Another new criminal minds story! Thanks for all reviews and faves on the others, really really appreciate them. Still blocked on NCIS story, but I'm working on it still. hope you enjoy this missing scene compilation plus tag to the season four episodes The Instincts and Memoriam.

dis: do not own and some parts and dialogue are taken straught from the episode.


Leaving Reid behind in the lobby it was hard to resist looking back, but resit he did because despite his palpable concern David Rossi considered himself to be a decent poker player and the first rule of poker? Never give away your hand. Still… he couldn't simply ignore the situation either and in lieu of checking with the source decided on a much more subtle approach.

"Is it me or did our young genius just try and lie to us?" Rossi opened casually as he sidled up to Morgan, walking towards their SUV.

"It isn't you," Morgan sighed turning slightly towards him before reaching for the handle, the weight of his words dragging them both down despite the cheery brightness of the warm morning Vegas sun.

"Okay spill," Rossi smacked his hand against the driver's door slamming it shut again stopping them dead.

"What?" Morgan snapped, exulting his frustration.

Rossi grinned dangerously, dropping all pretext of casualness. "Don't you try and lie to me too or I'll think we really have entered the twilight zone."

Morgan had the decency not to pretend he didn't know what he was talking about.

"Okay, sorry, I just wasn't going to say anything if it went away once we left Vegas."

"If what went away?" Rossi asked quickly but delicately, recognising the difficulty he was having in breaking an obvious confidence. "Morgan I don't need to tell you, whatever this is won't just go away on its own. If Reid's struggling Hotch needs to know."

"You think after that nightmare on the jet Hotch doesn't already know?" Morgan stalled.

"I think you know more." Rossi eyed him suspiciously, gaging his reaction. "I can see you want to help him, I do too, otherwise I wouldn't be asking."

"That's just it," Morgan met his inquisitively concerned gaze. "I thought I had."

"Guys, we really need to go." JJ called passing between them both to climb in the SUV, "something wrong?"

Bright sunshine reflecting off his dark glasses Morgan looked contemplatively at JJ then transferred his heavy gaze back to Rossi. "I'll explain in the car."

Arriving at the airstrip it was a much more subdued group who exited the SUV to board the jet. Having listened to Morgan about Reid's nightmare at the Bridges house and the case of Riley Jenkins the girls went ahead, climbing the stairs at a steady if more thoughtful pace. Emily took her seat while JJ moved forward to the captain's cabin to delay take-off by a few minutes. Rossi boarded next followed by Morgan and together they approached Hotch already working at one of the tables.

Eyes lifting to meet his when he slid into the opposite seat Rossi could tell by the concentrated stare Aaron already suspected something was wrong and so leaning forward with hands clasped tightly in front of him, Rossi moved quickly to the point.

"We need to talk."