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My muse keeps going back to Hetalia...

Life sucked.

Sometimes at least.

'But it seems like I'm the reigning queen of bad luck recently,' Kagome thought with a grimace, not quite hearing the multiple concerned voices all asking if she was all right, 'It's hard to be grateful sometimes.'

"Higurashi-san, you've been burned!" It was Houjo's gasping voice that snapped the teenage girl from her less than positive thoughts, "Your arms!"

"It's... fine," Kagome smiled tightly, just noticing the irritating stinging along the skin of her arms as steaming coffee dripped steadily off her school uniform, "I don't think it's that ba–?!"

"OhmiGawd! I'm soooo sorry! I really didn't mean to spill my coffee all over a hot chick like you!" The loud voice speaking in American English blasted into her ear and inhumanly strong hands suddenly gripped her shoulders, "I mean, I can totally get a chick's attention without doing that because I'mma HERO!"


How could she not have noticed?!

"Hey, I'll buy you a hamburger to make it up to you, babe!" The not-human's smile was almost blinding with his sparkling white teeth and Kagome could only open her mouth just to close it a second later in response.

Houjo was gaping (not surprising, since he was completely fluent in English unlike her) and Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi were all whispering to each other in rapid Japanese while staring at her and the blond stranger very intently.

"A-ah..." Kagome broke from her daze and easily ignored the pain in her arms because of certain past experiences. She could understand a few of his words and almost found herself wanting to accept because when was the last time she met an inhuman being?

But that would be totally insane.

And the last thing she wanted was to look insane because she was just only starting to get over her spiralling depression and it had taken hours to convince her mother to allow her to go on her high school's trip to New York.

Still, Kagome could be pretty rash when it came to the supernatural so she could tell herself that her Feudal Fairytale was more than just a crazy dream and that she really did experience it.


With those words, Houjo actually fainted of all things (with the poor Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi left to catch him and struggle to hold up his dead weight) as the blond's grin only widened at her acceptance and he was surprisingly gentle with her arms.

"Oh yeah! I forgot to introduce myself!" He gave her a flirty wink and his broad chest puffed out proudly, "I'm the Hero! But you can call me Alfred F. Jones! What's your name, babe?" He patted her shoulder and she gave a small smile in return while hoping this could turn into something exciting.

"Kagome Higurashi."