Bonjour! Mon ami or no, this is my first attempt at an anime fanfic so bear with me, k?

Chapter One: Lone Spark

Yugi walked the walk to his home silently and painfully slow. It was not his intent to move so, but for the fact his leg was sore, his ankle sprained, and his eye black added some to the prospect. This was the third time this week he had been beaten up by those bullies at school without a finger lifted in his defense. He was comforted, though, by the weight of the puzzle around his neck He was the last defender of the force light in this his world, though one could hardly tell.

//Yugi? Are you okay?//

/Yeah Yami, I am okay./

//Are you sure, Aibou?//

/Yes Yami. I'm fin---/

"Yug! Wasup?" he recognized the Brooklyn accent instantly as his best friend, Joey Wheeler.

"Hi Joey!" Yugi's face lit up with joy. Yami felt his light's pleasure at seeing his best friend. 'So,' Yami thought, 'maybe Yugi is fine… some of his powers must be helping the healing process… I will never understand the mind of light.' He decided this with something much like the shrugging of his shoulders.

"Hey Yug, did those thugs beatcya up again today?" Yugi nodded. "I outa beat the crap out of those bullies…'

"No Joey, don't. It's not needed and you have wall to wall detentions for a month anyway. They might suspend you again. Speaking of which, why aren't you at detention now?"

"Teach was gone. 'Sides I gots better things to do then serve detention!" 'That Joey is a bad influence on my little light.' Yami thought frowning. 'Though he does help Yugi very much. My light will not fade that easy. Joey has no magics of any kind, though he demonstrates negative energies he is pure light anyway. Yugi's best friend of all. Yes I can trust him.'

"Need any help on your Social Studies project?" Yugi asked.

"Yeah that'd be great Yug! I can't get over how you're always helpin' me out one way or t'other."

"No problem Joey." He said as Tea ran up to the group, Triston in tow.

"Yugi! Joey! There's something going on at the arcade! Crowds of people… whispers… you guys should come check it out!" Tea cried.

"I'm not the crowd kinda person. Sides I got betta things to do…" Joey started

"There's food Joey…" Tea added.

"Food! Well I guess I can clear my schedule… LET'S GO!!!" 'Yes they are a strange bunch but always there for eachother.' Yami thought.


//Yes Aibou?//

/We're going to a---/

//I heard Aibou, arcade.//

/Just making sure you wouldn't mind./

//No problem at all for me.//

/Thanks Yami./

//Anytime Yugi.//


They arrived, breathless, at the arcade, and, true to her word, the crowds were there. 'I sense something about this place. Something Dark…'


/What Yami?/

//Don't go in there…// but it was too late.

Yugi's link was broken and he was sucked into the heart of evil that was the crowd. A lone spark, snuffed out by the darkness. The crowd vanished, and with it Yugi, the puzzle, and Yami. As for the rest, they lost all conciousness, never intended to remember what had happened…

And Yugi and Yami were sucked into Darkness.


Ok… kind short but there is an elaborate plot to it… at least I hope there is… well bye for now! Salut!

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