A Chance Encounter

Chapter 22


"Kill…the spares." The weak inhuman voice snapped Harry out of his shock at seeing the name 'Riddle', the start of the words for the infamous killing curse only spurring him on faster.

"Bombarda!" Harry lashed out as he spun, going wide area since he didn't have time to precise aim if a killing curse was about to be thrown.

The squeal of fear filled him with a surge of rage, recognizing the cowardly voice, "PETTIGREW!" Harry roared, wand crackling with wild magic as he glared at the bastard who'd betrayed his family.

"A-avada Kedavera!" Pettigrew stammered out in fear as the others got to their feet, a summoned headstone intercepting the sickly green bolt of magic. Hearing the sound of another portkey, Harry glanced over his shoulder to see the swirl of light and color reminiscent of a portkey. The mass that got spat out moved in a muted camouflage of colors rapidly trying to settle, like a bunch of paints being mixed together.

"Avada-" the still swirling shape of what had to be a recovering disillusionment spell raised the shape of a wand at Cedric, the voice of the Hogwarts Defense Professor coming from the shape.

"Reducto!" Cedric wasted no time and shot a curse at the wand that was rapidly losing visibility, the screams and wet pulping sounds implying he got a hand along with the wand it held.

"Useless!" the inhuman voice he remembered from a nightmare that had occurred before the Quidditch cup snarled again, Harry finally realizing that the compass in his pocket was vibrating. He saw a pale misshapen hand shoot from the blankets Pettigrew was holding, grabbing the man's Dark Mark as the magical tattoo writhed and darkened.

Instantly, he could see black smoky trails of apparition slamming down in the Graveyard. Each Witch or Wizard who stumbled out of the smoke hastily conjuring bone masks and robes, body motion rife with terror.

"Capture Potter you fools!" the voice of what had to be Voldemort snarled, "Kill the spares and capture Potter!"

A silent glance with his friends was all that they needed. In an instant their wands were out, and they were moving.

"Difindo!" Viktor lashed out at a group who started aiming their wands, the Death eaters hastily erecting a shield.

"Get the cup!" Moody snarled, cradling a bleeding stump "Before they can!"

"I got it!" one Death Eater shouted as they summoned the cup hastily, the man vanishing the second the trophy touched his palm.

"IMBECILES!" Voldemort's rage was admittedly more therapeutic than it should have been.


Holding Hermione tight against him, Ron tried not to let his nervous scowl show as he stared through the translucent floor back at the entrance to the maze. All around him, people were questioning and arguing about what they had just seen, and what it meant. Most were trying to figure out who had turned the Tri-Wizard Cup into a Portkey and what had happened to the four vanished Champions. An infuriatingly large portion were just arguing about who technically won.

"I'M NOT LEAVING YOU SENILE OLD BASTARD!" Sirius' furious roar snapped his attention away from the center clearing and plinth where the cup had previously rested, "Not till Harry is back and safe. Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised at someone being endangered at a school run by you." Sirius stood alongside Fleur's family, the heads of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons siding with him as well as Dumbledore stood alongside the British Ministry reps. The clearing where everyone had vanished was full of aurors trying to trace what had happened.

"Sirius, be reasonab-" Dumbledore tried to placate only to have the tip of Sirius' wand between his eyes.

"You don't have the fucking right to talk to me like we're 'friends' Albus Dumbledore." Sirius looked ready to curse the ancient wizard, although whether that was through spell or word Ron wasn't sure.

Before anyone could find out just how serious Sirius was, the courtyard spun with magic again, spitting out a man in black Robes and a bone mask holding the Tri-Wizard cup.

"Avada-" the man in Death Eater Garb drew his wand in an instant. Unfortunately, for them, being off balance from a portkey slowed them down.

"Stupefy!" Sirius' wand flared as a crimson light shot out, striking the would-be murderer hard as the cup fell from slack fingers. The loosely attached mask fell off, revealing the face of Goyle Senior, a 'respected Pureblood' who regularly donated to Fudge's 'charities'.

"Damien Goyle!" Fudge gaped, the sniveling Minister having been waffling between both sides during the argument, "Aurors, arrest Sirius Black for attacking a respected Pureblood of the Wizenagamot!"

"Bellay that!" a redhead who looked like Susan Bones snapped, "Goyle just tried to use a killing cures you idiot!"

"He was probably imperiused." Fudge huffed, refusing to back down, even if the man cowered with a pathetic squeak when Sirius glowered his way.

"The Cup shows traces of two portkey signatures." A French Auror that Ron was pretty sure was the 'Pierre' Harry had told him about grunted, "They're used up. It'll take a bit to get a trace."

"Keep working at it." Fleur's father commanded, "I want the Champions safe and back here now!"


Gritting his teeth, Harry felt his arms burn as he continuously used the markings upon them without pause. The earth around him constantly shifting and flowing as he made barriers between them and the Death Eaters firing curses.

Viktor stood, chanting continuously as he kept reinforcing Harry's barriers, the spells and curses constantly trying to break through, only ever pausing to shoot spells back out through narrow slits when a Death Eater looked like they were starting to get too close.

Cedric's wand was dancing like a conductor's baton as every statue and grave sculpture in the cemetery started coming to life. Stone angels and even a Grimm Reaper from a rather macabre crypt marching against the Death Eaters. Stone didn't feel pain, and they would only falter should they be shattered. A Reparo later and they were once more on their feet, breaking bones and beating back the Death Eaters who were unable to flee under the furious gaze of their master.

Finally, Fleur's voice filled the air as she sang. She'd told him before that affecting the minds of others took more power the more those affected resisted, the more they didn't want what the magic was doing. Turning this many genuinely murderous and angry dark wizards on their side would be an intense energy drain, especially after the maze and them not knowing how long the fight would last.

Bolstering the four of them was much more energy efficient.

Veela were creatures of love, but love wasn't just romantic. The love for a significant other, for a friend, for family, and even self love. All were different types of equally valid love and as he listened to her song, he felt how Fleur felt through every fiber of his being. His blood surged with every note she sang, his magic replenishing faster and faster as he continued to spend it, the Death Eaters getting pushed back more and more as Fleur's voice began to drown out the outraged shouts of Voldemort. The 'Dark Lord' was furious that his plan wasn't going the way it had been meant to.

"Their numbers are falling!" Viktor shouted, firing another piercing curse at the Death Eaters, a scream showing he had succeeded in hitting his mark.

"I'm not surprised." Harry barked out a laugh, "The Death Eater's best are all still locked up in Azkaban. We're just having to deal with the rejects!"

"Potter!" Lucius Malfoy's angry tone clearly showed he heard his remark and did not appreciate it.

"We can't keep playing defense." Cedric grunted, "They've started vanishing my statues."

"Fuck." Harry grit his teeth, "What do you-" his question was cut off by the sound of new arrivals.

"Peter!" Sirius' familiar voice was angry as Harry grinned, if Sirius was here then the other new arrivals were probably backup as well.

"No! Stop them! STOP THEM!" Voldemort's high-pitched voice raged as Harry gave a savage grin.

"Let's kick some ass!" He roared, the reinforced walls becoming a wave of spikes that raced towards the Death Eaters, Sirius and the others firing at them from behind in a deadly pincer.

"Hey Malfoy!" Harry smirked as one of the Death Eaters turned on reflex, "This is for Dobby!" Harry threw out his foot, kicking Malfoy as hard as he could between the legs, the bastard going down with a cry of pain.

"Harry, spells now, kicking later!" Fleur scolded as she blasted Malfoy away with a hex.

"I might not get a chance later!" he protested, throwing up a shield from the mark on his palm to absorb a hail of curses sent their way.

"Not with that attitude you won't." Cedric laughed, transfiguring several Death Eater's masks into angry badgers.

"Indeed, that sounds like 'quitter talk'." Viktor replied in a mock Zen tone as he sent a trio of Death Eaters flying with a blasting curse. From what Fleur's father had said, most of the truly dangerous Death Eaters had been the zealots who'd gone down fighting or been locked in Azkaban as they were too proud to try and lie about Imperius. It was the weak and cowardly who'd stayed out of prison.

"Harry, behind you!" Fleur shout had him whirl as he saw the largest snake he'd ever seen before lunging up at him, the compass vibrating angrily the closer it got.

The scream it let out when Fleur's fire hit it was unnatural, the creature writhing and shrieking in a way no snake should have been able to. When he swung a blade of magic, a dark black miasma shot from the stump of the serpent's neck.

The snake's screams stopped in an instant, but Voldemort's began instead, the backlash of a Horcrux's destruction evidently being excruciating.

Panting as the last Death Eaters started to be cursed down or knocked out, Harry approached the screaming thing that was Voldemort "Hello there Tom."

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