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It really shouldn't surprise him, not at all.

He was, after all, only a man. And as a man, he did have the same urges as any other. He had kept them concealed until now, but after his 20th birthday a few weeks ago, it seemed almost impossible to do so anymore.

But as his now deceased clan's heir –even if their demise was by his hand- he still had more honor than those other men.

The thought of a one night stand with a woman was against every fiber in his body.

His dear deceased mother did teach him better than that. He had been taught that women shouldn't be used that way and that the only woman he could indulge in was his own wife. His father did try to marry him off from a tender age of 13, but his mother stopped him, saying he was way too young. At that time he didn't even want to marry, saying that girls were icky and weak.

The irony, now he couldn't wait to marry and settle down.

It has been at least half a year now, looking at other men with wives at their sides, children following them, with envy in his dark eyes. He still remembered when his own family used to do the exact same thing, with him dutifully following behind them as they walked the busy districts of Konoha. How he longed to have that, a woman by his side and children looking up at him with adoration, not in fear like he was used to. He always did love children.

And his dear future wife, the only woman he would ever open up to, beside his dear mother. How he would adore her, the woman who would –hopefully- learn to love him as Itachi, not The Clan head or the killer, just Itachi.

His –hopefully- future lady would be courted properly.

His only –as if- problem was his Missing-Nin status. As he wasn't a regular citizen anywhere, it would be hard to find a woman that pleased him and accepted his courting. The only village he could roam free was Amegakure, but women there were hardly to his tastes. As Uchiha, he wanted the best, and women in Rain were mostly plain and ordinary. Not something that would catch his attention.

If he had a woman besides him, she would have to be able to take care of herself on their travels, so a civilian wouldn't do either. And as he planned to marry the woman he courted, children would have to be thought of as well and he wasn't planning on raising his heirs on the road. It wasn't that he couldn't afford his own estate by now after all the S-class missions he had took, he just needed to find the right place where to build his envisioned family with his envisioned female and his envisioned children.

With a tired sigh, Itachi turned his head to look at the Hokage monument in the distance. His reason for traveling to Fire country was simple really. Women here were raised equally to men and they had their own will, something that Itachi appreciated in a woman. If he wanted someone submissive and vain, he could have looked anywhere.

Well, except Kirigakure. If the women there were anything like Kisame said they were, he rather stayed far away from Mist.

He didn't know if it was true what Kisame had told him of his younger days in his former home village. And to be honest, he'd rather not find out.

His plan was simple; he still had his Anbu equipment and mask. According to his Crow summons, their Anbu etiquette hasn't changed that much and they still had the same dress code. He could blend in just nicely and since Anbu were usually hiding their chakra, were in and out in long missions and very few knew their real identity… he had less worries of getting caught.

If he found someone interesting, he would observe, something he was rather good at. If the woman was to his liking, he would find a way to talk to her, get to know her… and possibly courting her.

Plan firmly in mind, he took a calming breath. He had a few days at least, with the mission their Leader had given him –one he bribed Kisame to do for him for sake- to get started.

With his Akatsuki cloak and ring hidden behind a Genjutsu tree, along his other equipment he wouldn't need in Konoha, he took the first cautious step towards his hopefully brighter future, his weasel mask firmly in place.


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