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In Black ops, there were things you had to do, you never would have done in other circumstances. Just for the sake of your people. As a veteran—Hah! That was just a nice way of saying, he'd killed far too many people. Jack grimaced a bit and decided, there were a few lines he didn't want to cross.

Watching that self-important fool flail around in anger at losing the Tollans was good enough. He smirked and turned towards Sam.

"Say, Carter," He leaned towards her and whispered, "How long do you think it'll take for their gate to be buried under lava?"

Samantha Carter was broken out of her thoughts by the odd question. Why would the Colonel want to know that, she wondered.

"Sir, it should have been buried by now," she said.

Jack clicked his tongue, irritated by the news. The Tollan didn't seem to care about the fate of the others on the planet, alive or dead. In their self-righteous, self-absorbed manner, they had left them to fend for themselves.

With their gate buried now, The SGC couldn't even go through and scavenge a few technological trinkets for research.

From his own chats with Teal'c, he knew, that bastard snake Apophis might even be planning ways to conquer Earth and assuage his wounded pride. Snatching away his First Prime was truly a great feather in the SGC's cap.

"Sir, why are you asking about that?" Sam asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

"Hmm?" he asked, broken from his thoughts, before he realized what she'd said. "Don't worry your pretty little head about that, Carter," he told her, and started walking away.

Sam blushed a little at his phrasing and mumbled, "That'd be sexual harassment in normal conditions."

Daniel, who had noticed their conversation, wondered aloud, "Maybe Jack was considering trying to go back and gather a few things from their planet for our R&D?"

Sam blinked and turned towards him wide eyed at this thought.

"Daniel, do you really think, the Colonel is thinking about something like that?"

Daniel shrugged, "It's hard to say exactly what he is thinking about. What I know is, Jack cares about his team, his people. Even if there are few lines, he wouldn't cross, I know I wouldn't be surprised if he's thinking of getting a few advantages as a precaution."

Daniel looked at Sam and Teal'c, "I think we should keep quiet about this."

What's with this assignment? Getting into weird ass situations again and again. Now staring at his own face on a robot. He wanted to palm his face, hard.

"Well, I hope you guys keep Mr. Comtraya out of anything else as ridiculous like this?" Jack waved his hand towards their robot self. Did his Robo-copy just rolled his eyes on him?

That's why he wanted to palm his face, hard few more times.

"Well, you guys, bury the gate, ok."

Jack started walking up to the Ramp towards the Gate.

"Jack!" Hearing his own voice… and how often you could say that with a straight face, he stopped. R-Jack, walked towards him and started whispering in his ear. As Jack listened, his eyes almost bugged out.

"Are you serious?" He looked at R-Jack.

"Robo-brain. I am processing ideas far faster than you could."

Jack groaned and said, "Couldn't have just said, Yes."

"I'll talk to the General." Jack was looking at his Robo-self, what he was suggesting was not that out of the world, but getting it approved would be… Well, that would be a General's job, to convince the brass with this idea. Yes, overall this operation could work like that.

General Hammond was reading the report that his Second in command. What he was reading here, in this report was almost treasonous. Unless he could get it cleared by The President. He needed to get it cleared, simply a team of four can do only so much. Few extra hands, a few sets of extra eyes and ears will go a long way.

He could understand why Jack decided to write a full report on this, instead of sharing it verbally. The way brass was playing it with Col. Maybourne last time, he didn't want a repeat of that. Hammond puts the report through the shredder and waited for a while.

"Do you think we need this?" He asked his 2IC.

"Yes Sir, I think we can use this situation and create an advantage for us."

General Hammond closed his eyes, giving another thought about all of this. He came to the conclusion pretty fast. They needed this advantage.

"Good, then it's my job to convince The President."

As Jack left, Hammond started picked up the red phone that went straight to the president and started dialing. He needed a face to face appointment if he wanted to convince the Joint Chief of Staff and The President. Jack had the right idea about this. If they could get this operation running, this will change their world as it was now.

He wiped his forehead and started planning just how exactly he was going to pitch this to them.

"So what were you whispering in Jack's ear?"

R-Daniel stopped Jack and asked him. Robo-Jack signaled his teammates to come together for a conference.

"Daniel, first answer me this."

"If you wanted a single advantage that can easily advance our technology and put us if not equal to Goa'uld but closer to them. What would you want?"

R-Daniel was silent for a few seconds, contemplating the answer. From light shining from R-Carter's eyes, he could tell, she had an idea. Teal'c as always, showed very little tell, but he was thinking about it too.


R-Jack chuckled at the answer.

"As much as I'd like that answer to be true, no, that's too much of a leap in technology for us. Teal'c?"

He turned towards his friend of few words.

"Colonel O'Neill, I also believe spaceships would be an advantage I would want."

Jack nodded and looked at Sam and smirked.

"I think you have an idea where I am going with this?"

"Sir, I.." Sam started to speak, but got interrupted by Jack.

"Sam, Call me Jack. I am not your senior here."

Samantha was startled and tried it again…

"Sir,.. Err Jack… If you are thinking of advancing our technology, then you are thinking of data processing and handling… in basic terms computing capabilities."

R-Jack was grinning like a loon.

"Oh, and why do you think that is?"

R-Sam was confused by his odd behavior, but he was a little odd anyway, so she decided to just let it go.

"This body's capability… whatever technology is processing and handling the data from our brains, its far too advanced when compared to ours. With Naquadah as fuel in power generation is possible, it's just about knowing how to harness that power. Goa'uld uses crystal technology and we have no idea, how it's created or operated. Even Teal'c doesn't know about that."

"Indeed." The stoic jaffa affirmed.

"With high level of computing technology, we can easily make breakthrough in any of our fields. It has an application beyond just creating spaceships or weapons. Just take our Stargate Dialer as an example. We are feeding the data from our supercomputers. Even with the highest level of computing technology, we have. It still takes about an hour to calculate just one single address. Creating simulations and handling massive amounts of data processed will shorten our time considerably."

R-Jack chuckled and nodded. "Anything else?"

"Our communications, other sciences will advance a few centuries with this level of computing capabilities."

"If I am thinking right, then you want me to study these designs and improve our computing abilities?"

"Yes, this is the advantage and breakthrough we desperately need. I don't believe any advanced civilization would be eager to help us in any manner. If we keep operating Stargate, sooner or later, we'll find the secrets of Crystal technology. There is no doubt about that."

"With technology reverse engineered from here, we can use it to generate funds and advance our civilization. No matter what our Military heads are thinking, we cannot directly combat the Goa'uld, not unless our planet as a whole is advanced. Did you see the numbers of just Jaffa force Teal'c estimate each System lord has?"

"Even if we put our whole population mano-e-mano against the Jaffa of a single system lord, we'll lose. I am not even counting the ships and other forces."

"Indeed. Every system lord has hundreds of battleships. Most of them are being used as a force to handle their vast territories. I believe, a single battleship will easily bombard and destroy Earth from Orbit."

R-Daniel looked thoughtful and then asked Teal'c.

"How do you think, any system lord will treat our planet?"

"Daniel Jackson, they will think of your planet as a resource to be used. Your nuclear weapon will have no effect on their battleships. The more human slaves they have, the more they can send to mine Naquadah and other elements Goa'uld uses."

It was during R-Teal'c statement, something came to Jack's mind.

"Teal'c, tell me, do you know a place or Stargate address that would be any advantage for us?"

"What do you mean, Jack O'Neill?"

"Think, right now all of us have computer level memory. We can pretty much recall what we ate ten years 240 days ago during our breakfast. I am talking about any resources or planets that you saw when you were a kid or any of your assignments under snakes. Any planet where we can go through and…"

Jack trailed off thinking about this…

"Oh my god…" R-Daniel and R-Sam whispered.

R-Daniel turned towards Teal'c and started explaining.

"Think about Minor Goa'uld serving under Apophis. Someone low on the totem pole, who would be either too afraid to report minor precision strikes or believe we are agents of other minor lords."

"Wow Daniel, it seems like we are finally making you into a decent Black ops operator." Jack crowed at Daniel's explanation, receiving a glare in return.

R-Sam interrupted their victory jig.

"What about any shipyards?"

R-Teal'c nodded his head in negative, "Even as first prime, I was never told of a Chappa'ai's address to Apophis's shipyard. He always delegated that work to his most trusted subordinate Goa'uld."

"Trusted Goa'uld, isn't that an oxymoron?" Jack said, making everyone chuckle at his dry and honest truth.

R-Teal'c started speaking once again.

"I believe there are few minor Goa'ulds who were working under Cronus and Apophis when I was a child would be a great target. Even if I was recognized as Shol'va, Apophis would never advertise the whole truth about Tau'ri. I believe anyone except a few Goa'uld working directly under Apophis would know about the involvement of Tau'ri."

"We can get away with targeting territories of few Goa'ulds who are on the edge of Cronus's Territory. It is very common for a minor Goa'uld to make a play for another Goa'uld's territories and increase their influence. This byplay is often ignored by most System lords as long as they get their tributes without any hassles."

"Care to list their addresses, Teal'c Buddy." R-Jack had an excited look in his eyes. "I think, with our current situation, we'll be able to overpower small forces of Jaffa and sprint away some resources for us."

'Indeed, I shall give it to Captain Carter." Teal'c nodded towards R-Samantha Carter.

"Well, sir, then I should start working on improving our capabilities. Just a few hours of battery power is going to be a bad idea for us." Sam got up and started looking for Harlan.

R-Jack turned towards R-Daniel and said, "I want you to put together a primer on Goa'uld language with Tealc's help."

This would be a great way to gather resources without giving away Tau'ri's position. May be he should ask Jack and SG1 to create another set of Robo-SG1… or at least a few copies of Carter, her brilliant mind doubled or quadrupled would only help them. And, they could always afford having any extra Sam around, this place was too much of a cock-farm anyway, . He chuckled at the direction his thoughts were going.

He just hoped, Jack was able to convince the general and get some extra hands for this project.

Sam, like always, had came through for them. Some of Harlan's companions had created and used a battery. It had a shelf life of thirty six hours. Far better than what they have currently in their bodies. Now they could plan and go through these missions.

With these new bodies, they didn't require any sleep. So all of them were working pretty much 24/7. He wasn't surprised, with how fast Sam has fixed their major issue.

With Harlan's help, they were removing Apophis's mark from Tealc head. He'll be their Jaffa Leader. Three Jaffa wouldn't even raise an eyebrow in other minor Goa'uld's camp. Even Jaffa were too used to their superiority, they simply wouldn't expect surgical strikes with just three Jaffa.

Their concept of Black ops was non existent. They didn't need it anyway.

Their target 'Answer" or was it "Ansgar"? Curse his perfect robotic memory. It just wasn't fun butchering snake's name if you were being reminded of the right answer all the time.

Divine spear, Daniel said. For a minor Goa'uld, that name was far too presumptuous. From what Teal'c remembered, this snake had a couple of hundred Jaffa, few gliders and may be small tel'tak transport about a decade or so ago. A hyperspace capable transport, now if they could get their hands on it, it'd be a major coup.

He chuckled and looked at Sam, who was more than little pissed off with her get up. Well, that harem girl dress looked great on her, those perfect pins went a long way to meet perfect buns.

Looking at her, he decided, he'd have to be extra careful not to get in line on her fire… Friendly fire was looking pretty darn high possibility right now. Infiltrating with a good looking female tend to make things easier.

He sighed. They had too much to do and little time may be. Again, thanks to robotic memory, they now could speak and understand, Goa'uld language perfectly. R-Daniel was currently putting together the complete detail on the Goa'uld language to send back to the SGC.

It's been forty-eight hours since Jack went back to the SGC. He was at least hoping to hear something from him. Couple of SGC teams will make this mission far more easier but needs must.

"Sam, are you ready?"

"No Sir, I am not. I didn't expect to do this when I joined SGC."

Jack was sheepish about that, "Ah… I."

"I understand it needs to be done, With this, I'll be in perfect position to handle him, Sir." Jack grimaced hearing that. Even if his teammates were robotic copies, he didn't want them to feel like that. Expendable, they were not.

Jack looked at her, "Just say the word, we'll do it without all this." He waved his hands towards her dress, getting a full body blush from her.

"Just like Teal'c said, a blue eyed blonde female will be unique enough for him to overlook our story. Their greedy nature is something that can be predicted like clockwork, Sir."

"Well, you are our unique blue-eyed blond female. Just because now all of you are robots, don't think you guys are expendable."

"It's ok, sir."

Sam blushed some more and turned away from him. She still remembered the attraction she had for her superior. He had a way with words, that clicked with her. She sighed, and wondered, how their relationship will change. They were in robotic bodies, but the emotion presents inside her, were her own. Funny how she could have those emotions, even with the absence of hormones. These bodies in many ways were quite damn superior, even their plumbing worked as advertised.

Sex without consequences… it was possible now. Only fault this body had, it could not conceive a baby. Even though she was completely focused on her job, she still watched young mothers with a hidden desire. She snorted and hoped that Sam in SGC gets her head out of her ass and do something about that.

It's funny in a way, she had an access to one of the technological marvel in the form of these bodies and she's thinking about everything else besides technology.

General Hammond was in a meeting with President and Chief of Staff, and Jack was overseeing the SGC right now. He was thinking of sending a message to R-Jack, but decided against it. Right now, he'd let R-Jack plan out this operation. There is a ton of things he needs to do. Getting few operators and experts without that mook Maybourne planting his own operators in. He didn't look very competent at all.

"May be I should collect a few markers in for this." Jack wondered as he scratched his head with a pencil.

"Jack, Where is General Hammond?" Daniel was ever inquisitive. May be its in his profession, they are used to unearth tons of crap to find interesting things.

"Some sort of meeting, space monkey." He answered. He got up and started walking towards Sam's lab.

Reaching her lab, he knocked once and then entered.


"Sam, I was thinking, did you work on those Jaffa staffs and zat thingies? What are our chances of making something like home grown?"

"Sir, there are two factors that are stopping us from re-creating Zats and Staffs"

"Oh, only two things?" Jack asked almost mockingly.

Sam smirked a little with his answer.

"Yes, sir, first is the issue of an alloy, it's a compound that uses Naquadah and something else, that we can't identify let alone have access to. Our R&D is theorizing that we might be able to do without it, but it's not sure."

"And the second thing."

"Liquid Naquadah. We have no idea, how to convert the ore into that liquefied form. It's liquefied form is the most stable element and it makes it safe to use in any manner. From my talks with with Teal'c, we know that Goa'uld uses Naquadah in the liquefied manner because of its stability."

"Stability you say? Ok, what does that mean in simple terms."

"Simple terms? Basically Zero failure rates, forget about them for a few hundred years, you pick it up, it works."

"Sweet," Jack said with a whistle.

Sam smiled and nodded, "Indeed. If we can find out how to convert into that form, we should be able to create far more powerful source. I believe we can create a power reactor for that."

"Any breakthroughs on it?"

"None as of yet. Our biggest hurdle is doing it in secret. If we could have a few hundreds mind looks at it, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a breakthrough in a few months. But…" She shrugged.

Their conversation was interrupted by a saluting Airman.

"Sir, General has arrived, he'll be here in ten minutes."

Jack blinked, "That was fast. I didn't expect him to get done with meeting for at least few days."

This didn't sound good. If he's back so fast, chances are this operation was denied. There was nothing in this operation that would go over so badly to be denied outright like this. Their biggest issue should have been about operating outside the SGC.

Jack grimaced at that thought, "Yeah, like that would go over well with the brass. The higher ups can't have anything running around which they can't control."

Walking slowly towards the General's Office, he didn't know what to expect from this.

He didn't notice when he reached General's office due to his thoughts. He raised his hands and knocked.

"Come in."

Entering and saluting his superior, Jack stood at attention. This was the situation which required formality.

"At ease and sit down, will you Jack."

"Thank you, sir."

There was silence in the room for a few minutes as Jack observed his superior. General looked tired, maybe it was the travel, but he wasn't so sure about that.

'Jack, I can't help you with this. I am planning to raise this idea again and again in front of Staff and The President."

"Sir, may I ask, why the operation is being denied?"

"It seems like they have something at work already, but their mandate is going to be different. Plus your idea of gathering our allies in this command wasn't taken that well by the committee."

"Sir, we don't have the manpower to tackle the Gou'ald empire. Even though we won few skirmishes here and there in the last year. I don't expect us to much longer."

"Neither do I, neither do I. This is why I am planning to raise this again next time we meet."

"Sir, for some reason, I am not as confident about this new team or agents. Do you think, Col. Maybourne is…"

"No, I doubt he is responsible. What are you going to do now?"

"Sir, I am planning to inform my Robo counterpart. I think I should see how our Alpha site is going?"

"Permission granted. Take the team with you."


Jack saluted and left the office.

R-Jack was startled as their stargate started to turn. He immediately signaled his team, who started moving at his signal and take positions. They had discussed this to counter any sort of invasion for time being.

He was little surprised to see Jack and the rest of the SG1 coming out of the stable portal. He wasn't expecting him to come back so fast.

"Tch, seems like it didn't pan out."

R-Jack started moving towards them.

"Jack hands where I could see it." He said in a loud voice.

"Sheesh, man you are such a tight ass." Jack complained and showed his hands.

"So. I guess it didn't go as we thought." R-Jack said and the look on Jack's face confirmed it.

Jack noticed his robo copy and said, "Why are you dressed like that?"

"Like a Jaffa?" R-Jack smirked. "Well, if you were even 5 minutes late, you wouldn't have met us. We were planning to continue what we do best."

Sam behind him gasped at that. R-Jack saw and waved to her.

"Don't tell me about that." Jack said. Sam would have said something to her superior, but knew what kind of man he was. She just stayed silent.

It was then R-Sam came out of her position along with other members of R-SG1.

Jack whistled at R-Sam's dress, getting a glare from both versions of Sam.

"Now I want in, whatever mission you have." Jack turned towards his robo self.

"Sorry, Classified and above your pay grade, Jack."

"Aww, shucks."

Both Sam's rolled their eyes at the conversation. While R-Daniel shared all the data he had collected on Goa'uld language.

"I don't see Harlan anywhere here?" Jack inquired.

"As usual, he's fixing this place up. Frankly, we don't have as much raw material here to completely fix it, so we have to make do with whatever we got. I am surprised, this place has been standing for 11,000 years."

"Yeah." Jack walked towards his Robo-self and said, "Anything you need. Can't promise, but…"

R-Jack looked at it, "hmm… can you ask Sam to help us make couple of her copies? With her intellect…" He trailed off knowing that Jack understood. Carter was blindingly brilliant.

Jack shrugged, "Talk to her, if she allows you."

R-Jack nodded and signaled R-Sam to talk to her.

R-Jack turned to his self, "We'll keep you updated as needed. If we could get a few more members, it'd have made our lives easier. Right now, Our Daniel will give you complete codex on Goa'uld language."

"Nothing technological?"

"Nothing as of yet. Even with robotic memories, it's not easy to process that much data."

There wasn't much need to say between them. If his robo-self had all of his memories, then he knows what needs to be done. They needed an operation that was outside of SGC jurisdiction. They needed a man that could be trusted to do what is right.

If he didn't trust copies of his own team, then who else he could. Yes, they'll do what's necessary, to be the sword and to be that silent knife when needed. Jack noticed from the corner of his eyes, Carter moving with her robo copy, probably to get copied few times over.

"Damn, I wouldn't mind having couple of Sam running around."

"Out of luck, buddy." R-Jack heard him and snorted.

Jack realized he had said that out loud. Daniel looked embarrassed, Teal'c was, as always, perfect poker face. Oh, there was a slight smirk on his face. Jack was too experienced to be embarrassed about his outburst. So he took it coolly.

About 10 minutes later, Jack and SG1 was walking up the ramp as portal settled down in shimmer in front of them.

"Hey, you know… try to get…" Jack said as he motioned with his hand.

"We'll try."

He nodded and then walked into the portal with his team.

R-Jack watched his counterpart walk through the portal and now all it comes down to four of them.

He sighed, a little loudly than needed making Daniel ask him.

"What's up, Jack?"

"Nothing, this op wasn't cleared by Brass back on earth. So we are on our own."

Daniel looked a little worried, but still you could see, he was ready. He came a long way since he first met a bumbling archaeologist couple of years back.

Now he could see three Sams, and what a view it was… They also looked determined. Now with their creation, they didn't have much raw material to create more of them. It was pain to get the material from Harlan. If it wasn't for Carter's brilliance, he suspected, Harlan wouldn't have agreed. They agreed to fix this ratty old place up and get more raw material for him.

Shaking his thoughts, he realized, now was the time for them to set up for that mission. He looked at the teammates and said, "You guys, remember, we have to move fast. If we can get the advantage without getting Sam to go as a harem girl for the creeper, we'll take that chance. Sam's nice shot, I'd like to have another extra gun ready on this mission."

R-Jack looked at her, "I doubt, you can hide even a small gun in that dress. Do you think that tracer will help you map the place?"

Sam nodded with confidence, "Yes, sir, it'll work. I'll use that tracer to trace a map for you. Harlan's technology base is about 100 years advanced compared to us. Though this copying mechanism is something that was truly brilliant and I'd say, it's even few hundred years advance enough for them."

"Even though we can delay this mission, but something in me, tells me to do it today."

"Yes, sir," "Yes," "Indeed," Was voiced from his companions.

He smirked, yes, this was the team that'll shake the creepy crawlers' world.

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