Xiaolin Kitsune


Naruto x ?


Author's Note


Revamping the story. Its been awhile since I've updated and this really needed to be revamped. Hope you guys enjoy this new and improved version of the story. Finally found a pretty good program tofix spelling and grammar errors and I wanted to go back and redo these old chapters that had tons of issues.


Story Start


Deep within the confines of an unknown location, there was darkness with only screens illuminating the darkness. A single flash of light and a single hand was revealed. On one of the screens was a young Brazilian boy with spiky brown haired styled to one side. He had deep shark emerald eyes and was wearing a red shirt, white pants, and a plain sash. An image of him blasting away a floating golden and black machine with a spinning top shaped body and crimson eyes with three sharp metallic claws.

In a flash of white the foot of a machine was revealed as another screen flickered to light. This time a young girl with a slender form and short black hair came into view. Her outfit was altered differently in a long skirt like fashion as the red like fabric had slits on the side going up to her hips. Her black hair which was highlighted in blue was done in the style of two pigtails. She also had bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and red lips with a slight yellowish skin tint. The girl in question had leaped into the air and did several flips as she did a descending kick and ripped off the machine's head.

Another flashed echoed throughout the area as wires were revealed to be running from the machine to stands that contained pieces of said destroyed machines on them. Torsos and heads were glowing as Numbers and Data were being scrunched in a computer in the background. A third screen came to life at this time a large, top-heavy muscular male was shown. His eyes were eschewed by his crop of blond hair and Texas-style cowboy hat. He was wearing the same outfit as the other boy from before. With a mighty stomp, a platform of earth raised from the Earth and sent the machine flying into the air. Like its predecessors, before it, the machine also met its demise.

The torso of the machine was revealed. The flash of light revealed the appearance of the machine with a black shirt, black overcoat with red and silver sneakers and with black and silver cargo pants. Another image came to the screen but this one was different from the others. The person in question was shorter and he had an odd colored skin condition. It was a shade of yellow far deeper than most Asians would naturally have. He also had nine dots on his forehead, three arrange in a row of three. They all began glowing at once and with inhuman speed, he struck the last of the machines causing it to combust. Each screen was accompanied by some containers labeled with names and the insignia with DNA on it.

''After all this time my greatest invention has been completed. There is no way those monks are going to win this time. This world will soon fall before!'' Several data bars and status flickered to life on screen. ''All systems are a go! This time I won't lose!'' The figure thought as the entire area was soon lit. He was a young ashen boy with dark auburn hair dressed in the same manner of the machine.

''Spicer!'' Exclaimed a violet ethereal spirit whose face consisted of an oni-like mask with a sharp red nose and eyebrows. Her eyes were a menacing sort of yellow that glowed in the dark and her teeth were razor sharp.

''What now Wuya? Can't you see I'm almost done with the prototype of my newest line of creations?''

''Bah! Your silly machines are nothing against the forces of magic and elements. If you want power then you'll do as I say per our agreement. A new Shen Gong Wu has been activated. The Ring of the Nine Dragons has the power to make one being into nine. It is one of the Quintessential Wu whose power is truly unlocked in tandem with the right combination.''

The screens went blank as the machine came to life and began powering up. ''In that case, it looks like I'll be testing the prototypes combat capabilities a little bit earlier than planned,'' Jack said as its eyes glowed a malevolent red as it clenched its hand. ''All Life Form Data...Successfully Copied."

Master Fung got up and left the meditation chamber to get ready for the arrival of their guest. Years had passed since the blond had left with the other Dragons. Years since the Dragons had departed on their final quest to save the world. The Xiaolin temple was similar to a monastery of sorts taking in monks and orphans training them in the arts of combat. Master Fung, a former disciple of the last temple Head Master Xin Wu was enjoying a cup of tea. Early that morning he had instructed some disciples to prepare a new room.

He had also sent word to the council of elders and to the other Head Masters of the other branches. Something told him they needed to be ready in case any other Heylin warriors or spirits would also be awakened in the race for the Wu.

"Master Fung, why are you setting up a new room? Are we getting another monk in training?" Omi asked. Omi was a young orphan, with an unusual skin shade of yellow and a large bald crystal head. He was a bit prideful thanks to his advanced skills and training, but something about the boy radiated potential. His Chi was noted to be something special.

"In a matter of words…he is someone you know of quite well.'' the temple Headmaster answered. ''You'll see in time.'' Master Fung answered as he left the room to finish preparations.

Omi was left confused by Master Fung Words. The other monks came in and wonder what was up with their usual happy and energetic friend. A few days had passed since the incident with Jack Spicer. The Self-proclaimed evil genius built a machine by the name of Chameleon-bot that imitated Kimiko. The distraction it proved allowed him to make off with most of the Shen Gung Wu.

"I don't know, it seems too convenient. We hardly have any Wu left.'' Raimundo grumbled, remembering the condition of the vault from the battle.

''I don't know Rai…I mean what would someone from the Heylin side achieve with a mole now?'' Kimiko responded with a question of her own. Without Wu, there wasn't much they could gain now.

The four chosen students heard Master Fung call for them so they decided to abandon the thoughts for now. Heading to the garden, Master Fung was waiting patiently, and the four dragons in training ran out to the garden wondering why he called for them. ''As you, all know a new room has been fixed up in your section of the temple. The temple is getting a new addition. And he should be arriving here any moment.''

Dojo, the Wu detector, and small green legless Dragon entered the room and began convulsing.

''The meeting is going to have to wait! We have a live one! The Ring of the Nine Dragons is going active. We better find it before Jack and Wuya does."

''Dojo is correct young one. You must gather the other chosen ones and make haste.'' Master Fung informed the young warrior. After a rather time-consuming search Omi found the other three chosen ones and went into the courtyard where Dojo was waiting. Growing to an immense size equivalent to that of the temple the Group took to the sky as they began tracking down the next Shen Gung Wu.

Arriving in a desolate temple in the far outreach of society the four Xiaolin warriors began hopped off Dojo who assumed his smaller state. Using his ability to sense magical energy signatures Dojo began tracking the Wu as he tried to recall it's location. Upon arriving in the chamber room the group wasn't surprised to see Jack there with rows and rows of Jack-bots.

''Jackbots slice'em up!'' Jack commanded his machines followed his orders. No taunts! No declaration of being superior. Jack cut straight to the point.

''Looks like Jack Spicer is getting straight to the triangle!'' Omi said as he charged forward.

''It's the point!'' Raimundo shouted at him in annoyance as the others followed suit. ''You would think by now he would learn.'' The Brazilian said as gripped a boulder and propelled himself as he took off the head of a Jack bot.

''Hey I'm not complaining,'' Kimiko added using the Mantis Flip coin to easily flip over two rapidly approaching Jackbots as they crash into each other and explode.

Like always the Jackbots were taken care of with relative ease. Usually, Jack would be freaking out, but he seemed eerily calm as he tossed up the black and gold ring in his hand and caught it.

''It's over Jack Spicer! Your machines have fallen! Now return the Shen Gung Wu you stole!''

Jack only chuckled at Omi's demand. ''You fools won't stop me this time. Come out my Hyper Mechanized Robot!''

Jack commanded as a machine slowly descended to the ground the spitting image of Jack.

Raimundo snorted, ''What is that supposed to be another Chameleon bot? I'll scrap that piece of junk in three moves flat.''

''Here that Mecha? He's challenging you...'' Jack told the machine whose eyes promptly glowed and took on the form of Raimundo.

''Look like me all you want I'll still send you to the trash heap!'' Raimundo exclaimed as he shot forward. He weaved left to right covering a lot of ground fast as he threw a punch only for the Doppelganger to dodge it. ''What the...'' Raimundo spun and launched a kick at the machine's head only for it to drop back. ''Well take this!'' The doppelganger caught Raimundo's punch. Using his other hand he punched the chosen one of air in the gut and sent him flying. The Brazilian landed with a few rolls and pushed himself to his knees before coughing up some blood.


''Looks like it's my turn!'' Clay said titling his hat as he charged forward. He cocked his fist and threw several punches as the machine blocked them with ease. Jets appeared from its feet and it floated back and it's shaped into the form of Clay. With a burst of speed from the jets the machine blasted forward and used an energy beam sending the Texan flying. The machine charged after him only to have his attack blocked by a duo attack of Omi and Kimiko.

''Tsunami Strike!''

''Judolette Flip!''

The chosen ones of Fire and Water attempted to take the machine out at once only for him to raise a column of Earth to block their strikes. Speeding around it he began firing at them with an array of bullets causing the two to use a varied amount of flips and aerobatics to avoid it. With a series of flips, Kimiko kept ahead of the trail of bullets as they began ricocheting off the surfaces when a stray one clipped her angle. Kimiko let out a pained scream as she collided with the ground, her shoulder scraping against the rough surfaces.

''Don't worry Kimiko I'm coming!'' Omi said as he took to the air and did a descending kick towards the mech. It connected and Omi let out a pained scream as he fell back, letting out a painful cough. Mecha did raise his arm and prepared to strike when he was tackled by Raimundo and Clay. The machine reacted by letting out a several hundred volt shocks causing them both to be sent flying back to where Omi and Kimiko were at, the former helping the latter to her feet. The machine then fired at the roof causing parts of the roof to dislodge and fall down around and formed a prison around the Chosen Ones.

"With all your data collected your capabilities are insufficient against me."

''HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Jack laughed in triumph. ''I told you losers that wouldn't stand a chance! Now I! Jack Spicer am one step closer to becoming emperor of the Earth!" He said with a dramatic flair.

''Excellent work Spicer!'' Wuya said floating overhead. ''Now finish them off!''

''That's not necessary though. I mean I have them beat!'' Jack said showing his hesitance as Wuya snarled.

''Stop being such a gutless worm. If you finish them now no one will stand in our way.''

''Hey I may be an evil boy Genius but a murderer?''

''Pitiful!'' Wuya said as she floated in front of the machine. Her eyes glowed and something in the machine started to go haywire.

''Hey! Stop that! What are you doing! Mecha don't tell me you're going to pull a Mekkaku on me?'' Jack cried out in distress as he pulled a remote out of his pocket and tried to stop it.

The machine in question raised it's arm as it's fingers disappeared into it's arms and formed an arm canon. Blue electrical wisps radiated from him as the canon began charging up.

''Damnit? What are we supposed to do?'' Raimundo said as the damage to his ribs hindered his breathing and left him unable to use his element. Clay and Kimiko also reeling in from their injuries found themselves unable to channel their elements. They were teenagers for heaven's sake, yes martial artists; though that did not warrant them to be equivalent to world saving warriors right off the bat. They were still rookies in their elements and their styles, the very reason they came to the temple was to learn how to master their abilities.

''Oh man partner! It looks like we bit off more than we could chew.''

''No we will not give up. As long as there's breath in our bodies we must continue to preserver!'' Omi said as he moved in front of the others and began breathing in and out.

''Omi! Get out of here! Save yourself!'' Kimiko told him as Omi shook his head.

''A friend of mine once told me that those who don't follow the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are far below trash...how can I call myself worthy of a chosen one if I flee and leave my comrades behind like a coward! I'll take the attack head on and block it with my Chi.''

''Perish...into nothingness.'' The cold metallic voice of the machine echoed as he fired. The chosen ones embrace for the attack only for it to have been blocked with the massive body of Dojo.

''Son of a...'' Dojo snarled as his scales were experiencing a burning sensation.

Before the machine could react he was sent flying by a powerful blast of wind. The machine stopped himself in the air as he tried to track who attacked him.

A strong gust of wind shot down from the ground as a figure slowly descended. Dropping back was a young man with blond spiky hair and cerulean blue eyes. He was about 5'11 in height with a well built frame. His outfit was similar to the students, except his robe was that of a dark blue and his sash color silver. ''So you're the Spicer boy? The name is Uzumaki Naruto...why don't you try sending your machine on me?''