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Chapter Fourteen:

Seto Kaiba, Yami Motou, Isis, Ananda princess of Illadri, and three strangers (one cloaked in green) sat in Isis's greeting room.

"We are here for many reasons." Ananda began. "Seto Kaiba- you made a deal for Yami and Yugi Motou's lives with Isis, then returned to find your little brother was gone, kidnapped. Undoubtedly by the same people who threaten others near and dear to the rest of us. Isis- you captured Yami and Yugi, then separated them. Your hikari, Aesil, separated from you and the two were captured by the same people as those who got Mokuba. They are together. Yami Motou- you were a part of Kaiba's deal, a captive of Isis. She separated you and your hikari, Yugi Motou, who was then kidnapped in the same way as Mokuba Kaiba. Also, Yami recently met a Pegasus character and a Goki, which is now found to be related to the royalty of Mordia by way of servitude, and dueled to bring me into your midst."

"The most important thing," Ananda continued, "is that we were followed here. Triston Taylor and Serenity Wheeler managed, by Serenity's immense powers, to get to the Inner Realm, or the Middle World, and is making her way to Mordia with Triston and Gardo-Leoet, a villager. They will meet us there I am sure. Now, I was told Joey Wheeler, brother of Serenity, was found missing, with his room torn up."

"Stupid puppy." Seto put in.

"Please- put aside your grudges for a moment- for your brother! Well, all of these kidnappings are subsequent- all by the same group plainly. Yugi and Aesil were captured with stealth, as was the others. Now, Master Kaiba, if you could, was Master Mokuba's room disturbed in any way?"

"Yes- his things were thrown about-" Seto stopped short, throat clogged with tears.

"Thank you, Master Kaiba. Well, these are all alike, but Tea Gardener, a friend of Yugi and Yami, was captured in a much different way. She was hypnotized and drawn in by an odd personage. I can't explain why she was captured, but it may be the powers coming from others that someone may be after. She has the most powerful friends, after all." Ananda continued.

"Who are those people?" Yami asked impatiently, pointing at the strangers.

"Well, the woman on the right- no, my right- no, there, yeah, her, she's Kimi, a queen of the small country area south of Illadri, called Paradtj. She is also a priestess and a good friend of mine. She will submit the necessary powers to be added to mine to get us to Mordia when the time has come." Ananda smiled at her friend. "The cloaked person is someone you might know." the cloak fell away.

"Mai?" Yami gasped.

"In the flesh." Mai smirked. "You're my friends, and Ananda and I were tight when she lived on Earth." Mai smiled. "Happy to help."

"And who is the third?" Seto Kaiba asked, impatient to save his little brother.

"The third is someone some of you may have heard of. An old friend of Serenity's, the Princess of Avalonia, Sevelina. The princess turned her eyes to them, and they could see that they were filled of grief.

"I am happy to be here." Sevelina said softly.

"I heard the castle of Avalonia had burned down and that a princess had died there and that a princess was murdered and I feared it was you." Isis said quietly.

"My sisters were killed, not I. The one who perished in the blaze was Byzyll, and my other sister, Julriya, was murdered by a black arrow. I can because I have heard the people of these arrows lead the war against your world, and I hoped that I could kill the leader to avenge my sisters." Sevelina said softly, but now her grief was tainted by a fire of hate in her eyes.

"I understand." Ananda said softly. "How badly I want my revenge for driving me out of my country…"

"No one knows where you are, even if you live or not." Sevelina said.

"I know, but perhaps it is better this way." Ananda said, almost inaudibly, and very sadly. "Well, we will speak of the past later, for now we have more important things to look to."

"Yes." Sevelina agreed, and they turned back to the others of the party.

"So, we must free the friends these people have captured." Ananda spoke with conviction. "We must bring about the peace we have sought for centuries."

^^^^^^^^^^^ Domino City ^^^^^^^^^^^

Tea came too groggily, head pounding.

"Ooh… what happened?" she muttered, finding it was hard to speak.

"I see you have awoken from the paralysis. Good… Maybe you will be more then you seem." A scratchy voice emerged from the shadows.

"Who-who are you?" Tea choked out in something of fear and acute apprehension.

"Now, now, you don't need to be afraid of me… Not if you do what my laird wants, that is." The voice continued.

"Ano… who are you? And who is your laird? And what does he want?" The girl asked shakily, trying to stand.

"Don't bother trying to stand, deary, you won't get far without tumbling to the ground again, and likely breaking your fall with your head, and blood is so troublesome to clean." Tea's blood ran cold at the thought. "Well… who I am is none of your business, and my laird will show himself when the time is right, never fear. As for his will, sometimes I doubt even he knows it!"

That really, really wasn't very reassuring.

"O-okay…" she stuttered. "T-thanks…"

"Oh, I didn't do anything, dear!" the voice said proudly. "Good bye then!" the voice trailed off, leaving Tea alone in the impenetrable darkness.

"Someone help me…" she croaked, her own voice foreign to her ears. "Someone… someone…" her voice seemed so pitifully small in the all-consuming darkness of her prison, the words were suppressed by the silence. With a horrified gasp, Tea realized no one could hear her, no matter how close they may be.

^^^^^^^^^ The Cell ^^^^^^^^^^

"Triston, what's wrong? You don't look so well. You look like you're… thinking… a lot." Yugi asked.

"I'm thinking about how we got here- or rather how I got here…"



"Gardo! Triston!"


Their voices swirled about them, caught in oblivion and crushed by the loss of air.


A rushing of air surrounded Triston as he spun in the void.

"You who dare to enter the realm of Mordia! You who are about to die, we respect you!"

"What does he mean, die?!" Triston cried out, but no one heard him.

"You who try to break the seal made by Time itself, are you sure that you are ready?! Are you sure that this is what you want to do?!"

"For lack of a better response, Triston answered with a shaky "Y-yes!"

"Do you dare to enter Mordia?!"


"Why do you want to enter Mordia?!"

"To help save it!"

The whirring paused, and Triston got the feeling that someone was turning to look at him.

"I don't wish Mordia any harm! I just want to save my friends and help Mordia's people! I just want to help! Why does everyone doubt me?!"

"We do not doubt you. We want to protect you."

"Then why do you hound me like this?!"

"We don't want another person to die in Mordia!"

"But I must go to Mordia!"

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I am sure!"

"Then go, and take our blessing. But remember this: Those who fly in the air and who crawl on the ground are bound as one by the baying hound, and thus shall our words stand true and well, when thou enters the palace, thou shalt have fell!"

"Hey- that rhymes!" Triston called, before the spinning increased and he felt himself plummeting to the ground.


"Triston, why didn't you tell us that?" Serenity demanded.

"I don't know. I guess I just didn't remember, is all."

Serenity could imagine Triston's face as it went nonresponsive, and then wondered what was wrong with him. With a pang, she realized it must be something about her and Gardo. Speaking of him… Serenity flailed around frantically.

"Oh my god…" she gasped.

"What's wrong?" Yugi asked, and even Triston turned his head to face her.

"Gardo is gone!"

~*~ TBC ~*~

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