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"Sasuke," Hinata absently traced circles on his bare, chiselled abdomen.

"Hn." Sasuke sighed into her midnight hair and instinctively pulled her closer, relishing the softness of her skin against his.

"A-Ano, I…" She shyly buried her head in his chest.

"I… love you."

"Hinata…" She pulled away and smiled up at him, meeting his glazed, intent eyes as she patiently awaited his favourable reply. A large, calloused hand cupped her scarlet cheek, his thumb brushed against her swollen lips.

"The feeling is mutual." He smiled. Her frozen face twitched oddly.

"I am hungry. Wouldn't it be convenient if I kept a fruit basket on the bedside table? I think I should."

Konoha had become a boring place after the war.
So much so that even the tiniest scandal would erupt a brouhaha amongst the villagers.

"Did you hear? That mole on her cheek is actually just a freckle!"

"The soup in Ichiraku's has added MSG!"

"Those cotton socks are actually just 99.99% cotton."

"I saw Mrs. Nana's dog mating with some stray out in the street! That slutty little bitch!"

"That's Sakura-san's real hair colour!"


So it came as no surprise that when word broke out about the recent break-up of a certain baby killer and the village sweetheart, no one could resist speculating. Not even the infamous rookies who had apparently grown into mature, dignified young adults.

"Everyone knows that I am not really one to gossip… BUT I heard that she broke up with Sasuke-kun because he collects naked pictures of women in his mailbox! Ugh!" – Ino.

"I heard that they broke-up because Sasuke-kun has a weird fetish for black fur." – Sakura.

"They broke-up because Hinata finally came to her senses! She probably finally caught on to the fact that he was going to mutilate her and sell off her body parts." – Kiba.

"They broke-up. Why? Because he gave her complimentary soap on Valentine's day." – Shino.

"I reckon it was his lack of enthusiasm and passion that had separated them!" – Lee.

"I think it's because she found out that he was seeing Naruto on the sides." – TenTen.

"I don't know… I heard someone say that she got angry because he told her he would choose to have a lifetime supply of tomatoes instead of her. Hmm… I can't say I blame him. Women are so troublesome." – Shikamaru.

"I thought he was going to eat her." – Chouji. Ironically.

"The reason they broke-up? Maybe because he reads too much porn." – Kakashi, who at the time was reading porn.

"I think they are just both going through tough times right now." – Kurenai.

"Everyone is so harsh on the poor boy just because he went through a break-up! Give him a break! Don't hate on him just because he is beautiful! As a beautiful beast myself, I can understand what he is going through..." – Gai.

"I believe my daughter was under the influence of mind numbing substances during the time of their union. She is sober now." – Hiashi.

"It's about damn time! I am sick of being called Hiroki!" – Hanabi.

"Why they broke-up?! Pfft, what a pointless question! The answer is obvious! That little shit Uchiha Sasuke is bat-shit crazy!" – Tsunade.

"I think everyone's being a little unfair on Sasuke, calling him crazy and all." Naruto slurped on a hefty portion of noodles.

Ichiraku and his daughter Ayame pretended to listen intently, knowing that if they paid less attention to the blonde he would leave sooner. They needed him to stay and spend more money; sales had been down since the whole MSG stiff.

"I mean yes, he is a bastard. And sure, he has this weird obsession over black cats now. And he sets you on fire if you move anything around in his room. And he spends a lot of time with Kakashi-sensei in these weird looking book shops. And he always buys sweet dumplings in teahouses and complains about how sweet they are when he eats them. And yeah, he likes to watch people die and make children cry but, other than that he is perfectly normal!"

Just as Naruto finished his not so helpful justification, Sasuke appeared, ducking under the canvas and stepping into the stall looking as aloof and disinterested as ever. Upon his arrival, the only other customer in the shop had dropped off his stool and thumped onto the ground, convulsing and frothing in the mouth.

"Not again…" Ichiraku sighed and proceeded to help the poor soul. Customers getting seizures were becoming a routine now that Sasuke often came by to see Naruto.

"Ah, Sasuke we were just talking about you!" Naruto cheerfully waved.

"Naruto." Sasuke stared lazily at the grinning golden boy.

"Spar with me."

"Sure! But first, pull up a stool and come have some ramen with me!"

"No." Sasuke scowled. "I hate ramen."

Naruto blanched.

"W-Wha -… H-How could you… W-Wha – What the hell is wrong with you, you psychotic freak?!"

His revenge plan was simple, really.
He would sabotage her life and make her understand how bleak, hopeless and dark life is with him as an enemy instead of a lover. Then she would come crawling back. If not, she will be tortured for the remainder of her beautiful, majestic existence.

Simple. Sweet. Efficient.

His Uchiha ancestors would truly be proud.
His older brother, maybe not so much. Oh well, he can't please everybody.

The first step would be to keep tabs on her whereabouts at all times.
Some would argue that what he was doing was stalking, and stalking was an offence.
Though in his case, it wasn't stalking. It was harmless, legal stealth observation. There is a difference.

However, his stealthy observing wasn't quite successful. It was hard to do since she was hiding from him. Smart girl. He needed a medium of some sort to facilitate his noble endeavour.

He pondered on summoning crows to inconspicuously scout her location, but decided against it. It was a little too extreme. Moreover he hated crows. They smelled bad and were annoyingly prone to shedding their black, infested feathers all over the damn place.

So, he decided to do this in a gentlemanly manner; politely persuading one of the guards in the Hyuuga compound to inform him of her comings and goings.

"I am sorry sir, I am not at liberty to reveal that information."

"I am not anyone dangerous." He lied and plastered on the most charming, coaxing smile in his arsenal. He forgets that he was infamous and known by every single being in the world, including the lowly Hyuuga guard, as the face of cold blooded murder. "I am sorry sir, I am not at liberty to reveal that information."

Sasuke sighed and reached into his pocket. "Listen," He grunted and leaned close to the rigid guard. "If you help me out, I can make it worth your while…" He forced a folded note into the guard's fisted hand and smirked mischievously at him.

This was not bribery, which is an offence. This is principle, in the art of persuasion.

The guard curiously eyed the money in his palm then raised a brow at the smirking Uchiha.
"…Ten yen?"

"Hn. Go on. Take it." Sasuke smirked and spoke as though the amount he'd offered was such a mind blasting, mind pumping-ly large amount. "You want me to reveal private information concerning the heiress to an outsider and betray the trust of my clan… for ten yen?" The Hyuuga almost snorted. Almost. Sasuke frowned.

"You drive a hard bargain. Fine. Eleven." The Hyuuga's stiff brow twitched. "I am sorry sir," The guard spat through gritted teeth and slapped the offending, crumpled note onto the Uchiha's palm. "I am not at liberty to reveal that information."

"Che," Sasuke gruffly pocketed his hands and scowled bitterly at the guard who, clearly had an attitude problem. "Greedy Hyuugas." He grumbled and stomped away.

He didn't know what the guard was so afraid of. If he got caught, the worst they would do to him was kill him. It was his valuable opinion that death, would be a step up from such a degrading job.

He could've threatened the Hyuuga fool with the promise of pain, but he didn't want to risk being thrown out of the twelfth floor of the Hokage tower again should Tsunade find out.

Thanks to the lack of cooperation in today's society, in the end, he had settled for utilizing the crow summoning. He actually became quite taken with the usage of his crows eventually. They were the perfect agents of espionage and contributed greatly to the proceedings of his revenge. Plus, they would whole-heartedly take a dump on the oblivious Hyuuga as per his instructions, which was really quite amusing!

Sure, the regular summoning and maintenance of control over the crows required a considerable amount of chakra and concentration which interjected greatly in his work and daily life but, it was a small price to pay for revenge.

Now that he knows where and when to find her most conveniently, it was time to advance to the fun part; interception.

"Hello, Hyuuga." There were no words to describe the magnitude of his bliss when he'd cornered her in a cosmetics store and watched as her adorable face had contorted with fright. It gave him the chills. "S-Sasuke…" She breathed and looked at him with those childlike eyes of hers, as wide as saucers.

"What are you doing… here?" She looked around the shop then back to his face, confusion twisted her indigo brows.

"Men need facials too." He smoothly covered.

Hinata still seemed dubious. Even though his skin was glistening and flawless which would suggest that he did in fact use facials, she doubted that someone who would go to the extent of fumbling with the wiring of the washing machines in the Laundromat just to save a quarter on doing laundry, would spend hundreds on face enhancing products.

"What a pleasant coincidence. I have been meaning to speak to you."

Oh no. He was going to throw salt on her face this time, stuff pepper into her pants!

"A-Ano, I-I just remembered I-I am late for a dinner date with my father!" She cautiously backed away, he followed like a predator. "It's two o'clock in the afternoon." He raised a brow, smirking with amusement. "I-It's ah, I-I have to go!"

"Now, now," He swiftly grabbed her wrist before she could turn on her heel, roughly pulling her trembling form close to him, appreciating the way she bumped into his front.

"Just because we're not sleeping together anymore," Hinata blushed profusely. "Doesn't mean we can't be civil with each other, hm?" He smiled, looking deceivingly sweet. Hinata blinked at him innocently, seeming to buy his devious charade.

"I've been thinking about what you said, being friends and all." He murmured, face dangerously close to hers. He convinced himself that the proximity was solely to intimidate her, in denial of the fact that he was a raging pervert whenever she was around.

"U-Uh-huh." Hinata nodded weakly.

"I think it's a good idea. A step forward, yes?"

"I-I don't know…" Hinata shuffled a little. She couldn't say she trusted him. He was an unpredictable, homicidal kook. One moment he is patting you on the head, the next he is stabbing you in the crotch. It was different when they were dating. When she knew he wouldn't hurt her. That much.

"Come on, it'll be good for us. We can do friendly things like drink tea together. You like tea."

"Ano… after recent events... I have sort of… lost my taste for tea." She was referring to the savage way he had ruined her sweet camomile tea at the restaurant that day.

"Mm, plain water for you then."

"W-Well… um… a-alright." She flashed him a small smile. "Good." He grinned. He extended a hand out in an uncharacteristically polite handshake. Hinata's smile widened as she took his hand and –

"AH!" Hinata convulsed as a few jolts of electricty shot across her arm. She immediately snatched away, staring horrifically at him, a few of her hairs defying gravity.

"Oh my, how did that happen?" Sasuke feigned confusion as he examined his hand.

"I guess I am just overflowing with joy." He shrugged.

"Y-Yeah." Hinata gulped audibly, squinting in apprehension.

And so commenced step three of his revenge plan; total annihilation.