It has been a year, and still she's trying to know who she is. It really is hard, since she woke up with no memory of who she is...or memory of anyone who's she's with inside the pale and depressing room of the hospital she's in. Only with the feeling of headache and some injury on her right arm and leg, that she knew the moment her eyes opened.

Now, she's all healed up. Only physically though. Deep inside her, she is bothered because even if it has been a year that her family and relatives fill her up with picture albums and memoirs of herself...she still feel incomplete. Like there's still something she wants to know.

Maybe it's because her little brother died. Or maybe she just can't accept the fact that she can't remember who she was before the accident, and she was told that she will never recover her memories.

Chloe was thankful to her family because they have been really patient with her. They understood her very well, and she couldn't help but tell them how grateful she is with their love and kindness despite that she wasn't able to cope up with everything they have been telling her.

When Chloe would have her thoughts or if ever she wanted to be alone, she would go to the cemetery and visit her little brother's grave and just talk to her brother until her mind clears up. It might be weird for some people, but her family understood and let's her go on her way.

The day she was out of the hospital, she insisted to her mother that they go to her brother's grave. Somehow, she found a connection with her brother even though he's dead. She was told that her brother was with her when the accident happened, and he suffered death while she was given a chance to live again. She can't help but feel sorry for her brother because she should've died and he could've live a good life. But then, she promised to him that she will live both of their lives to the fullest...and she will dedicate everything to him.

Trevor Beale, a loving son and a caring brother. Will always be in our hearts and minds.

Chloe was in front of her brother's grave. It was his death anniversary. The same day the accident happened last year. She replaced the dried flowers with fresh ones and sat in front of the marble stone with her brother's name carved on it.

"Hey are you now? It's been a year and somehow I've learned some things about myself. But I don't know...something is still missing and I have no idea what it is. It's so damn hard to try and take a grasp of what it is but all it does is give me this absurd headache." Chloe rants to the stone when suddenly, someone sits next to her.

Chloe looks at the person and saw a rather interesting fella. It's a girl with brown locks, pretty deep blue eyes, porcelain skin and a pretty face. She was wearing blue plaid shirt, black tank top, black skinny jeans and boots. Light make up and no accessories. Chloe tilts her head.

"Excuse me, do I know you?" She asked politely. The girl turns to her and gave her a little smirk that Chloe felt a little familiarity with it.

"You will, don't worry." Says the intruiging brunette. Chloe narrows her eyes pursed her lips, thinking who this person is. The girl though looked at her and laughed a little. "I'm Beca Mitchell...and I'me here to tell you who you are, Chloe Beale."

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