonna freak when she see's this."

"Okay, Star do you want it too? I can send it now if you want!" Starfan offered eagerly to the object of her obsession. However when she looked up was horrified to find that the princess wasn't around. "Star?"

"Star? B-fly?" Pony Head asked finally looking up as well, seeing that Star had completely vanished from their sight when they'd been occupied. "Star, where you at!?"

"It doesn't look how I expected." Jackie said aloud as she observed the chair in the middle of the room. "I was thinking it would be more... I dunno, medieval? Menacing? This looks like a fancy barber's chair."

"I'm honestly surprised it's still intact considering how the rest of this place looks." Marco responded as he looked the chair over. The shackles that had once held him in place were open, awaiting new wrists to confine. A set of restraints that were once used in tandem with a mind control device and projector to manipulated the personalities of young girls into becoming "proper princesses". "Personally it would have been the first thing I would have destroyed." Jackie looked up to see the shattered window with its still jagged edges that lead to the control room where the device would have been deployed from. Much like a normal projection booth only with far more sinister intentions. Beyond that little destruction there wasn't much else broken. The poster Jackie had collected was sitting on one of the tables in the room, rolled up and tied into place with the balloon strings Marco and Jackie had removed from their wrists to make walking easier.

"You have a lot of bad memories of this room, huh?" Jackie asked as she looked the chair over more closely, noticing the shackles on the armrests could be secured again with a simple sliding pin that was attached to the mechanism.

"I wasn't in here for very long but it wasn't pleasant." Marco admitted. "I mean I got like... what maybe ten minutes at most of being exposed to their forced brainwashing stuff? Eyes pried open and head locked into place, forced to watch a screen against my will. It was bad but some of the girls here... who knows how many times they went through that." Marco shivered a bit at the thought. "It's okay for me though, Star saved me before anything really bad could happen."

"She does that a lot huh?" Jackie said thoughtfully. "You guys really are an amazing team, you know. Going on adventures and saving people. It must be exciting." Marco rubbed the back of his head in a bashful manner, often having difficulty with compliments coming from Jackie.

"We get into a lot of trouble too so I think that evens it out." Marco laughed nervously. "But yeah she's really amazing, a princess that can do pretty much anything she sets her mind to. I owe her a lot when I think about it." Marco said with a thoughtful sigh. "Well other than the prison cells and the weird demonic chamber we found that one time, I'm not sure there's much else to see. But we could go check them out if you-" Marco was cut off however as Jackie approached him and pressed her lips against his own, her arms gently wrapping around his body to hold him. It was a surprising action but not unwelcome as he soon after returned the favor, holding her in his own arms and kissing her in return happily.

He'd expected her to stop shortly after as Jackie had never minded displaying affection with Marco but wasn't often physically direct with him. Kissing and hugging were okay but he found she enjoyed just spending time near each other a lot more valuable when they were together. A thoughtful girl that put a lot of stock in emotional connections and understanding. To the point she told Marco she'd like to get to where they could read each other's minds and he was only half sure she'd been joking. But she didn't cease as her hands went up to his hair and she deepened the kiss with him. He still didn't know why this was happening but like most teenage boys he wasn't going to stop his girlfriend from a sudden burst of desire they wanted to act upon.

After a few moments longer of deep kissing Jackie broke it apart and rested her head on his shoulder, rubbing her cheek against his own. It was warm and soft and encouraged him to hug her with an extra little squeeze at the feeling. "Marco." Jackie whispered into his ear, breath hot and voice low so that it nearly made his legs shake. "I'm sorry bad things happened to you here."

"It's okay." Marco said as he stroked her back lightly, still catching his breath from the passionate exchange earlier. "Really, in the end it helped people, so I don't mind it."

"I know, but... I still don't like that bad things happened to you." Jackie admitted and leaned her head against his own as her chin rested on his shoulder. Marco leaned back and couldn't suppress the smile on his face.

"I'm pretty tough despite looking good in a dress." Marco said jokingly, happy that he got a little laugh out of her. "Thank you though, I'm glad that you care about me."

"Well yeah, I'm your girlfriend silly. I want the best for you." She said happily and removed herself from leaning against his body so they could look at each other eye to eye. "So uh... There was something I wanted to do."

"Oh?" Marco asked as he swallowed a lump in his throat, not sure what the request could possibly be but at this point he was ready to do anything for her.

"Yeah, you see if you have bad memories of a place then I think you can sometimes get rid of them by replacing them with good ones." She leaned forward and rested her forehead against Marco's, noses touching but she kept talking normally despite the extreme close quarters. "Like with some help you can get into someone's mind to help heal it. Do you think so too?"

"I uh... I guess I never thought about it. But I don't see why not, I've never heard of that being something that was dis-proven before?" He'd actually never heard of this idea at all before but why not see where she was going with this. Besides Marco believed Jackie had an interest when it came to connecting with people in unique ways.

"Good, so if you trust me then can I ask you to do something?"


"Get in the chair." With those words Marco felt like a crushing weight had fallen on his stomach, freezing him in place and unable to move. It took him a second to even respond to her after that request.

"Get... get in the chair?" Marco asked and Jackie nodded. "That chair?" Jackie nodded again, her face scrunching nervously at her request. "The torture chair?"

"If you don't want to you don't have to but I just-" Jackie began but Marco shook his head and stopped her.

"I trust you." He said and walked over to the chair, taking a deep breath as he looked it over. In the past he'd been thrown into it and held down, arms restrained against his will. Now he was about to sit in it of his own choice at the request of the girl he loved. Slowly he lowered himself down into the seat. The chair wasn't especially comfortable but it still accommodated him well enough. Once he was sitting down Jackie walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Do you feel okay?" She asked with concern, having been visually upset earlier in the party when Marco had explained what had been done to him before in this place by Heinous. Marco nodded to let her know he was keeping it together still. "Okay, good." She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. "I'm going to do something else next and you can tell me to stop when you're ready, okay?"

"A-alright? What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to lock you into the chair." Marco took a deep and uncomfortable breath at the idea of it but slowly nodded after bracing himself. Carefully Jackie put the shackles around Marco's arms, sliding the pins into place so he wouldn't be able to escape from his seat. Once she was done Marco struggled a little to see if they'd hold and found the restraints were just as effective as they'd been in the past. "Okay, can't move?"

"Nope, I'm completely at your mercy." Marco said with a nervous laugh.

"Yeah, I guess you are." Jackie said and leaned forward with a devious smile. "Like this I could do anything I wanted. There wouldn't be any way you could stop me either, huh?"

"I... I guess not?" Marco responded now beginning to wonder if he'd made a terrible mistake.

"Good. I got you all to myself and nobody else." Jackie said gleefully and walked over to the door they'd come through to get into the room, locking it so they couldn't be disturbed. The loud sound of the "click" as the deadbolt turned in the silent room made Marco jump a little. Jackie returned shortly after. "Sorry I just wanted to be sure we had some privacy." She added with a little laugh and looked away. "So um... there's something I've kinda thought about doing for a while but I wasn't sure if it would be okay?"

"You didn't think it would be okay?" At this point the fear had left in place of general confusion. Jackie was normally very assured with herself and her decisions. He admired her honesty and self confidence a lot as a person. She rarely showed indecision of this level.

"Yeah, I wanted to do this but I thought you might think... less of me if I did." Jackie admitted nervously.

"Jackie, hey, listen to me." Marco said and drew her gaze back to his eyes. "I love you. Heck you know what, I respect you. So much I let you take me back to a place I was tortured and lock me back up again. That is how much I trust you. I'm not going to think less of you."

"Really!?" Jackie asked hopefully and Marco nodded. "Oh good, then I'm not going to worry anymore." Jackie admitted and suddenly began to take her shirt off.

It was at this moment Marco immediately became grateful to everything Miss Heinous had done to him in the past that lead them to here and now.

"W-whoa." Marco said as Jackie cast her shirt aside, wearing a white bra underneath.

"I know white is kind of plain but I just never really thought about getting sexy underwear before we got together." Jackie admitted. "You like it still?"

"Yeah, it's really cute." Like it? That was not the word that actually fit his opinion. Cute didn't do it justice either. Having never seen this much of her exposed body before Marco was ecstatic and was doing his very best to play it cool.

"Okay so... here comes the next part." Jackie prepared as she seemed to be psyching herself up for this plan of hers. Reaching behind her back she unclasped the straps of her bra and let them go loose, moving her hands to cover her chest. Slowly as she gathered her courage she let her chest be exposed to a very happy Marco. "Um... like, 'Tah-dah' or whatever. My boobs." She said trying to be lighthearted about the whole ordeal. "I've got freckles on my chest too so I hope that doesn't bother you."

"Not at all." Marco said as he struggled to look but not leer at the pair of lovely breasts before him. "I mean... they're perfect, just like the rest of you."

"Marco, I'm not perfect."

"Well I guess then you're just really beautiful?" He replied getting a big smile out of his girlfriend.

"You're a sweetheart. Okay, I feel a lot better about doing this now. Are you ready for the next part?" Marco nodded enthusiastically, not sure what the next part could be but knew wherever this was going he wanted to be a part of it. "Okay, prepare yourself." Approaching Marco Jackie very carefully positioned herself to sit onto his lap. A pressure that was both welcomed by Marco and also terribly teasing with the fabric between the two of them. Taking her time Jackie adjusted her body onto the chair so she was sitting sideways with her legs over one arm. "Okay... I think I got my balance."

"You sure? I'm not going to be able catch you restrained like this if you fall and I don't want you to get hurt." Marco asked and Jackie just ruffled his hair and laughed.

"You've got a topless girl sitting on your lap and your main concern is about her being safe?" Marco looked away embarrassed, having always been a bit self conscious about not being manly enough. Though he got another little kiss on the side of his head for the comment. "That's what I like about you 'Safe Kid'. You care about others."

"Hey, I might be the Safe Kid but I'm not gonna apologize for worrying about you." Marco said confidently.

"Good, I don't want you to." Jackie replied and put her arms around Marco's head, leaning forward to hold him against her breasts. They were soft and comforting, larger than Star's and with a noticeable amount of squishing as his head laid against them. To be honest it felt wonderful. "Okay, now I want you to relax."

"Don't think that'll be possible." Marco said half jokingly from Jackie's cleavage.

"Well then just try not to feel bad." Jackie said and began to stroke his hair. "You're in the bad room where they did bad things to you. In the chair where they tried to hurt you. How do you feel right now?" The hair petting was actually very soothing despite the raging hormones and emotions going on in Marco's body. He tried to let himself relax and rest against Jackie's chest, listening to her heart beat.

"Good." Marco said.

"What else?" Jackie asked.

"Excited." Marco replied honestly and Jackie laughed a little.

"Okay, I can feel that too." She said, the pressure under her lap being pretty hard to ignore. "Any other feelings?"

"" Marco said and nuzzled his head into her chest.

"Good. That's what I want you to feel instead of fear. I want you to feel safe." Marco nodded as he got his hair continually pet, letting out a deep sigh of relief and releasing his tension. She really felt wonderful being this close to.

"You're really warm and soft." Marco admitted. "Hey Jackie..."


"Thank you for doing this." Marco said and got a small hug in return.

"You're welcome. I want to be able to do things for you too." She said happily. "You deserve it you know."

"But you do so much for me already." Marco said feeling a bit of insecurity creep in. "You're so amazing and great and you're really smart. I mean you just... you just made me feel better about a place that was terrible for me. How could I ever do this much for you?"

"Take me with you sometime on an adventure." Jackie asked, a request that surprised Marco enough to forget about cuddling into her breasts and look up at her face.

"You want to come on an adventure with us?"

"Sure... or even maybe just the two of us? Sometime? If that would be okay with you?" Jackie asked nervously. "I'd like to see the amazing things you see, I want to be part of that more, you know? Part of your life like that."

"You know I've almost died like sixty percent of the adventures I've been on right?" Marco said seriously.

"Well if it makes you feel better I'll gladly go with you on the other forty percent." Jackie replied, unshaken by his warning. Despite his better judgement of wanting to leave her out of some of the craziness that had become part of his life, Marco relented.

"Okay... yeah, the next time we go out for one that I think will work, I'll call you."

"Yes!" Jackie said happily and squeezed Marco's head against her chest. "Oh hey, are there interdimensional skate parks?"

"I bet you we could find one. Just don't hold it against me if I bring my bike instead of a skateboard."

"Oh, I won't. Is there anything else you'd rather I hold against you?" Jackie asked in that voice that had made him come along with her to this room in the first place. The one that seemed to alter his way of thinking without him ever realizing. He of course looked at her chest and she smiled mischievously. "I already know it's a yes, I can feel your answer under my butt already."

"It's not like I could help it." Marco said embarrassed. "You do that to me all the time without ever realizing it."

"Oh yeah?" Jackie asked curiously. "Like how?"

"Just... anything. A kiss or a hug... holding hands."

"Holding hands is enough to get you that way?" Marco shrugged, not sure how to respond. "I sure picked a horn dog for a boyfriend."

"It's cause I picked such a pretty girlfriend." Marco said in reply. There was a little bit of a silence as Jackie seemed to ponder something.

"Marco... do you want me to help you with it?"

"Help me with... 'that' you mean?"

"If you don't it's okay cause, I don't want you to think I'm a slut or anything." Jackie said nervously. "I mean I'm already here tying you down and pushing my boobs in your face so I doubt you don't think that already, but-"

"You're not a slut." Marco cut her off. "Not at all. You can be with the person you love and that doesn't make you a slut."

"Really?" Jackie asked, still unsure. "I mean I've thought about it before and I know what sex is, even if I've never done it but, I just didn't want you to have a bad opinion of me if I... wanted to try?"

"Well then am I slut because I'd like to try with my girlfriend too?" Marco asked, trying to reassure her.

"You're not a girl, it's different." Jackie countered.

"I'm a princess." Marco retorted.

"Yeah but you're a boy princess."

"With a sweet girlfriend."

"... you won't tell anyone right? Like brag about it?"


"Okay... I really think you're great." Jackie said as she kissed the top of his head and hopped off of his lap. Kneeling down in front of Marco she unzipped his hoodie to spread it open and began to undo his belt buckle and pants. After some help between the two working together she was able to pull them off, along with Marco's boxers to reveal just how much of an effect she'd had on him. "Wow." Jackie commented as she lightly put her fingers around his cock.

"Is... this okay?" Marco asked, not really sure what her expectation was going to be of him exposed like this but she didn't seem unhappy.

"I've never been this close to one before." She said curiously as she stroked her fingers around his cock. "Does this feel good?"

"Y-yeah! Yeah it feels really good." Marco admitted through heavy breathing, Jackie smiling at him as her hand began to get more comfortable with the idea of her actions. Her fingers wrapping around him to stroke up and down slowly as she watched his face.

"I've got you held down and in the palm of my hand." Jackie said teasingly. "How does that make you feel?"

"Excited." Marco said through heavy breaths.

"Good. You make really cute faces you know."

"Y-you're teasing me now." Marco complained but didn't struggle, focusing on holding back while she explored his body.

"Not yet I'm not." Lifting her hand up Jackie played with the head of his cock against her palm, watching Marco squirm and feeling the sticky, wet excitement build at the tip. "Do you want me to try something else?"

"I-I'm tied down... you can d-do whatever you want." Marco admitted and Jackie nodded, liking that idea of control and permission to do as she please. Moving forward she lifted her head over Marco's lap and took a breath. Opening her mouth she moved her head down to take Marco's cock into her lips, letting it slide against her tongue and taste the skin. She seemed unsure of her movements but soon found a comfortable way to bob her head against his lap, sucking at him strongly before pulling her mouth off of him to breath and returning to stroking with her hand.

"Was that good?" She asked curiously.

"It was great!" Marco answered more enthusiastically than intended but very honest. Though the truth made Jackie happy to hear.

"I'm glad. It was different than what I thought it would be like but I think I can do it okay." Moving back into position Jackie opened her mouth wide and took in Marco's cock, slowly sucking up and down again. Marco suddenly found himself thinking about Star and the first time they'd done this together. She'd had more practice, more time to learn how to do it in a comfortable and efficient way. Jackie was clearly new to her actions but Marco still enjoyed the feeling of her closing her mouth and sucking the entire length of his cock for as long as she could. Enough that he could feel the pressure building.


"Mmm?" She asked, mouth still full.

"I'm gonna cum." That news made Jackie suddenly go wide eyed as she took her mouth away from Marco's cock and looked up at him.

"Oh. Um do... do I keep sucking or...?"

"If you do it'll end up filling you mouth." The idea of getting a mouthful of Marco's cum this early into her sexual exploration seemed unnerving to her as she hesitated to move. "Or you can just use your hand if you want."

"Oh, okay." Gripping his cock with her fingers again she found it was much easier to rub him after having coated him with her saliva. Her hand moved quickly in much faster motions than before without any slow build up. Marco's body twitched and struggled in the chair and Jackie watched his face intently before letting out a shout of surprise when he suddenly started to cum, the white substance shooting from his cock and landing on her chest and chin along with his legs. Despite the surprise Jackie continued to stroke him, wanting to be sure he finished. In fact long after he'd already cum Jackie was still rubbing him.

"That's good! That's good... I'm... I'm spent." Marco said, feeling a bit of stress as she continued to pull at him long after the orgasm had past. Jackie let him go and looked herself over, rubbing off some of the cum that had landed on her chin. "Sorry if I made a mess..."

"Do you like how I look?" Jackie asked curiously.

"I... I always like how you look." Marco replied honestly but that wasn't what she was after.

"I mean like this... messy? Do you like how I look when I'm messy like this?" Jackie asked, rubbing a bit of his cum over her breasts on the area where it had landed.

"I uh... well..." Marco looked away, feeling embarrassed. "Are you going to think I'm a pervert if I say it looks really hot?"

"Will you call me one if I say I like having it on my skin?" She asked, standing up in front of him. "It feels kind of weird, warm but gooey. But it's not bad."

"We can do it again sometime if you like?" Marco suggested through heavy panting to catch his breath and Jackie giggled.

"I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?" She added and undid Marco's shackles, letting him stand up from the chair. He stretched out his back a bit with a crack and Jackie went to pick up her bra and shirt. Before she could though Marco took her by the hand.

"Hold on now, what about your turn?" He asked and Jackie blinked in surprise.

"My turn?"

"Yeah, your turn. In the chair." Jackie looked between Marco and the chair and blushed more than he'd ever seen her before.

"You... you want to do that with me... in the chair?"

"Well yeah, it's not fair if I'm the only one that gets something special." Marco thought she'd be excited at the chance but Jackie wasn't making eye contact with him. "I mean... if you don't want to that's okay. No reason for you to do something that makes you uncomfortable."

"It's not that..." Another reason occurred to Marco and he thought he understood.

"Oh well... I mean, I guess bad timing for the month and all but you don't have to feel bad about that. It's natural."

"It's not that!" Jackie said and gave him a soft punch in the arm. "I'm surprised you'd even think of that."

"Well I'm not ignorant about what girls have to go through." Marco admitted, it not being a subject he had extensively studied but he was aware of what a period was. "If it's none of those things then what's wrong?"

"I just... don't want you doing it because you feel like you're obligated. If you don't really want to." Jackie confessed, but Marco took her other hand in his and when she looked him in the eyes again he gave her a kiss on the lips.

"It's because I want to. And I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel."

"Really?" Jackie asked hopefully. "Well... you're cooler than other guys Marco. I know some who think it's gross."

"Then they don't know what they're missing." He admitted and led Jackie to the chair, sitting her down where he'd been just moments ago.

"I'm also surprised you kissed me after I gave you a blow job."

"Hey, it was me that you gave it to. Not like I don't know who your lips were touching."

"No kidding, you're still all over me after all." Jackie said and rubbed some of Marco's cum against her skin between her breasts. The combination of the act combined with the look she gave him froze Marco in place for a moment.

"Jeez, you're really good at doing that to me..." Marco mumbled which just made Jackie feel proud of herself. He guided her hands into the restraints next and locked her in place.

"Wow, these things are snug. I really can't get away now."

"If you're ever uncomfortable just tell me okay, I'll be sure to let you out of them."

"Don't worry, I trust you." Jackie said, giving him back the line that he'd given her not long ago. Feeling reassured Marco undid Jackie's shorts and pulled them off, finding them a bit snug around her hips. Once they were cast aside he carefully removed her panties as well and gently coaxed her into spreading her legs apart for him to see what was between. "So... I bet you didn't expect to see all of this today, huh?" Jackie asked, trying to look cool despite being exposed and restrained in front of her boyfriend.

"I can't say I did." Marco said as he knelt before Jackie and leaned forward. "But I'm thankful for every moment of it." His tongue moved out to lick over Jackie's pussy and she took in a sharp breath at the feeling, licking over the surface and around her inner thighs. As her breathing increased his tongue explored her further, licking up against her slit and teasing against her clit without applying too much pressure.

"Oh my God." Jackie muttered as she breathed harder, watching Marco as he continued to lick between her legs and lap around her pussy to tease her. "Oh my God!" Feeling her body respond to the teasing Marco moved his arms up to help prop her legs apart and over his shoulders. Jackie responded by leaning her lower body forward towards him more as his tongue slipped inside of her, tracing along her inner walls. She could only pant as she felt herself being eaten out for the first time, her legs wrapping around his head as he continued to lick deeper inside of her. Marco looked upward to see her panting with her tongue hanging out, clearly enjoying the experience she was getting.

Even when he'd been taking her panties off Marco had noticed she was already wet, which made him all the happier to know she'd enjoyed being with him that much to get excited before they got started. Wanting to please her as much as he could Marco's hand moved in and inserted a finger into her pussy, getting an audible gasp from Jackie. Moving it back and forth he also licked upwards to her clit and began to lap in circles at her. He could feel her hips start to shake and took that as a sign to press forward. His finger curling up and rubbing inside while he sucked lightly at her clit. "M-Marco!" Jackie let out a cry as she came around his finger, her pussy dripping onto the chair even more than during their session together. Marco licked at her for a while longer before pulling away so that she could recover. His face was a mess with her juices and Jackie was leaning back against the chair, her chest heaving to catch her breath.

"Getting to do that to your beautiful girlfriend. Yeah, those guys don't know what they're missing." Marco said with a smile as Jackie still struggled to catch her breath from her orgasm. He used his sleeve to clean off his mouth and chin from their sexual experience together and got to his feet to undo her shackles.

"Wait..." Jackie said before he could pull out the pin that held her in place. "Just... wait a second." Marco did as asked, watching her quietly recover before she could speak normally again. "In my shorts... pull out my wallet for me. There's something inside I want you to get."

"Your wallet?" Marco asked curiously but complied with the request, reaching into the back pocket of her jean shorts and pulling out a pink wallet that had a flower patter stitched into the fabric. Unfolding it Marco looked inside to find about twenty dollars in cash and some change in one of the zipped up pockets. "There's just some money."

"Look in the inside pocket." Jackie instructed and Marco slipped his fingers inside to feel around, finding some membership cards for different stores Jackie visited and something hiding underneath them. Folding the wallet closed again Marco came back with the other object in hand. Jackie looked at him shyly while he held onto the condom she'd brought with her.

"This is what you wanted me to get?" Marco asked nervously and Jackie nodded. "Is it okay?"

"You... still don't think I'm easy, right?" Jackie asked him. "If we do this? I just... I wanted my first time to be with you and right now I really... I really want to do it, Marco. Is it okay?"

"I... want it to be with you too." Marco responded, the words choking in his throat a little. Thinking of all the times previously he'd come so close to doing something like this with Star. All the times the two of them had gotten close but never crossed that line. That's what made it okay, isn't it? That he never crossed that line with his friend but he could with his girlfriend. That's why they were all okay with each other, no matter what had happened in the past. Even if he still never intended to tell Jackie about all those times before.

"Okay, I want to do it like this too." Jackie admitted and Marco nodded, unwrapping the condom and carefully slipping it onto himself. It was the first time he'd ever worn one and it felt a little weird but as long as it did its job he didn't really care. Taking off his hoodie Marco folded it up and put it behind Jackie's head, undoing the shackles on her arms so they could hug each other. "It's a little weird of an angle, huh?" She asked with a nervous smile.

"I think I can make it work." Marco said as he supported himself on the chair and lined himself up with Jackie. Pressing the tip against her pussy Marco locked eyes with her and pushed inside, causing her to gasp in surprise at the sudden entry. Slowly he pushed himself all the way in and stopped, looking at Jackie who nodded for him to continue. Wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist he began to move in and out, slowly dragging himself against her inner walls. Jackie moaned eagerly as she enjoyed having her boyfriend penetrate her for the first time in her life.

"You can go faster." Jackie whispered as Marco slowly increased his pace, Jackie's eyes closing as she winced to take in the new amount of friction inside her body. The whole experience was new to her but not unpleasant. She had said she'd wanted this after all and had meant it. As they worked into a rhythm Marco began to move faster, panting harder as he held onto the chair's back for support. The quiet room echoed with the sounds of their moaning together along with the wet noises of passionate sex. As much as she was enjoying it arching her back in the chair was getting rough and Jackie decided to try something else. "M-Marco! Marco stop! Stop a second..."

"What! What, is everything okay!?"

"Yeah... yeah it's good! But I want to try something else. Can you... um... pull out?" Marco stopped moving and slowly withdrew himself from Jackie, making her moan louder than he expected with the exit. "Oh wow! That's... Mm! Okay, how about this." Getting up off the chair Jackie got down onto her knees and rested her upper body on the seat of the chair, looking over her shoulder. "Do you want to try it this way?"

"Yeah! Sure, we can!" Jackie giggled at his enthusiasm. She knew her behind was something he admired. She'd had as many guys in the past tell her she had a nice ass as she'd heard snide comments of other girls calling her fat ass. It didn't matter though, she knew she was in good shape and that her boyfriend loved her for who she was as much as what she looked like. Marco got on his knees behind her and guided himself inside again, slipping in with no resistance at all.

"Oh my God!" Jackie let out as she felt him suddenly push in. "This is... this is good!"

"Should I go fast?"

"Mm-hm!" Jackie nodded as she rested her head on her arms, using the chair seat for support. She could feel Marco grip onto her hips and begin go move inside of her quickly, filling her up with each hard thrust inside. It felt a lot better than his finger, or even her own when she'd experimented with herself in the past. Marco seemed to be enjoying himself too as he panted harder, pushing into her more and more and hitting her deep each time with the position they were in. Jackie spread her legs apart further, just enough to allow him to get in deep without having to drop herself any lower to the ground. "Marco don't stop don't stop!"

He didn't, not that he had intended too. Jackie felt him press hard into her, slapping noises echoing on the walls as their skin hit against each other over and over again. Despite having just endured one earlier from Marco's tongue Jackie wasn't able to hold out any longer and she let out a loud moan as her legs shook and she came for a second time. It felt good, even better than the previous one. Still with that Marco didn't stop, he didn't seem intent to until he'd reached his own climax. Jackie didn't mind however, she wanted to make sure he enjoyed it as much as her.

"Jackie... I'm... I'm close..." Marco said between pants.

"You can do it inside." She told him, having bought the condom exactly for that reason. With that permission she felt Marco suddenly get closer to her, wrapping an arm around her torso and cupping her breast. The closer position let him press right up against her and fuck her faster than before, Jackie letting out surprised and pleasant grunts feeling him push her this hard with his cock. Before long the moment finally came as she felt his body tense up and push into her, his cock cumming inside her pussy and cum being caught in the condom between them. She'd thought sex would have felt good but didn't realize how nice the sensation of someone cumming inside you was. With both of them exhausted Marco exited Jackie's body and sat down behind her. Jackie kept leaning on the chair for support but let her hips drop to the ground, both panting hard.

Once they had caught their breath and minds were clear again Jackie helped Marco remove the condom from himself without causing a mess. She held up the filled plastic bag and looked at it between them. "Wow Diaz, you really gave it your all. That was your second one of the night too." Marco blushed and looked away, not used to Jackie being this sexual and teasing.

"Well I had a break in between so... you know, I got a chance to recover."

"But you just kept giving it to me, huh?" She said with a smile.

"After you gave me permission I just couldn't stop myself." Marco admitted and rubbed the back of his head embarrassed. "Was I rough or mean or-" Jackie put a hand under his chin to guide him to her and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"You were just right." She said with a smile.

"Jackie you... are the coolest girlfriend anyone could ask for."

"You're pretty good yourself." She said as they laughed together, moving closer to hug each other in the quiet. "You think anyone heard us?"

"I don't think so. I mean there's a party going on outside and most of this part of the school was abandoned. No reason for anyone to come to the torture room."

"The Jackie-Marco sexy time room." Jackie said and poked his arm. "No more bad memories of this place. Or do I have to make you go through my therapy again."

"Part of me wants to lie and say 'Yes, I will need that every day'". Marco joked and Jackie rolled her eyes. "Okay then, the Jackie-Marco sexy time ro-" However Marco's words were cut short by the sound of something heavy and mechanical moving near by. The couple grabbed onto each other in surprise and concern, both looking up as they had heard it coming from the room with the broken glass window above them.

"Wasn't that the projection booth?" Jackie asked concerned.

"I think so, but why would it-" Suddenly the lights in the room dimmed and a projection played along the wall showing a woman wearing a hat. "Oh no, this garbage again."

"This garbage?" Jackie asked as she stood up along with Marco to watch the projection.

"The proper hat for the event, lest you be in malcontent." A voice recording stated in a sing-songy voice over a speaker in the room. Jackie could only look on in utter confusion and Marco in annoyance. Another slide came through, this time of a woman playing tennis. "Everyone will admire the princess who does not perspire." The voice recording said, getting a rise out of Jackie.

"What!? Excuse me, but girls sweat! It's a thing they do. What is this garbage!?" She asked, Marco smiling at her outrage over something he also equally hated.

"This is the movie they showed to try and perform the brainwashing on us. It's just a bunch of perfect princess propaganda." Another slide came through, this time of a woman across from a man as the automated voice continued.

"'Tis better to be fussy, than to be called a hussy."

"Hey, girls like sex too! You stupid, ignorant..."

"Whoa whoa whoa, it's just a recording." Marco said as he rushed to Jackie's side and patted her on the shoulder. "Besides no one listens to this kind of stuff anymore anyway. It's all a bunch of programming to try and make you into a subservient little doll." The slides changed and the automatic voice continued.

"If your elbows are on the table, you belong in a stable." The voice lectured and Jackie grumbled in return.

"I can think of something that belongs in a stable, with the manure on the ground. Marco, hand me my panties and kiss me like a hussy princess." He did as he was instructed, enjoying the kiss considerably and also helping Jackie clean up after their sexual escapades. Once they were sufficiently clean and dressed they unlocked the door and checked the hallway to see if anyone was near by.

"Coast is clear." Marco said as he opened the door to let Jackie out of the room. "You know I gotta say, I've never seen you get that riled up before."

"It felt like it was attacking me directly." She confessed, moving in to lean on Marco's side while they walked. "We did all that stuff together and I was afraid you'd think bad of me for wanting it and then even after we both agreed it was okay and enjoyed it this projector comes on and calls me a hussy for liking sex. Girls can like sex too."

"Yes they can. I think a lot of them do actually." Marco said in agreement, enjoying the cuddling as they walked. "Though it is kind of weird it turned on at all."

"You don't think someone was watching us from up there, do you?" Jackie asked suddenly, Marco thinking it over.

"I mean... I don't think so. Maybe we did something with the chair that made it start? Or it could be on a timer or something? This place was abandoned a while ago so who knows how much stuff isn't working right."

"I sure hope so." Jackie said. "I didn't mind us playing with that chair but I don't think I'm up for an audience." Marco put his arm around her and gave Jackie a little hug, her doing the same for him.

"Should we get back to the party?"

"Yeah, probably, before someone notices how long we've been gone. Do you think they'll ask."

"I dunno, Pony Head and Starfan didn't really seem to care and Janna was already off doing her own thing. All the guys were talking to girls at the party and if I know Star she'll be chatting it up with Oskar all night long."

"Okay, I guess I don't feel bad ditching them for alone time with you then." Jackie said. "Love you Safe Kid."

"Love you Cool Skater Girl."

With that the couple made their way through the halls and back towards the party. Never noticing the additional set of foot steps echoing behind them that carefully followed them out.