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I started writing another story,

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this happens after season 6

I was young again and walking through the halls of the royal palace of Solaria when I saw my Mother sitting in front of an painting of her and another person who looked like her.

"Mom, who is that." I asked my Mother Luna.

"That is my sister, Layla." She answered.

"Where is she now? Why haven't I seen her?" I asked.

"She moved to another world to live with the man she loved." Luna said.

Then an massage came down and written on it was: to my dear sister Luna, from Layla.

Mom read the letter.

"Stella, you have a cousin, her name is Lucy Heartfilia who is as old as you are and she lives in Fiore and this is an invitation to come over there." She said happy.

It was the last time I saw her smile cause when we were packing for our trip to Fiore she got another massage, her sister had died, a few months later she and my dad left each other and thanks to that I totally forgot about this how could I, I need to talk to Lucy I need to see her right now.

I woke up, it was just a dream, wait this was a dream but it has happened, I can see my cousin for the first time! I got up quickly and got dressed. I need to find Tecna so she can find a way to get us to Fiore.

"Tecna, open the door we need to talk." I said while knocking on the door of the room,

at this moment we were at Sparks with bloom's family cause they had invited us to stay longer after Daphne's wedding.

A sleepy Tecna opened the door.

"What is wrong with you Stella?" she asked and I quickly pulled her out of her room

A few minutes later we were all siting together and were having breakfast.

"What was all that screaming about Stella?" Musa asked me.

"I have a cousin in Fiore who I want to see only Fiore is in another dimension so I need your guys help." I explained quickly.

"Hey I have an aunt there who I haven't seen for such long time, then I can go see her to." Musa said.

Tecna worked on the portal while the rest of us was packing our bags and Tecna's bag cause she was working on a portal.

"Winx, be careful." Daphne said, "Cause there is an chance your magic will not work there."

We all nodded but then Tecna was done with the portal.

"Daphne can you please watch over the pixies?" bloom asked her sister.

So we left while Daphne was looking after the pixies. It was just us, the six girls of the Winx now.

We landed in front of Heartfilia mansion.

"wow a huge house." Aisha said.

"Yeah almost as huge as an castle." I replied.

"But there is no one living in there so where is your cousin?" Flora asked.

"I only know that she has the same hair color as I have and is the same age as I am." I told the Winx.

"Not much to start with." Aisha said.

Then a woman came walking towards us.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"We are the Winx and I am looking for my cousin, Lucy Heartfilia." I said.

"I have never heard of the Winx, but I do know something about Lucy Heartfilia, she was a member from the guild Fairy Tail I believe." The woman said.

"Were can we find Fairy Tail?" Musa asked.

"In Magnolia." The woman said.

We thanked her and we were on our way to the train station we couldn't fly cause we couldn't transform.

Now we are on our way to Magnolia, to my cousin and maybe they know something about Musa's aunt to.

That was a long ride but we are finally in Magnolia. We asked a few persons were we could find Fairy Tail and then we walked towards the guildhall of Fairy Tail.

We got at the so called guild hall and saw a bunch of guys walking away laughing but not the happy kind of laughing. And we decided to walk in.

Macao POV

That irritating Twilight Ogre but we can't beat them so we just have to let them walk over us.

We all stared at the drawings of our precious friends. I am the guild master so I have to cheer them up.

"Romeo isn't back yet?" I asked Wakaba.

Then a girl with blonde hair walked in, she took a look around.

"Okay what has happened here?" she asked us.

I couldn't believe my eyes, she had the same color hair, the same color eyes and was the age that Lucy should have right now.

"L-Lu-Luc-Lucy?!" Wakaba said.

And all the guild members were running towards her.

"where have you been, Where are the others, what has happened, how did you return." We asked her but she seemed like she didn't understood us.

"Hey Stella, who are they?" a girl with the same hair color as Gray asked.

"I don't know, but it seems like they are mistaken me for someone else." She said.

"Wait you are not Lucy Heartfilia?" I asked her.

"No, of course not I am Stella her cousin." She said.

We all let go and looked at her surprised.

"But you guys know her, so where is she." Stella asked.

Stella POV

They all looked sad at me.

"I am so sorry, she is missing for 7 years now." A man told me.

"I am Macao the guild master." He said.

My friends stepped forward.

"This are Musa, Tecna, Aisha, Flora and Bloom, and together we are the Winx." I told them.

Macao introduced me to the other members of Fairy Tail and Musa was about to ask them if they knew something about her aunt when we heard an sound outside.

We all walked outside and saw a man jumping of a flying something.

He fell and got up.

Then 3 boys came flying down.

"Who are the lovely ladies?" the youngest of them asked.

We introduced ourselves again and told why we had come here and Musa quick asked the question she had wanted to ask.

"Do you guys know something about my aunt then?" she asked.

"What is her name?" Macao asked.

"Ul Milkovich." Musa said.

We all heard someone gasping in disbelieve and turned around.

We saw a boy with white hair who looked surprised.

"Your family of Ul?" he asked

"Yes, what is so strange about that?" Musa said.

"I am Lyon and Ul was my teacher in ice magic and she died long ago." He said.

Macao POV

Then everyone introduced themselves. And Ichiya said,

"we have proof that Tenrojima isn't destroyed."

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