A chance encounter

Chapter one

He was bobbing and weaving, running serpentine through the trees to escape the Death Eaters that were attacking the Quiditch World Cup, randomly firing of the few spells he knew could have any effect over his shoulder in the hopes to slow them down, promising himself to look up more spells at the first chance he had. As he ran he saw frequent flashes of green as the acidic looking bolts of magic were fired at him, the same green he remembered from his parent's death. When he saw one of the bolts heading towards a girl who was struggling to stand he rushed forward, tackling the person to the ground to protect them from the spell.

He roared in pain as the spell brushed his back, burning through his shirt as the spell grazed a line across his skin. Scrambling to his feet he saw ten death eaters beginning to surround him and the fallen girl, before he could think of a spell to help he saw a group of sticks and stones transform into a pack of wolves that, while they clearly wouldn't be able to defeat the Death Eaters, they were would be able to buy them some time. Looking down he saw the girl, her face contorted in pain, as she held her ankle, her wand pointed at the wolves. When he leaned down to help her up she tried to force him away, "Non," she panted "my ankle is broken and I can't heal it! I'd only slow you down! GO!".

Grateful for once for all the chores his uncle made him do as he growled, picking up the girl and throwing her over his shoulder, "I'll run you shoot. I'm not leaving anyone behind for those bastards. Just be sure to watch my back.".

With that said he took off, holding the girl over one of his shoulders as she shot any Death Eater they passed, downing the surprised murderers with stunners and even reductos at times. They were almost out of the woods when several people in dark blue uniforms appeared in front of him causing him to grind to a stop, pointing his wand at the new group warily. "Drop the minister's daughter and lay down your arms or we will shoot!" one of the men yelled, every wand from the group trained between his eyes.

"Pierre you idiot!" the girl on his back yelled "He saved my life! I still have my wand for Merlin's sake! Now stop being stupid and get us somewhere safe!".

The embarrassed looking man handed quickly rushed forward and pushed a portkey into his chest before he could react as he felt the easily recognizable tug behind his navel before he was yanked someplace else. Looking around he found himself in what looked like an expensive Manor as the man the girl had called Pierre rushed off to another room. "Can you set me down please?" the girl asked and, blushing, he set her laid her down on a nearby couch just as footsteps were heard coming back. A man who he assumed was the Minister stepped out followed by Pierre who watched him distrustfully, "I am Martin Delacour and I wish to thank you for rescuing my daughter Fleur, Mr.…?" the man trailed off before he sighed and lifted his bangs "Harry Potter." The Minister breathed in shock.

Before he could react a little girl seemed to come out of nowhere as she nearly knocked him to the ground through hug. As he stared in confusion at the little girl the one he had rescued, Fleur, laughed the sweetest sounding laugh he had ever heard causing him to flush at the sound while she explained "Gabrielle is your biggest fan. Not from those 'Harry Potter Adventure' books, those were obviously fake, but from the tales she read in the papers of what you did at your school.".

Groaning he rolled his eyes but accepted the glass of water from a house elf that popped in with drinks "What exactly did they say I did? I don't exactly read the what the paper has to say about me too often.".

"Well you did save a magical artifact of the school's during your first year and defeat a gorgon in your second year and fend off a small group of dementors last year…right Harry?" Gabrielle, who was still holding onto him, asked while giving him the most adorable eyes that shone with a hope that it was all real.

Sighing he shook his head "That isn't what happened," he explained as Gabrielle's eyes shone with disappointment "what really happened first year was that I faced down a three headed dog, a mountain troll, devil's snare, a giant wizard's chess board where myself and my friends had to act as the pieces, and have my friend help me through a logic puzzle full of poison in the bottles if the wrong one was selected. After all that I faced down my Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, who was willingly allowing the Spirit of Voldemort to possess him, to rescue the Philosopher's stone." As he finished the list from his first year Gabrielle looked at him in awe while Fleur, her father, and Pierre looked disturbed at the information.

"Second year I wish it had just been a gorgon I had to face. No, a man named Lucius Malfoy had slipped a diary that contained a copy of Voldemort's memories into the cauldron of my best friend's little sister as the memories began to feed on her life force to take over her body to open the school's 'Chamber of Secrets', trying to set the real beast on the muggleborn students in the school while graining enough power to form his own body and come back to life. I spent the year trying to find out who was causing the attacks, vilified by most of the school who blamed me for the attacks due to my ability to speak parsletongue, until my other best friend was petrified which caused them to stop blaming me. Eventually I was told by a friend of mine on the staff, who was almost immediately arrested as Fudge 'had to be soon doing something', his words not mine, that if I wanted answers I had to follow the spiders. Doing so I found myself in an acromantula colony with the largest being the size of an elephant and his several hundred children ranging from being the size of dogs to the size of horses. Through them I gained the clues I needed before having to escape along with my best friend as the spiders tried to eat us. Through the clues I found the chamber and had to fight against an eighty foot, thousand year old basilisk with the help of a phoenix that blinded it, and the sword of Godric Gryffindor which I shoved through the creature's mouth, getting a fang embedded in my arm by doing so. The phoenix that helped me cried into my wound to remove the poison before I used the fang to stab the book that contained Voldemort's memories, destroying it and freeing my friend's sister that had been possessed.".

As he paused to catch his breath Gabrielle looked at him reverently while the others were looking disgusted at the things he mentioned before he continued setting the record straight "As for last year I had to deal with Sirius Black who was not only my godfather but an innocent man. He was blamed for selling my parents out to Voldemort as their 'secret keeper' when it was actually a man named Peter Pettigrew who placed the blame on Sirius before running away and hiding in his animagus form of a rat, living with my best friend Ronald Weasley's family for twelve years. Eventually Sirius managed to grab Pettigrew and, by accident, my friend Ron as I ran after him with my other friend Hermione. Eventually my defense professor Remus Lupin showed up and they forced Peter to show his real form and I learned the truth about who was the real traitor. Things went south quickly though when we brought Pettigrew back outside to turn him in but we had forgotten it was the full moon and my professor Remus was a werewolf who hadn't been able to take his wolf's-bane potion. Peter escaped in the confusion after my godfather and I fended off Remus and drove him into the forest before my godfather and I stumbled to the shore of the school's lake where we were set upon by Dementors. All seemed lost until a patronus arrived to save us as my friend had a time turner she had been given for taking extra classes and we used it to go back a few hours to try and save everyone and I found out I was the one to cast the patronus. As for the 'group' it was more like a horde or whatever the term is for a few hundred of those cloaked demons.".

As he finished he realized something and asked "Wait…why did I say all of that?".

A furious Martin Delacour turned towards him "I had the house elf spike your water with diluted truth serum to remove any inhibitions you had about explaining things we wanted to know.". As he gaped the man began pacing while Fleur looked at him with tears in her eyes and Pierre looked at him with pity, "But when I get my hands on that lying sack of…".

"Martin Delacour don't let me catch you finishing that sentence in front of are guest or our daughters!" a voice exclaimed from the doorway and turning, he looked over to see the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and it was clear to him where Fleur and Gabrielle got their looks.

"I'm Appoline Delacour." she said as she held out her hand he took it gently and kissed it, trying to show good manners.

Martin and Pierre seemed to have their eyes glazed over as they didn't look like they could utter a word "What's wrong with them ma'am?" he asked in confusion.

She looked at her husband before blushing sheepishly, "I am veela and when I get angry my aurora flares up and makes most men lose their minds."

"I didn't feel anything." He said confused.

Marie just smiled "Harry you won't it doesn't affect anyone younger then the age of fourteen.".

"Mom he turned fourteen a few days before the quiditch world cup." Gabrielle said she still hadn't let go of his legs and Harry didn't mind.

"She's right ma'am," he said confused "the veela at the world cup affected me and I could still feel their effects for a while afterwards and it didn't stop until…" he trailed of trying to remember when he stopped feeling the effects of the Veela magics before snapping his fingers in realization "until I found your daughter. I knocked her to the ground to get her out of the way of some curse, I didn't recognize what it was, and I felt it brush against my back. It burned like nothing I had ever felt before, even the basilisk poison or having my bone's regrow didn't hurt as much.".

As he spoke he unconsciously brought his hands to the part of his back that was injured by the curse and winced in pain at the tender flesh. "BUT THAT WAS A KILLING CURSE!" Fleur yelled in shock causing Appoline to spin him around and lift up his shirt before she gasped in horror.